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Pay Commission guidelines may not be effective

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Bhuvan-IndiaPost - A Mobile App to geo-tag Post Offices

Bhuvan IndiaPost App is a user-friendly mobile application which enables to collect and report for geo-tagged of Post Office information on various parameters such as type of post office, name, services offered, delivery status, PIN-code and address.
This mobile app will provide a platform for controlled crowd sourcing to build spatial database on Bhuvan Geoplatform

Bhuvan Geoplatform URL for direct App download

  1. The App can be downloaded from the above URL and install the same in any version of Android mobile.
  2. The user is advised to ensure GPS is switched-on before opening the app.
  3. When the app is opened for the first time, the user has to fill his/her profile details. The details provided will be used only for the purpose to identify the source of data and will not be shared with anyone


"Profile" details to be entered are
  1. User ID (Any ID of your choice)
  2. Your Name with designation
  3. Your Mobile Number and
  4. Your Organisation and Place
After entering all the details, tap on "Save" and the app will take you to home page automatically.

Step by Step procedure for using the app

The main tasks in this app are

Collecting location information using GPS
Taking Photograph of the location(2-photos)
Adding additional information (Attributes) of the Post Office
Sending the collected information to Bhuvan IndiaPost server, either immediately or later

Step 1 – GPS Data Collection

  • Check for GPS accuracy notification on the top.
  • When the accuracy value is less than 10 m and stable (not fluctuating), tap the "GPS" icon to collect the location (Latitude and Longitude) details in the background.
  • A confirmation window pops-up with GPS accuracy.
  • Tap "OK" if the accuracy is acceptable, otherwise tap "Cancel" to cancel the collection of location data and wait for some more time to get better GPS accuracy.
  • Ensure that there is a clear sky view for receiving GPS satellite signals.

Step 2 – Photo Capturing

  • The app has provision to capture and upload two photographs of the location.
  • Tap the "Photo" icon to activate your mobile camera for taking photographs.
  • Capture first photograph of the post office from the road.
  • Tap on "Photo" icon again to take the second photograph.
  • The second photo must represent facilities inside the post office.
  • You can preview the photographs taken by tapping the "Preview" icon that appears below the "Photo" icon.
  • Provision to enter text about the photographs. Open Preview Close Preview

Step 3 – Feeding Attributes

  • The user is expected to upload additional information about the location by tapping "Attribute" icon.
  • The information such as post office, its name, services offered, delivery status, PIN-code and address, etc or any other related description about the post office can be uploaded using this option.

Step 4 – Saving & Sending Data

  • Once the user is satisfied with the information collected and ready for uploading the information to Bhuvan IndiaPost server,
  • User may tap the "Send" icon to upload all the information collected immediately.
  • User is advised to ensure that mobile data is switched-on before tapping the "Send" icon.
  • The User is advise to wait till for confirmation message appears "Data sent successfully".

Step – 5 (Misc – Instructions)

  • In case of non-availability of Internet connectivity, the user is advised to tap "Save" icon. This will store the information collected in the mobile itself.
  • Once the Internet connectivity is established, user may follow Step 6 to upload the data to Bhuvan IndiaPost server.
  • The Wi-Fi facility of Internet modem (like BSNL at home or office) can also be used to connect for internet facility in the mobile.

Step - 6 (Misc – Instructions)

  • In order to upload the saved data to Bhuvan IndiaPost server, user is advised to tap "Manage" icon.
  • Then tap "Send Later" icon. This will list the data collected and stored in the mobile.
  • Select the data that needs to be uploaded and then tap "Send" icon to upload the data to Bhuvan IndiaPost server.
  • Wait for confirmation message "Data sent successfully" appears once the upload is successful.
  • “Manage” Data
  • The app provides facility for the user to manage the data uploaded by the user.
  • User can view the sent data and also view any data that failed to upload.
  • This will enable user to upload the data again by tapping "Sent Failed" icon.
  • Users may note that there is provision to edit attribute value in "Send Later" and "Sent Failed" options.
  • User can also view or edit the profile information by tapping "Profile" icon.
  • To exit from the software, tap "Exit" icon.

