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7th Pay Commission report on Fixed Medical Allowance

7th Pay Commission report on Fixed Medical Allowance

Fixed Medical Allowance

It is granted to pensioners for meeting expenditure on day to day medical expenses that do not require hospitalization, presently payable at the rate of Rs.500 pm. Demands have been received to increase the rate of this allowance to Rs.2,000 pm.

Pensioners are not covered under the CS (MA) Rules. Pensioners residing outside CGHS areas are entitled to Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) @ ?500 per month for their OPD/IPD needs. Such pensioners can also avail IPD/OPD under CGHS subject to some conditions.

Analysis and Recommendations : The Commission notes that this allowance was enhanced from Rs.300 pm to Rs.500 pm from 19.11.2014.
As such, further enhancement of this allowance is not recommended.
The Commission has received representations seeking enhancement in Fixed Medical Allowance, currently payable at the rate of ?500 per month for pensioners not covered under Central Government Health Service (CGHS).

Authority: 7th CPC Report

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Employees' body demands re-look at 7th CPC report

NEW DELHI: A body of central government employees has demanded a re-look at the Seventh Central Pay Commission (CPC) report and sought a rationalised pay structure. 

In a memorandum submitted to Union Minister Jitendra Singh, the Government Employees' National Federation said that while there are some positive recommendations in the 7th CPC report, there are, at the same time, several instances which need a relook. 

Thus, the memorandum said, the exercise to rationalise pay structure has led to several discrepancies. It further complained that the concept of grade pay and pay band has been done away with and all grades of pay at all levels have been subsumed within the pay matrix. 

Singh, the Minister of State for Personnel, said that the report submitted last month is under the government's consideration and the follow-up on it would be done after the inputs have been received from the Finance Ministry and other relevant quarters. 

He said that even though opinion may vary, there is a large section of employees which has hailed the report, including its recommendation of 16 per cent hike in salary along with a 63 per cent increase in allowances and 24 per cent hike in pension, with minimum Basic Pay of Rs 18,000 and maximum pay of Rs 2.25 lakh for central government staff. 

Singh recalled that, while accepting the report, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had disclosed that an implementation secretariat headed by the Expenditure Secretary had been created while a separate empowered committee under the Cabinet Secretary will take a view on suggestions received from various stakeholders. 

"There is, therefore, enough reason to believe that all the concerns and apprehensions, if any, expressed by the employees will be taken care of by the government," the minister said. 

There are about 50 lakh central government employees.

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Most defence associations accepted OROP: Jaitley

Most defence associations accepted OROP: Jaitley by Manisha Sen

New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday said government's OROP (One Rank One Pension) formula for retired defence personnel has been accepted by most associations and only a small section had some issues on it.
Finance minister Arun Jaitley at Agenda Aaj Tak in New Delhi on Saturday.

"The government has already announced its decision. Most personnel in their (defence) organisations have accepted that. If one faction or the other have reservations, I think it's for all of you to sit together and decide ...within the organisation itself. The mainstream organisations personally met me and thanked the government that their long-standing demand has been accepted," he said.

The Minister was responding to a question on the implementation of OROP at 'Aaj Tak Agenda' programme.

As approved by the government in September, the OROP will be implemented from July 2014 and arrears alone would cost the exchequer about Rs 10,000-12,000 crore.
Source: PTI

7th CPC recommendations are far beneficial is beyond doubt – BHARATH KUMAR

The author of the article Shri. M.Dorai mentions about 32% increase granted as fitment benefit on pay and grade pay excluding D.A. since the VI CPC had granted 40% fitment benefit on basic only excluding D.A.

It appears some readers do not understand what 225% stands for. 225% is the actual pay plus grade pay and D.A. as on 1/1/2016 which we actually will be drawing under 6th CPC pay pattern. Out of 225%, 100% denotes Basic+ Grade Pay, the additional 125% stands for D.A. as on 1/1/2016(present D.A. as on 1/7/2015 is 119% + 6% as on 1/1/2016=125%), totalling to 225%. +32 (32% fitment on pay + Grade pay) = 257(2.57 factor).

