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2 Increment days proposal ignored by 7th Pay Commission

There is no explanation in the report of 7th CPC about the suggestion regarding the 2 Increment Days in respect of Central Government employees given by the NC JCM Staff Side.

Prior to the 6th Pay Commission, there was separate increment date for each central government employees. Sixth Pay Commission recommended uniform increment date for all the central government employees and the new conditions for granting of increment. As per the sixth CPC recommendations, Government servants completing six months and above in the same Grade Pay as on 1st of July are eligible to be granted the Increment.

One who joins duty on or after 2nd January 2015, will get his annual increment on 1st July of next year i.e after rendering 17 months of service. 

In such a way, those who are retiring on 30th June are denied annual increment even after completing 12 months’ service in same Grade pay. 

The NC JCM had highlighted such anomalies in detail to the 7th Pay Commission(Click to view the Demands). To remove these anomalies NCJCM Staff Side has proposed to recommend two increment dates at the interval of six months i.e 1st January and 1st July of every year. It is expected that, if it is accepted by 7th CPC, it will address the above issues. But unfortunately 7th CPC didn’t accept this proposal and said nothing about that. 

Further, it followed same recommendation of sixth cpc that granting 3% increment on 1st July of every year . But nothing has been said about the criteria for annual increment to be granted. Hence in the context of no recommendation has been made on conditions for granting annual increment, it can be assumed that the prevailing conditions for granting annual increment to be followed. 

So consequent upon implementation of 7th pay commission, there will be no relevance in respect of attendance on 1st January for granting annual increment for serving employees. Finally, the method implemented by the 6th Pay Commission, regarding the qualifications of employees to receive the annual increments, is very likely to continue after 01.01.2016. 

But the commission is proposing withholding of annual increments in the case of those employees who are not able to meet the benchmark either for MACP or a regular promotion within the first 20 years of their service. 

An illustration of annual increment calculation given in the report… 

Bonus Arrears to be Paid on Account of Increase in Calculation Ceiling with Effect from April 2014

Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Bill 2015 to increase the Bonus Calculation Ceiling and eligibility ceiling has been Passed in Lok Shabha yesterday.

As per the provisions of Bonus bill the Bonus Calculation ceiling has to be raised from 3500 to 7000 and eligibility ceiling of wage from 10000 to 21000 per month. Earlier Cabinet gave its approval for this Bonus bill and said it will be come into effect from 1.4.2015 after passed in Parliament

Now Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said while moving an official amendment to the Bill, ”The Prime Minister spoke to me and asked why should the benefits of this Act should accrue to workers from 2015, it should made available from the April 2014″.
It is really very good news for entire working class, since it is coming into force with effect from 1st April 2014. Due to this retrospective effect of Bonus Act from 1.4.2014, double the amount of Bonus has to be paid for the year 2014-2015.
The Bonus amount for 2014-2015 was Calculated as per the Calculation ceiling of Rs.3500 and paid before Dhasara/ Durga Pooja and Diwali. So Bonus arrears have to be paid on account of increase in calculation ceiling and eligibility ceiling. Soon after the Bill passed in Rajya Sabha, necessary Order will be issued by Finance Ministry after publishing gazette Notification for the amendment in Bonus Act.


The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 

7th Pay Commission has recommended higher grade pay for Sub Inspectors and Inspectors of CBI

7th Pay Commission has recommended higher grade pay for Sub Inspectors and Inspectors of CBI

Upgradation of pay of Sub Inspectors and Inspectors of CBI

The CBI has demanded upgradation of pay of Sub Inspectors and Inspectors working in CBI on the grounds that present pay scales are leading to high attrition at these levels. This has resulted in 33 percent vacancies in the SI cadre and 30 percent vacancy in the Inspector cadre. It has also been mentioned that there has been historical parity with the executive cadre of Intelligence Bureau.

Analysis and Recommendations

In the VI CPC report it has been mentioned that there is historical parity between the executive cadre of IB and CBI and that such a parity has to be maintained. Since this Commission has approved upgradation of pay of ACIO I and ACIO II in IB, the pay of corresponding ranks in CBI viz., Sub Inspector and Inspector are also recommended to be upgraded similarly. The upgradation has also been recommended keeping in mind the nature of duties performed by these ranks in the organisation. Accordingly the pay of Sub Inspector is upgraded from GP 4200 to GP 4600 and that of Inspector from GP 4600 to GP 4800.