'भुवन' बताएगा डाक सेवा का हाल

शहरी व ग्रामीण क्षेत्र के डाकघरों में प्रतिदिन होने वाले कार्यों की जानकारियां अब आमजन घर बैठे एप्स के माध्यम से ले सकेंगे। केन्द्र सरकार ने पूरे देश के डाकघरों को 'भुवन' पोर्टल सेवा से जोड़ा है। विभागीय स्तर पर इस योजना के लिए डाक घरों को अलग-अलग कोड नम्बर दिए गए हैं। 'भुवन' पोर्टल को डाक विभाग से करार के बाद इसरो (इण्डियन स्पेस रिसर्च ऑर्गेनाइजेशन) बैंगलूरू ने तैयार किया है।
जिले के 308 पोस्ट ऑफिस जुड़ेंगे

देश के एक लाख पचपन हजार शहरी और ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों के पोस्ट ऑफिस की सूचना को लोगों के लिए एप्स के माध्यम से नेट पर अपलोड करने की प्रक्रिया अन्तिम चरण में चल रही है। इसमें भरतपुर जिले के 308 पोस्ट ऑफिसों को जोडऩे का कार्य भी शामिल है।

टीम कर रही लोकेशन को कैद

सभी सूचनाएं नेट पर अपलोड करने के लिए डाकविभाग ने 26 दिसम्बर को एक टीम बनाकर जिले के सभी डाकघरों को इससे जोडऩे के लिए भेजी थी, जो डाकघर के फोटो के साथ वांछित डाटा संग्रहित करने के साथ जीपीएस लोकेशन चालू कर नेट पर डालने कार्य कर रही है। उम्मीद है कि गुरुवार को पोर्टल पर जिले के सभी डाकघर अपलोड कर दिए जाएंगे।

घर से डाकघर की दूरी बताएगा पोर्टल

विभाग के तकनीकी प्रबंधकर दीपक जैन ने बताया कि शुभम पोर्टल के जरिए कोई भी व्यक्ति स्वयं के लोकेशन से पोस्ट ऑफिस का सर्च कर अक्षांश और देशान्तर की स्थिति व स्वयं से डाकघर की दूरी और ऑफिस की जानकारी डाकघर के फोटो सहित प्राप्त कर सकता है।
-खुलने व बंद होने का चलेगा पता

इनका कहना है कि ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों के पोस्ट ऑफिस तीन-चार घंटे खुलने के बाद बंद कर दिए जाते हैं। ऐसी शिकायत मिलती हैं, लेकिन अब पोर्टल अपलोड होने से पोस्ट ऑफिस खुलने व बंद होने का समय पता होने के साथ सभी गतिविधियां इंगित होंगी। इससे पोस्ट ऑफिस से संबंधित किसी भी समस्या के लिए आमजन जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकेंगे।

'भुवन' पोर्टल से डाकघरों के खुलने-बंद होने का समय और कामकाज की गतिविधियों की जानकारी लोगों को रहेगी। वह समस्याओं का निस्तारण और अन्य जानकारियां घर बैठे ले सकेंगे।

केएम शर्मा, डाक अधीक्षक प्रधान डाकघर भरतपुर

Ningthounai village gets post office as New Year gift from India Post

Imphal, Dec 31 (UNI) Manipur postal department today presented advance New Year 2016 gift to Ningthounai, Yairipok by opening a new branch post office there.

Vinod Kumar, director (posts) Manipur, inaugurated the newly built post office by cutting ribbon.

He congratulated the villagers as their village got connected with more than 1, 54, 000 post, offices of India post which is the worlds largest network of post offices.

Countdown of 7th Pay Commission implementation begins, employees to get arrears bill from 01.01.2016

Countdown of 7th Pay Commission implementation begins, employees to get arrears bill from 01.01.2016

Countdown of 7th Pay Commission implementation begins, employees to get arrears bill from 01.01.2016, Please read this news paper report published in Hindi Daily:-

Suresh Prabhu asks Arun Jaitley to handhold railways through Pay Commission burden

Railways has sought a financial grant of about Rs 32,000 crore from Finance Ministry to tide over the the impending impact of 7th Pay Commission recommendations on the public transporter.

In a letter to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu cited the prevailing financial position of railways, efforts at cost cutting and possible gradual adjustment of fares and other non-tariff revenue measures to absorb the impact while requesting the exchequer's help for implementation of the Commission recommendations.

"I would therefore earnestly request you to help the Ministry of Railways and handhold it for the implementation of 7th CPC recommendations," the Railway Minister said in the letter.

"This may be done either through compensation of loss for coaching services (Rs 31,727 crore in 2013-14) or directly by virtue of a revenue grant, matching the amount of the 7th CPC's liability placed upon railways for the next 3-4 years," he said.

Prabhu hoped that during this 3-4 years period, railways would be able to absorb the impact from their resources through gradual adjustment of fares and other non-tariff revenue measures.

However, Railway Minister has expressed his reservation about increasing the freight rate in the given scenario contending that it would have a "deleterious impact" on national economy.

He said, "In order to maintain these expenses at the current proportion—at 51.5 per cent of the gross receipts, the railway revenues will need to grow substantially by 40 per cent in 2016-17 which is well nigh impossible given the fact that till October 2015 growth was only 8.4 per cent.

