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Guidelines to configure SQL 2008 in windows 8.1 OS and joining it to India Post domain

1) Give request to SIFY for internet access to PC if mac binding had been done for that Post office and drop a mail to TCS helpdesk to delete the pc name from indiapost domain if exists previously before commencing.

2) First, Activate the windows which came preloaded by using data card or other source.(Just provide internet connection(other than sify to PC for 5 mins ,automatically it gets activated)

3) Uninstall AV if any installed and install TCS AV if it’s a 64 bit OS make sure you install 64bit AV setup

4) Install SQL 2008 full setup
  • For error free operation select startup account as local system account(full privilege)
  • Else u will get error like operation system error while attempt to attach DB.
  • In sql 2008 installation in server configuration give account name as NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEMfor local system account.
5) Create atleast two partition other than OS and install all programs other than OS partition.
  • To create a partition you must be logged in as administrator 
  • If there is only one partition(Say 500GB for C) and no unallocated space,u have to repartition it by shrinking volume of “C” and the procedure is as follows.
i)Run command, Type diskmgmt.msc , click ok
ii)Right Click on C partition, Click shrink volume
  • It will ask for unallocated space (Ex. Give 200 GB)
  • Now the C partition will be having only 300 GB+unallocated space and then u can create the partition from unallocated space
5) Add the PC to indiapost Domain
  • AD joining guidelines
  • Before joining AD, Authorise all emos, log out all users from Treasury, Speednet, emo modules for avoiding login error due to server name change.
1)First enable the administrator for local computer
Right Click on Computer /My computer -> Click on Manage -> Expand Local Users & Groups -> Click on Users -> Check Administrator Account (Built in account) -> Status should be Enabled& set the password, if not set.
2)If it is a server ,demote from AD.Remove AD and make it to workgroup
It is a PC,Unjoin from domain and make it to workgroup
3)Restart the PC and change the name as per naming procedure
Weg12345DT001 for pc,WEG12345SR001 for server WEG12345LT001 for laptop
4)Change the preferred DNS,
5)Now join to Indiapost Domain
Username : xxxxxxxx
Password : *********
6) In run command type “lusrmgr.msc” Click groups
  • Add India Post user e.g. 10059415(provided by TCS) to administrator group.
7)Change Server IP  address or Server Name in
i)Counter Database – Environment table
ii)Postman Database – Environment table
iii)POSPCC Database – Environment table
iv)config file in all modules,4 clients, Account mis
v)Point of sale supervisor, Change the treasury server name
vi)Treasury supervisor, Change the pos server name in environment
vii)Make all modules to run as administrator (for windows 7)

8) Run command “services.msc”
  • Start the service 'Distributed Transaction Coordinator' (MSDTC) with start up type as 'Automatic' and Log On As 'Network Service' 
9) Queries to be run for AD issues
i) POS booked articles not fetching in speednet module SQL 2005/2008.
Run two queries in following sequence
First query
a) sp_configure 'show advanced options',1
Second Query
b) sp_configure 'Ad Hoc Distributed Queries',1
Right click on server name in SQL management studio->facets-> surface area configuration.
Set true to Ad hoc remote queries.
ii)RPC query
execsp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc', @optvalue='true' exec sp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc out', @optvalue='true'
6) Attach all the DBs. Reset Registration to be done for eMO and ePayment client,if it was installed previously in server PC(old PC)

7) Make all the MM modules to run as administrator for all users.

8) Check whether ecounter linked server exists after attaching DB, if not,create by executing POSPCC_COD_14082014.exl from Speed Net 4.2

9) Install certificate from CEPT, Mysore for ePayment, eMO, RNet, EMS Communication and Accounts MIS Client.
10) Install Java ,Adobe /Foxit reader, MS Office, Printer settings

11) Configure Finacle settings, Java settings after logging onto India Post domain user.
12) Install Start Menu from IObit or Classic shell
Classic shell startmenu download link

13) Configure Backup plan in SQL server / SQL FTP software can be used for this purpose.Backup bat file line for taking backup of mdb files

For eg: XCOPYF:\server\*.* \\nodepc\backup /e /s /q /y

SQL backup software full version google drive link

Thanks to Shri. Gurusivam, SA Suramangalam HPO email : gurusivam88@gmail.com

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