Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fixation of pay of re-employed ex-serviceman - Clarification by DoP

clarification  regarding  fixation  of pay  of re-employed/ex-servicemen pensioners retiring  before  attaining  the  age  of'55 years,  who held  posts  below commissioned officer rank  in  the  Defense  Forces and also whether  the  last  pay drawn  before retirement  is  subject  to  protection'

Key for MTS Examination UP Circle 27.09.2015

The Answer Key for MTS Examination 2015 Which is held in Utter Pradesh Circle on 27.09.2015. The below attached answer key is related to Question booklet Series A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H.
Candidates can check the question paper answer to know the Score. All the best to all

Allocation of Candidates, nominated by SSC for Appointment Stenographer

Allocation  of candidates, nominated  by staff selection  commission for appointment Stenographer Grade-II in Department of  Posts  on  the  basis of  stenographer's Grades C & D Examination on 2013 & 2014, to Postal circles

Speed Net 4.3 Software Update Google Drive download

Download Speed Net 4.3 Software Update

Download Speed Net 4.3 Software Update available in Google drive. 

Speed One Installer

Speed on Updater :

MM 7.9.3 Software Update Google Drive Download Link

Google Drive Download link of MM 7.9.3 Update

The FTP of CEPT / PTC Mysore is not accessible since 14.10.2015 1700 hours due to maintenance work at CEPT. So that we could not access the following Sites
So that, the setup of MM 7.9.3 Updates are uploaded in Google drive for easy access.

Download MM 7.9.3

eMO Authorization issues in MM eMO 7.9.3

eMO Authorization Problem and Solution in MM 7.9.3 

if eMO booking done with old POS before upgradation, and meantime upgradation done you may get a error message.
"The eMO cannot be authorized.Contact Administrator". while authorizing eMOs.

Solution(own Risk) 

Then you need to run the old 7.9.2 eMO eql script for eMO alone and then authorize and then run the 7.9.3 and upgrade same. This may be issue of upgradation before the end of the day
  • Backup your eMO database, before follow the below steps
  • Run the eMO 7.9.2 version exl using MM script tool. 

Once pending eMOs are authorized, Execute all the Latest eMO exl which available in new version in MM 7.9.3.
Recommendation : MM 7.9.3 database Upgrade should be done Before DayBegin / After DayEnd. All the eMOs are should be authorized.

Meghdoot 7.9.3 - Major Modifications related to COD articles

MM 7.9.3  Major Modification related to COD

The major modification in software related to COD articles are as follows.

Introduction of new Barcode (Y - Series) for COD Parcels and handling the COD parcels booked with “Y” series at Booking/transmission/delivery offices.
After implementation of Y series Barcode for COD Parcels, the Central Server identifies the office to which the COD parcel is consigned on the basis of information received from the HUB and automatically send the data to that office though it is different than the original destination to which the article is booked. Thus there will be no need for delivery offices to request for data. Receipt of data from HUB, thus plays critical role for effective functioning of this facility.

Provision for transfer of a COD Parcel to any other Post office, before invoicing the article to Postman/Branch Office.

When COD data is requested by a delivery office, if the Central Server cannot supply the data due to various reasons, a message will appear in delivery office as to why the data is not being supplied by the Central Server.

Provision to perform BO Verification of COD parcels for any older date. Now old BO Summary date can be selected and BO Verification can be performed, for COD Parcels delivered through Branch Post Offices.Necessary action may be taken for following proper procedures in the Post Offices.

Post offices in Madhya Pradesh will sell Penta mobile phones

The department has joined hands with state-run operator BSNL and a Noida-based private company, Pantel Technologies, to sell mobile phones through its offices in the state.

Chief Postmaster General of Madhya Pradesh Circle M E Haq today handed over the first mobile phone handset to a buyer, launching sale of mobile phones from head post offices.

