Friday, October 23, 2015

Postman 7.9.3 Modified dated 18.10.2015

MM 7.9.3 Postman Module modified dated 18.10.2015

Postman Module has been revised and uploaded on 18.10.2015 on CEPT FTP. The latest version of Postman may be used for the upcoming and updated offices for proper functioning.

Download the latest version from CEPT
Download Postman Revised 1.60MB from PoTools

Schedule Reports error in Pension categories and Solution

Schedule report error and Solution

While view report in Schedule, all the pension categories are listed it shows the below error message like 
Subquery returned  more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the sub query follows =,!=, <, <=1 >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression
  1. Download  then execute at once
  2. Contatct CEPT if any issues.

ePayment Registration problem and Solution

ePayment Client Registration problem

Whenever changes made in the hardware, the ePayment Client Registration is required to contact the CEPT Server. Especially, the NIC- Network Card of the Motherboard is decided the machine ID of the Computer.
If we change the Ethernet Card in Computer it may requires registration of ePayment Module.

Follow the steps to do the registration

  1. The error is thrown as the machine registered with ePayment central server was not being used to transmit the transaction data now . 
  2. You have to re register your office in website and register your new client machine. If "register me" button is not enabled, please execute eCounterResetRegistration.exl .
  3. Stop the ePayment client and run this file using script tool. 
  4. Run the ePaymet client again and enter the web registration particulars when prompted. 
  5. On successful registration your office should appear as a registered office at the epayment site with the new date of registration.

Postman 7.9.3 BO Articles Invoice error and Solution

Solution for BO Article Invoice Error

Registered articles for Branch Offices: While invoice the articles for BO in Postman 7.9.3 it may shown the error message as 
Could not find stored procedure 'Reg_Insert_BOArticles'.

Please do the following to settle the issue.

  1. Extract the attached rar file. 
  2. First, Execute MissentReceivedToday.exl using script tool after taking backup of Postman database. Afterwards, Execute Postman793_1.exl.

Muharram Holiday Configuration Tool for Post Office

Tool for Muharram Holiday Configuration

This Year 2015 Muharram Holiday has been changed in Tamil Nadu Circle from 23.10.2015 to 24.10.2015. The above changes should be incorporate in the Post Office Software to do the transactions on 23.10.2015. The following Tool has been developed by Admin, PoTools for changing the holiday of Muharram.
This is only for TN Circle.
  1. Download the attached Tool from PoTools.
  2. Enter Server Name then select required software to update the Holiday List.
  3. Non Delivery offices no need to select Sub Account and CBS Offices no need to select the Sanchay Post Module 

Speed Post Tracking Updated in Local DB not in Website

Speed Post Tracking Not updated in India Post

Speed Post article tracking in India Post not updated in India Post Web Portal due to the following reason.
Non Updation may happens,
  1. Article Remarks Not Taken
  2. Speed Net Communication Problem
  3. Tracking Message transmission problem
First two issues, may be settled in your end. those problem can find out easily. Disposed articles transmission issue we can not find out because there is no facilities available to track the above issue.

Easy way to Fix the above issues

  • The SpeedNet MIS and India Post Speed Post tracking are dependent on the proper transmission of files from offices concerned. 
  • Hence, we suggest you to ensure / verify proper transmission of data from SpeedNet Communication to Central Server on day-to-day basis. 
  • In the referred case, please use the option in Supervisor login under 
Tools --> Resend Booking and Delivery Messages
           to update the delivered information at SpeedNet Central Server. 
  • Subsequent to resending of delivered message, if the delivery status is not updated, then in order to diagnose / sort out the technical issues raised by you in this ticket with the following input: 
  1. Latest copy of EMSClient folder 
  2. Article Numbers delivered within 10 days for which delivery scan is not available in track and trace / MIS. 
Note: The cases, which are older than 10 days, can't be analysed with the contents in SpeedNet Communication (EMSClient) folder