Railway Minister announced Concession in Rail ticket for unemployed youth

Railway Minister announced Concession in Rail ticket for unemployed youth
Concession in Train Tickets to Unemployed Youth 
Railways grant full concession in second class and 50% concession in sleeper class in the basic fares of Mail/Express trains to unemployed youths up to 35 years to appear in interviews for selection to Central/State Government jobs. Besides above, 50% concession in the basic fares of Mail/express trains in Second and sleeper class is also admissible to unemployed youths appearing in interview for selection to other public sector organisations.

This Press release is based on the information given in the written reply by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Manoj Sinha in Lok Sabha today(25.12.2015).

Eligibility criteria of a school for Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance – Clarification issued by CGDA

Office Of The Controller General Of Defence Accounts
Ulan Satar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt – 110010 

No. AT/IV/4909/Vol VII 
PCoA (FyS) Kolkata 
SUB: Clarification on Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance
REF: This HQrs letter No. AT/IV/4909/Vol V dated 22nd May 2014 
The matter regarding admissibility of CEA in r/o of the children studying in Pre-primary schools run by Army welfare Education Society (AWES) was referred to MoD by Hqrs office. 

2. MoD D (Pay/Services) has stated that criteria of eligibility of a school is clearly mentioned in para 3 of DOPT O.M. No. 21011/03/2008-Estt (A) dated 23rd November, 2009 which reads “Recognized 
school/institution in this regard means Govt. school or any education institution whether in receipt of Govt. aid or nor, recognized by the Central or State Govt. or Union territory administration or by University or a recognized educational authority having jurisdiction over the area where the institution is situate.” The MoD D (Pay/Services) has further stated that it is for the concerned beneficiaries to obtain the necessary details from the school regarding its recognition by the concerned authorities and submit them to the paying authorities alongwith the claim for reimbursement. 

3. The subject claim may be regulated accordingly. 

This issues with approval of JT.CGDA(AT-I)

Sr. Acounts Officer (AT-IV) 
Authority :

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About 400 employees sacked by Dept of Posts in Gujarat

Over 100 employees of India Post gathered at Gujarat University on Friday to protest against the department's sacking of around 400 employees in the state on December 23 -allegedly without giving any reason. Sacked employees said that each of them was asked to sign a paper by superiors accepting his termination from job with immediate effect with claim to a month's salary.

A senior postal department official in Ahmedabad said, "The termination orders of around 400 employees was directly issued from the central office.Nobody was consulted at local level.' He added that the headquarters of India Post had ordered vigilance inquiry into 2013-14 recruitments following several complaints. After the inquiry, the whole recruitment has been cancelled, affecting personnel across the country.

The sacked employees say they had been recruited in Group C (clerical) and Group B (officer) cadres in April this year.Advertisement for the posts had appeared in June 2014, and the preliminary competitive exam had taken place in November last year. They had been allocated their postings on June 1.

Some fraud candidates sunk the ship with genuine candidates.

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Track and Trace of your booked article

20 years after Mandal, less than 12% OBCs in central govt jobs

CHENNAI: More than two decades after implementation of Mandal commission report, which mandates 27 percent reservation for OBCs in central government jobs, an RTI data shows that less than 12 percent of employees of central government ministries, departments and statutory bodies are from other backward classes (OBCs) as on January 1, 2015.

What's more, 40 ministries, including social justice and 48 departments held back the information sought by Chennai based scientist E Muralidharan under the Right to Information Act. Among the departments that have not provided any information is ministry of human resources, which is a major employer of group A employees like professors in IITs and other central educational institutions.

Going by the data available, under the group A, B,C and D category of employees, out of 79,483 posts, there are only 9,040 OBC staff.

Surprisingly, data provided by the department of personnel and training, which was the recipient of the RTI appeal and is responsible for the appointments, itself fares poorly in this regard, with 12.91 percent Scheduled Castes (SC), 4 percent Scheduled Tribes (ST) and 6.67 percent OBC forming the pool of employees under the reservation laws. The total number of personnel in the department is 6,879.

This means that a significant number of posts which have been allocated for these communities are yet to be filled, which raises questions on the effective implementation of the Mandal committee recommendations, Muralidharan said.

A closer look at the data indicates that there is not a single OBC Grade A officer in the President's secretariat; less than 9 percent of the 651 Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) staff is from the OBC category. The higher education department employs only 5 percent OBC in Grade A officers and 10 percent OBC staff.