In line with 'Digital India' initiative, India Post and BSNL have entered into an agreement with Pantel Technologies Private Limited to sell Penta Bharat Phone PF 301 through the post offices, an official said.

The phone comes with 1999 minutes of free talk time from BSNL over a period of 18 months. It is also priced at Rs 1999.

To start with, these phones will be sold in all head post offices and some other major post offices in the state. The initiative will cover other post offices in due course.

Plans are afoot to launch couple of low-priced smart phones by Penta in the next few weeks, the official added.

Last week, the postal department started selling mobile phones through its head offices in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The launch came after a pilot sale in four southern states, which the officials claimed was a big success. Over 70,000 phones were sold in a period of less than a year, and the project was being launched in other states too, a postal department official had said.

Penta PF 301 is a keyboard-operated phone that has several attractive features like - 2.8-inch wide screen, dual sim, FM radio, audio player, torch, and camera - and is internet enabled.
thanks to palegacyblogspot

Shift+Click: Open new window of Browser / MS Offices

Shift+Click: Open link in new window

Most of the time we never try the shortcut to open new window in Browser / MS Office application like MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, etc.,
If we are working in the above application and we have to open new window then we just press on the application which is appearing in taskbar with holding of SHIFT Key
SHIFT Key + Click on Mouse 
The above shortcut is not only for the browser it also for multi window application. i.e The Application having Multi windows(which application can be opened in more than one once). we can also close the opened window using the below shortcut

(You can then close this new window with Ctrl+W.)

DOP Finacle Migration plan for October 2015 : All circle listed

CBS Rollout Plan for October 2015 All over India 

Available at below link:

Cbs migration - October 2015 - all circle list

MM Despatch Reports error and solution

MM Despatch Error and Solution

Run-time error '-2147217900(80040e14)'
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Could not find stored procedure 'G_getbagnumber_forreport'


  • Download attached script from PoTools which is provided by CEPT.
  • Execute the same using MM Script Tool.

Speed Net Communication transmission error and solution

 Speed Net Communication Error and Solution

Speed Communication running without error message, but the files are not transmitted to central server due the following reason.
  • Whenever the Speed Net Communication is failed to transmit the file, Just go to the EMS Client Folder check the Error log file
Error while getting dispatch details(184) from POSPCC Database :  Details - Index was outside the bounds of the array.
Error while getting bag details(154) from POSPCC Database :  Details - Index was outside the bounds of the array.
Error while getting bag details(154) from POSPCC Database :  Details - Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the 

Solution for the above issues

Http error 503 : Service not available The above entry indicates problem with connectivity with central server due to which data transmission might not be happening properly. Please do the following and check speednet communication: Open the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) and check for an entry as shown below: If above entry exists, delete that and add a fresh entry as shown below: 
  1. For other log entries, we suggest you to upgrade to the latest update for Speednet Version 4.3. The procedure for upgrading the latest Speednet update is as below: 
  2. Download the latest update file viz., 'SpeedOne Updater.exe' from CEPT FTP site? and copy it to a local system from which upgradation is to be carried out. 
  3. Run 'SpeedOne Updater.exe' and use the 'Replace DLLs n EXE' option to upgrade to the latest update. Note: Do not use 'Upgrade DB' option as any DB upgradation will result in re-initialization of pincode-distance slab configuration. 
  4. Download the attached 2 script files viz., SP_ExcelUpload_AddresseeMobileNo_Requirements_15072015.exl, POSPCC_COM_10102015.exl? and SP_XML_Requirements_15072015.exl. 
  5. Execute the 2 script files using Meghdoot Scripter, after taking database backups. 
  6. Copy 'SpeedOne Updater.exe' to the EMSClient folder in the speednet communication machine. 
  7. Run 'SpeedOne Updater.exe' and use the 'Replace Speednet Communication EXE' option to upgrade to the latest update. Then book the articles in Speednet, run Speednet communication and check for updation of data in Speednet MIS / tracking site.