The readers of the article are wrongly multiplying 32% on 225%(2.25 factor) which include 125% D.A instead of multiplying 32% on Pay in the pay band and grade pay i.e. 100 x 32 = 32% which should be added to 100% Pay and Grade Pay and 125% D.A totalling to 257 i.e.100% existing basic pay comprising pay and grade pay + 32% fitment benefit on pay and grade pay + 125% DA totalling to 257(2.57 factor).

The author is perfectly justify in his observation. It was not necessary for the VII CPC to shock the government servants stating that they have given 15% increase by taking D.A. into consideration which they should not have taken while projecting the increase, since VI CPC had taken 40% on basic only and shown it separately as Grade Pay.

The following comparison give correct picture:

1. VI CPC: 40% increase on maximum of V CPC basic pay scale without D.A. and 21.5% increase including D.A(40/1.86 factor = 21.5%)

2. VII CPC: 32% increase of basic pay comprising Pay and Grade Pay without D.A and 14.22% increase including D.A(32/2.25 =14.22%)

Although there is a slight shortage in the fitment benfit granted by VII CPC compared to VI CPC, but the overall benefits under VII CPC is much more than VI CPC when compared to allowances as can be seen here below:

1. D.A amount will be more by 2.57 times from the existing level since the revised salary is increased by 2.57 times (125% D.A and 32% fitment benefit) which may give huge increase every 6 months compared to D.A. increase in 6th CPC Pay+ Grade Pay. For example a person whose basic pay(Pay + Grade Pay) is 29610 he will be getting only Rs.1777 as D.A. at 6%. But in his revised pay of Rs.77700 as per pay matrix at 2.57 factor (29610 x 2.57 =76098( next nearest amount in the pay matrix Rs.77700) his D.A. will be Rs.4662 at 6%.

2. HRA amount is increased by more than 100% of the existing HRA amount as illustrated by the author. For example an employee with a basic pay of Rs.29610 gets only Rs.8883 @ 30% under VI CPC. But under VII CPC he will be getting Rs.18648 @ 24% for the equivalent pay of Rs.77700 under VII CPC leading to an excess of Rs.9765 from the present HRA.

3. Transport .Allowance although retained at the existing level of 2.25 factor but D.A. on T.A gets increased by 2.25 times from the existing level. For example 6% D.A. on Rs.3200 comes to only Rs.192 whereas 6% D.A. on the revised transport allowance of Rs.7200 comes to Rs.432

Therefore the author’s conclusion that 7th CPC recommendations are far beneficial is beyond doubt.


Revision of Cycle Maintenance Allowance of GDS MC/ GDS MD w.e.f. 01.01.2014- order issued by DoP

Rate of CMA revised @ Rs 75/- pm w.e.f 01.01.2011 and further revised @ Rs 90/- pm w.e.f 01.01.2014

7th Pay Commission Report on Death Gratuity

The Commission has received representations pointing to a need for rationalization of current slabs for death gratuity, especially for the slab of 5 to 20 years of qualifying service in which family pensioners are stated to be placed at a disadvantageous position.

Analysis and Recommendations : As per Rule 50 of Pension Rules, the death gratuity admissible will be as follows, subject to the maximum limit prescribed for the gratuity:
Authority: 7th CPC Report


Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions

Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
the 5th November, 2015

Sub: Competent Medical Officer/Board for issuing certificate of disability for the purpose of family pension under rule 54 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 – reg.

Reference is invited to this department’s Office Memorandum of even number dated 30th September, 2014 on the above subject.

2. It had been conveyed that for grant of family pension under the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, the authority competent to issue disability certificate would be as specified in the guidelines issued by the M/o Health & Family Welfare Notification No.S.13020/1/2010, dated 18.6.2010, in pursuance of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Right and Full Participation) Rules, 1996. It had also been conveyed that for the past cases, the disability certificate issued either in pursuance of the guidelines, dated 18.06.2010 or in pursuance of rule 54 (6) of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 shall be acceptable.

3. As per Section 2(p) of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, “medical authority” means any hospital or institution specified for the purposes of this Act by notification by the appropriate Government. In pursuance of this, State Governments/UT administrations are required to notify the medical authorities to issue disability certificate.

4. In addition to the authorities indicated in para 2 above, for grant of family pension under the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, including past cases, the authority competent to issue disability certificate would be any hospital or institution specified as a Medical Authority for the purposes of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act by notification by the Central Government or a State Government or a Union Territory Administration.

(D.K. Solanki)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Phone: 24644632