Out of 41 Grade A posts in the department of scientific and industrial research, there is only one OBC officer.

Muralidharan has repeatedly filed RTIs every year to check the performance of the central government in appointments under reserved categories. "The departments are supposed to release the data, but they have been found wanting," he said.

In the RTI query, Muralidharan asked what action was initiated against ministries and departments which did not provide the data. The under-secretary of the department of personnel and training, Raju Saraswat replied that two reminders were sent to the departments concerned, but he failed to state if any action was taken.

Muralidharan said that it was mandatory for the departments and ministries to furnish these details to DoPT by January 1 every year as per an office memorandum (OM No. No.43011/10/2002-Estt (Res.), dated December 19, 2003.

He pointed out that the poor implementation of caste-based reservations would result in the wedge of inequality increasing. "Reservations should be time-bound and there must be a regular review of the positions filled," he said.

Source :

eMO Client error and Solution

Error code : 221 :- There is insufficient result space to convert a money value to varchar

Download the latest version of MM update in FTP, CEPT.


  1. Download  PostOffices.rar from the CEPT FTP.
  2. Execute / Update once again Using script Tool to fix the above error.

Calculation of your Basic Pay after MACP or regular promotion using Pay matrix by 7th CPC

Suppose, Ms. ABC, who, after having been fixed in the Pay Matrix, is drawing a Basic Pay of Rs 28,700 in Level 4. She is upgraded to Level 5 (either regular promotion or through MACP). Then her salary will be fixed in the following manner: 
  1. She will first be given one increment in her current Level 4 (to Rs 29,600 in this case). 
  2. Then she will be placed in the Level 5 at a Level equal to or next higher compared to Rs 29,600, which comes to Rs 30,100 in this case. 

Refer Image below Mentioned

Calculation of annual increment using Pay Matrix recommended by 7th CPC

Calculation of annual increment using Pay Matrix recommended by 7th CPC

Suppose, Ms. ABC, who, after having been fixed in the Pay Matrix, is drawing a Basic Pay of Rs 32,300 in Level 4. When she gets an annual increment on 1st of July, she will just move one stage down in the same Level. Hence, after increment, her pay will be Rs 33,300.

The communications and IT ministry is set to a launch a slew of schemes on Dec 28 that will seek to digitally connect rural post offices across the country

NEW DELHI: The communications and IT ministry is set to a launch a slew of schemes on December 28 that will seek to digitally connect rural post offices across the country and enable core banking facilities at 12,000 other post offices.

The ministry will also announce a programme to set up over 1,000 ATMs in three months for the convenience of post office savings bank customers.
Communications and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad will launch the schemes to mark the 'Good Governance Day'.
The ambitious project to digitise all transactions made by postmen in rural India will include equipping branch postmasters with solar powered, biometric hand-held devices. 

It will be launched at three pilot circles in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan. A senior government official told ET that the Good Governance Day will hence be a critical date for the government to measure its success in digitising governance and for setting new digitisation goals. The official said the government's attempt to mark the day on December 25 last year had become controversial and it was thus decided to shift it to December 28. "By March 2017, 1.30 lakh hand-held devices will be made available across rural branch offices. This instrument will revolutionise lives of people across villages," the official said.

Booking and delivery of Speed Post, registered mail, money orders, sale of stamps and postal stationary will be done through these devices and paper receipts will be generated instantaneously, the official said. "All financial transactions shall also be reconciled immediately and cash on delivery amount collected in the village will be immediately credited to the account of e-commerce company," the official said.

These devices will also facilitate biometric authentication of social security beneficiaries at the time of pay-out, "reducing leakage in the scheme", the official said. 

सातवें वेतन आयोग की मार रेल यात्री किराए पर!

सातवें वेतन आयोग की रिपोर्ट जनवरी से लागू किया जाना प्रस्तावित है। वेतन आयोग की संस्तुतियों को लागू करने से केन्द्र सरकार के सर्वाधिक कर्मचारियों वाले रेल विभाग पर ३२ हजार करोड़ रुपए का अतिरिक्त आर्थिक बोझ पडऩे की सम्भावना है। 

इतनी बड़ी राशि का प्रबंध हर साल करना रेल मंत्रालय के लिए टेढ़ी खीर बन सकता है। रेल मंत्रालय में वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों के बीच यह चर्चा है कि यदि केन्द्र ने आर्थिक मदद न की तो क्या होगा। ऐसे में रेल मंत्रालय के पास एक ही विकल्प बचता है कि वह रेल किराया बढ़ाए। इसका सीधा असर यात्रियों पर पड़ेगा।

