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Direct Recruitment PA / SA / POSTMAN/MAIL GUARD AND MTS Sport Quota 2015-16

Notification for Sports Quota 2015-2016

Direct Recruitment for the year 2015

(From Open Market)

(Last date for the receipt of application is 20-11-2015)
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CTS Scanning in Post Office - Points to Remember

CTS Scanning in Post Offices

  • Close the scanning proces before 3PM to avoid delay in pushing outward clearing file from VSoft to CHI
  • Mark the returns before 11.30AM to avoid delay in pushing outward return file from VSoft to CHI
  • High level reconciliation (Scanned Vs. Processed ) Should be done before end of the day.

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Treasury timeout expired while delete Old data

Treasury Old data delete error time out expired

Query timeout expired error, while delete old data in treasury module. This may due to more number of rows are to be deleted from the database, It may take more time / timeout error.

Instruction / Solution to Delete old data

  1. There is a provision in Treasury module for Supervisor through Tools > Delete Option to delete old data from Treasury, Subtreasury, Subaccounts, BOSubaccounts databases Upto the required date. 
  2. If the data cannot be deleted due to having large data in the databases up to the required date through the Option and giving "timeout expired" message, then execute the attached file with script tool (2-3 times till execution is completed successfully) to delete the Old data from the above databases up to 31.12.2012.
  3. The script file may be executed after completion of day's transactions / work in Treasury, Subaccounts applications at the PO and when the server is not busy. 

Note: Please follow the prescribed procedure of taking backups of the databases and getting approval of the competent authority etc., before executing the script file.

Sub Account 7.9.3 Incorrect Syntax near 'tel'

Incorrect Syntax near 'tel' in Sub Account

After Upgrade MM 7.9.3, While taking printout of General Reports in Sub Accounts in may shown the error message as 
Run-time error '-2147217900 (80040e14)':
[Microsoft][ODBE SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'tel'.


  • Download attach script which is given by CEPT for the above mentioned problem.
  • The same may be executed with the help of System Administrator.

Sub Account table creation error and Solution

Sub Account 7.9.3 Invalid Object Name error

After upgrade MM 7.9, while doing data entry in BO / SO Account in Sub Account it may shown the below error 
The above error message due to improper updation of fields data in Subtreasury database. This may be recover two ways.

  • Restore Old database then do the up gradation properly.

Do Re Day begin in Sub Account

In the Supervisor menu there is an option > Undo Day's work. This will delete the tables created while making Day Begin. Then correct the server date to current date. Login to Sub Accounts. Make the Day Begin for current date. 
Note : the above solution is also applicable for by mistake the day Begin is being done to a future date. 

Points to Remember while Upgrade Speed Net 4.3

Speed Net 4.3 Up gradation issues and Solution

After Upgrade to Speed Net, the following error may come due to the improper configuration. Check the following point after upgrade the Speed Net 4.3 to transmit /receive the files without any issues.

Issues Noticed

Communication module not working / Files not transmitting/ receiving after upgrade.


Once Speed Net 4.3 is updated check the followings,

Step 1:

  • Supervisor --> Master --> Environment --> Folder Paths --> please check whether Meghdoot Point of Sale Information is provided correctly or not. 
If not correct then correct it (i.e., tick the option Meghdoot - Point of Sale is installed and under use in this office, click on the option Point of Sale and SpeedNet are connected through Network and enter the correct SQL Server Name where Point of Sale Databases are installed)


  • Open the hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) 
  • Add the below entry

Speed Net 4.3 BNPL Distance Slap Configuration and Solution

After updating SpeedNet to version 4.3 it shows error in BNPL speed post booking. While trying to do data entry of BNPL article it shows an error 
"The office with the not found in the office master list. Please update the office master database first and retry". 
The required cities are added with appropriate distance slab freshly after updating the software. 

All the added pincodes are properly mapped with distance. Mapping is done from 'Supervisor --> bulk customers --> Configuration --> cities'. I have also checked 'Supervisor --> bulk customers --> Configuration --> Map Pincode - Distance Slab' window and there is no unmapped offices shown in the list. The error message tales that 
'Please update the office master database first and retry'. 
Is there any way to upload the office master data to database from the 'office master' text file available in the SpeedNet folder.

Procedure to Upload Office Master

Please do the following for updating the latest offices master data: 
  • Download the latest office master file from the Speednet MIS. 
  • Update the offices data using the option in Speednet communication-->Update Offices. 
  • Update the offices data under 

Supervisor-->Master-->Offices-->Add Additional Offices-->Update option. 
  • Enter the pincode and click on fetch button. In case details for the required offices are available, then the office master updation is done properly. Else, do the office master updation once again. 
  • If pincode details are available, update the pincode - distance slab mapping under 

'Supervisor --> bulk customers --> Configuration --> Map Pincode - Distance Slab' window.

ePost - Frequently Asked Questions


What is ePOST?

ePOST enables customers to send their messages to any address in India with a combination of electronic transmission and physical delivery. ePOST sends messages as a soft copy through internet and at the destination it gets delivered to the addressee in the form of hard copy.

Where can ePOST facility be availed?

ePOST facility can be availed at select Post Offices across the country. Currently more than 13000 Post Offices are providing ePOST service and we are constantly upgrading the network. Customers can also avail the ePOST facility from their  premises – Corporate ePOST & Pre-Paid User .

What is the cost of ePOST?

ePOST costs just Rs. 10 per page of A4 size. For Corporate customer ePOST costs  Rs. 6 per page of A4 size & for Bulk it costs Rs. 5/ - per page .

Whether hand written, multilingual and picture message can be sent through ePOST?

Yes, hand written, multilingual and picture message can be sent through ePOST by scanning & using multilingual text editor ,downloading fonts.

Whether ePOST message can be sent to anywhere in world?

For physical / hard copy delivery ePOST message can be sent only to addressee in India.

 Whether customer can give the ePOST message in Pen drive/C.D for sending?

Yes, customer can give the ePOST message in Pen drive / CD incorporating the address and e-mail IDs of the recipients for sending.

How much time will it take to deliver the ePOST message?

ePOST messages will be transmitted on the same day to the ePOST center, nearest to the destination. ePOST center will get it printed and ePOST message will be delivered by the postman at the destination in the form of hard copy.

If prepaid recharge  is not fully used, is there a provision to get refund of balance amount?


In case of booking ePOST message from the counter of Post Office, whether the receipt will be provided to the customer?


Whether ePOST message can be delivered at window of receiving Post Office?


Whether ePOST message can be delivered through post box/post bag hired by the recipient?



Business customers can send their messages faster, better and cheaper to every addressee in India through ePOST CORPORATE. ePOST Corporate service enables corporate customers including Govt. Departments, PSUs, SMEs, Companies etc to draft, design and send the messages as per their business requirements from their office premises by using internet. The message will be electronically transmitted as a soft copy and at the destination it will be delivered to their addressee, in the form of hard copy through a network of more than 1,55,000 Post Offices.

Whether ePOST messages can be booked from the premises of corporate customers.

Yes, By having a business agreement with India Post, corporate customers can book the ePOST messages from their premises in ePOST CORPORATE service.

Sub Account Day begin error and Solution

Sub Account Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)'

Sub Query returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, 123
  • Download the attached file sub query problem in bo sub On unzipping , u will get two files viz..Delete Duplicate Records.sql and BOSUBACCOUNTS08102009.exl. 
  • First execute the file BOSUBACCOUNTS08102009.exl using script tool. 
  • Thereafter open the file Delete Duplicate Records.sql using notepad and change the date as last working day for today's day begin. Then execute the query using query analyzer.