Friday, November 06, 2015

Instruction to update Postman 7.9.3 dated 18.10.2015

Postman 7.9.3 dated 18.10.15

  • Download and Extract the attached rar file. 
  • First, Execute MissentReceivedToday.exl using script tool after taking backup of Postman database. Afterwards, Execute Postman793_1.exl. 
  • Download the latest Postman.exe , emodelivery.dll and evpdelivery.dll dt 18-10-15 form
  • Replace the exe and dll files . Register the dll files. 

Download latest Postman 7.9.3 dated 18.10.2015

Speed Net 4.3 Stored procedure error and Solution

Speed Net 4.3 while generate Speed Post Manifest it shows an error Stored procedure not found for ARN_VALIDATE_HC-COD_BARCODEPREFIX" 


  1. Download attached exl from PoTools.
  2. Execute the above script using MM Script Tool

SHAREit - Connect & Transfer - Without Cable

SHAREit, the world's fastest cross-platform file transfer tool for near-field communication.
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Download for Mobile Application

Download SHAREit for PC version

Latest Updates of IT modernization Project of Department of Posts, India


The latest position of implementation is as follows:

  1. Primary Data Centre has been deployed and started functioning at Navi Mumbai since 3rd April, 2013. Disaster Recovery Centre has been powered on at Mysore on 15-05-15.
  2. 27680 Departmental Post offices including mail offices and administrative offices have been networked at single Wide Area Network (WAN) and connected to Data Centre.
  3. Core Banking Solution (CBS) has been rolled out in 5571 Post Offices.
  4. ATMs have been installed in 124 locations.
  5. Core Insurance solution (CIS-PLI) has been rolled out in 15125 Post Offices.
  6. Rural Hardware vendor has been finalized and contract has been signed. Supply of Rural Hardware devices in Pilot BOs will start in January 2016.