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Clarification Regarding HISCOD in DOP Finacle

HISCOD Clarification in DOP Finacle

1. After running the HISCOD and ensure the date change in HSSI menu , we can do  CIF,Account opening and  non financial transactions .It will affect the today's DC Closure state or not  .
If date change completed (HSCOD execution completed), the office can proceed with CIF creation / account opening.
2. WIthout change the previous DC Closure state , Shall we invoke the HISCOD menu today or we will wait for previous DC Closure state changes .
Before completion of DC closure for previous date, HISCOD for current date cannot be initiated.

SQL Database attachment Tool for Post Office

SQL database Attachment Tool by Ketan Joshi

Pre-Requisite :  .Net Framework 4.0 
Ketan Joshi SA, Palanpur HO is developed a tool for attaching the databases in SQL. It a very useful tool at the time of Server formatting.  Using this Tool we can attach the following format.
If any quires related to above software, Conatact
Ketan Joshi, SA Palanpur HO - 385001. Mobile :08866984506 Mail

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Clarification regarding Windows OS Compatibility for MM Modules

Windows Compatibility for Meghdoot Modules

MM Modules Compatible in the following version of Windows. Meghdoot Millennium like Point of sale, Postman, Sub Accounts, Despatch, Accountant, etc supports in

1. Windows XP
2. Windows Vista
Image result for windows 7 logo png3. Windows 7

4. Windows 8

BO Article Invoice Error in Postman 7.9.3 and Solution

Postman 7.9.3 BO Invoice Error Reg_insert_BOarticles

While invoice Registered articles for BO in Postman 7.9.3 after Upgrade it may shown the error message as 
Could not find stored procedure 'Reg_Insert_BOArticles

Follow the below steps

Execute the scripts should be in the following order
  1. MissentReceived.exl
  2. Postman793_1.exl
Second script file is available in the Postman folder of Meghdoot 7.9.3. If the issue is still not resolved, ticket may be raised with relevant error and Screen shot for solution 

Common Instruction for Speed Net Communication

Speed Communication Execution Issues and Solution

Most of the offices are reported that the Speed Net Communication of his/ her office is not running even if SIFY Connectivity is working this may due to secure connectivity issue between Speed Net Communication Module and CEPT Server.

After Upgrade to Speed Net Communication v4.3 do the following in hosts file in all the post offices to avoid non transmission issues

Speed Net Communication Solution

  1. Open the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) and check for an entry as shown below: 
  2. If above entry exists, delete that and add a fresh entry as shown below:

MM Accounts other bills module error and Solution

While viewing other payments reports in Meghdoot Accountant other bills module the error 
Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)'
Data provider or other service returned an E_Fail Status
This is SQL related issue,
  • The above error message due to SQL Failure to Update/Fetch the Records / data
  • If you are using SQL 2000 meant, 
  1. Update the latest Service Pack Upto SP4.
  2.  Install the back ward compatibility 

If above method fails,

  • Please upgrade to SQL 2008 with backward compatibility.

Sub Account Collation error and possible Solution

Sub Account Collation error

The error comes in the verification tab Received from BOs and Sent to BOs.
Cannot resolve the collation conflict between "Latin1_General_CI_AI" and "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS" in the equal to operation

Try the Possible Solution for the above issues

  • BO Subaccounts and Subtreasury databases are in different collation. The Collation should be same for the both databases.
  • There might be a change in BO Subaccounts/Subtreasury databases by the way of restoration of backup etc.,. 
  • Please check whether the option is functioned properly upto the previous date.

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