सूत्रों के अनुसार पहले से ही आर्थिक संकट से जूझ रहे रेलवे के लिए इतनी बड़ी रकम का इंतजाम करना एक बड़ी समस्या है। उधर, रेल परियोजनाओं में देरी के चलते लागत बढ़ती जा रही है जिसका सीधा असर रेलवे की अर्थव्यवस्था पर पड़ा है।

रेलवे सूत्रों के मुताबिक ३२ हजार करोड़ रुपए का अतिरिक्त इंतजाम करना रेलवे के लिए आसान नहीं है। रेलवे के पास आय बढ़ाने का एक ही रास्ता है-किराया और माल भाड़ा बढ़ा देना। पर किराया बढ़ाने से जनता में रेलवे विशेषकर सरकार की छवि पर विपरीत असर पड़ेगा। सूत्रों के अनुसार रेल मंत्री सुरेश प्रभु ने इस आर्थिक संकट को लेकर वित्त मंत्री अरुण जेटली से भी बात की है।

उल्लेखनीय है कि पहले भी रेल मंत्री वित्त मंत्रालय को पत्र लिखकर कह चुके हैं कि वेतन आयोग का बोझ वहन करने के लिए केंद्र सरकार उनकी मदद करे क्योंकि रेलवे को माल भाड़े से होने वाली आमदनी भी लक्ष्य से काफी कम है।

Revised Loan Repayment Calculator for PLI

Loan Repayment calculator using Excel

1. After migration to McCamish, old NIC software is disabled and it is not possible to calculate the pending loan and interest amount.  Further loan payments cannot be updated in McCamish through CSV uploading.  To calculate the pending loan principle and interest, this tool will be useful.  After getting the entire pending loan amount with interest credited in Point Of Sale, loan data in McCamish is to be updated by issue of Push back Sanction.

If the downloaded excel document is not working, reason is that macros are disabled.  Follow the given procedure to enable macros:
Open the excel file
Click the office button
Click the "Excel Options"
Click "Trust Center"
Click "Trust Center Settings"
Click "Macro Settings"
Click "Enable all macros"
Click "OK"
  1. Download Excel Sheet from PoTools.
  2. Enable Macro for Calculate loan repayment amount in PLI/RPLI

From birth certificates to death proofs, 1-page form soon for all government services

NEW DELHI: Applications for majority of services like birth or death certificates will soon be simplified and converted into one-page form format, the government announced today.
Union Minister Jitendra Singh also unveiled a single-page application form for pensioners on a day being observed as 'good governance day' which coincides with the birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
"For different schemes you have voluminous forms. Today, we are releasing one-page application form for pensioners. We plan to convert all multi-page or voluminous forms to single-page within a year," he told reporters during a press conference here.

Singh said the aim behind this initiative is to make the forms as simple and small as possible for the beneficiary. "There should be relevant and minimum information asked for in an application form for  government services and not repetitive ones," he said.

Singh, Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, said he is coordinating with state governments and Union territories to replicate the same process.

"Every month we will be holding meetings with at least two central government departments and reviewing forms available for different services under them. Efforts will be to simplify the whole procedure and we hope to achieve the target of single-page form for all government services within a year's time," the minister said.

At present, one has to fill lengthy forms for getting birth, death and other certificates.

Secretary in Personnel Ministry Sanjay Kothari said the government plans to integrated Aadhaar number with government services so that people do not have to fill out whole details.
"We will be integrating Aadhaar data base for the services. But this will be possible only when all the people have Aadhaar numbers. It will further benefit people as they will not be required to fill out basic details like their residential address, among other things," he said.
Singh said the government has been taking steps to ensure that the tax payers' money, which is being spent through various schemes for benefit of the deserving segments, reaches them easily in required shape and measure in time.

"There is a need to have a critical look at the current procedures and forms in use in various departments and ministries in the government. There is a need to eliminate layers of decision making for adding speed to the disposal mechanism.

"There is a need to specify one-page forms seeking essential information for upholding the dignity of our citizens," the minister said.

Singh said workshops have already been conducted with the National Social Assistance Programme of the Ministry of Rural Development, Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) and Directorate General, Labour Welfare of the Ministry of Labour and Employment for simplification of the application forms.

Good Governance Day is observed on December 25, since the last year, coinciding with the birthday of Vajpayee.

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