Thursday, May 05, 2016


Adding NSC New (NSN) Product to SAS Agent in Finacle

At the time of issuing NSC certificates, we are facing an error, "The agent you Input has not linked with current scheme code. Please setup it proper"

To solve this problem, we have to modify the existing agent and add NSN product to agent.

Step by Step Procedure in Detail:

1. Invoke HDSAMM menu
2. Function - Modify
3. Enter DSA ID - Nothing but Agent id
4. Click on GO(F4)
5. A screen will be appeared as follows
6. Click on Product Tab
7. Click on Add Button
8. Click on Searcher beside Scheme Code
9. Select NSN81
10. After selection, a screen will be appeared as follows

11. Select Pay Commission - Yes
12. Subvention Reversal Credit Placeholder - 45089000
13. Next Commission Date - 31-12-2099
14. Payment Freq - D - Daily / Week / Day / Date / N - Next Day
15. Again Click on Add
16. Select NSN82
17. Repeat the same process
18. After Adding all scheme codes (NSN81/NSN82/NSN83/NSN84/NSN85), Click on SUBMIT(F10) 
19. Verify the same using same menu in supervisor login.

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