"The first factor of freight earnings originating loading is demand driven and is largely not within the control of railways. The second factor that is freight rates, though is within railways competence, there is hardly any headroom available for increasing the same without affecting railways competitiveness adversely."

He said, "Moreover, exercising this option will have a deleterious impact on the national economy as well as on critical sectors such as coal, cement, foodgrains."

According to the Pay Commission report, the annual financial impact on Railways will be approximately Rs 28,450 crore in addition to the normal growth which will require to be built into the Railway Budget 2016-17.

"Our initial assessment however is that this additional impact would be around Rs 30,031 cr over and above the normal assessed growth of Rs 10,816 cr," Railway Minister stated.

Prabhu has pointed out that the Railways bear 35.6 per cent of the total pay and allowances of the government which is more than 1/3rd of the Pay Commission's burden for serving staff would be borne by railways. "Further nearly 28 per cent of the pension impact of central government would be on the Railways," the letter sent last week said.

Currently, pay & allowances and pension account for 51.5 per cent of the gross receipts of railways. With the financial impact of the 7th CPC, this will increase to 68 per cent of the gross receipts in 2016-17 at present level of growth. Prabhu has also mentioned the details about the cost cutting measures in railways.

"While we have put in place serious cost cutting measures and are focusing on fuel management and lowering of staff intake, more than 2.3rd of the railway expenditure is inelastic - staff cost, pension, lease charges, maintenance of fixed assets." Prabhu has sent a detailed note along with the letter on the Railways financial position vis-a-vis impact of 7th CPC's recommendation.

Posting and allotment of PS Gr. 'B' officers on their promotion to Junior Time Scale (JTS) of Indian Postal Service, Group 'A' - Order dated 31.12.2015

To view, please CLICK HERE.

Tip to generate excel file for Pension upload to Finacle from Account PBS

  • You can generate excel file for Pension upload from Account PBS.
  • Log in as 'PA' in "Pension Payment" module of Account PBS Software. 

Tools->Reports->Other Reports 
  • Select " Transferred to SB" Tab 
  • Choose the pension types, option, pension month etc 
  • Click on File. Then click "OK" 

  • After clicking 'OK', a window will pop out showing the location of excel file containing the details required for HTTUM Tool. 
  • Go to the location, then we can see a csv file containing Pension details. Open the file and save the file as excel workbook. 
  • Don't forget to verify the number of records and the total amount in the excel file before using HTTUM tool. 
  • Use this file to generate text file using HTTUM Tool 

Information shared by,
Sooraj KS
Chalakudi HO

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Collection of SB Order 2015

SB Order 2015 at a glance: India Post

Collection of SB Orders released during the period of 2015. Totally 17 nos. of orders were released and given below for your kind reference.

Amendment of Rules regarding quoting of PAN for specified transactions to come into force from 01.01.16

Amendment of Rules regarding quoting of PAN for specified transactions to come into force from 1st January, 2016 

The Government is committed to curbing the circulation of black money and widening of tax base. To collect information of certain types of transactions from third parties in a non-intrusive manner, it is mandatory under Rule 114B of the Income-tax Rules to quote PAN where the transactions exceed a specified limit. In case of transactions of sale or purchase of goods and services, PAN will be required to be quoted, irrespective of the mode of payment if the transaction exceeds Rs. two lakhs. 

To bring a balance between burden of compliance on legitimate transactions and the need to capture information relating to transactions of higher value, the Government has amended Rule 114B to enhance the monetary limits of certain transactions which require quoting of PAN. 

The changes made to the Rules have been notified through S.O. No. 3545(E) dated 30th December, 2015. These changes will take effect from 1st January, 2016. 

The Notification is available on the website of the Department

Financial assistance to GDS affected by flood in Chennai - DOP Order

1.5 percent extra growth needed to grant wage hikes: Jaitley

वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशें लागू करने के लिये चाहिए अतिरिक्त वृद्धि

नयी दिल्ली, 30 दिसंबर, वित्त मंत्री अरुण जेटली ने आज कहा कि सातवें वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशों और वन रैंक वन पेंशन योजना को लागू करने के लिये देश की अर्थव्यवस्था को एक से डेढ़ प्रतिशत अतिरिक्त वृद्धि की जरूरत है और इसे वस्तु एवं सेवा कर (जीएसटी) से हासिल किया जा सकता है। श्री जेटली भारतीय मजदूर संघ (बीएमएस) द्वारा आयोजित अभिनंदन समारोह में बोल रहे थे। दत्तोपंत ठेंगड़ी भवन में श्री जेटली के अलावा बिजली मंत्री पीयूष गोयल और श्रम एवं रोजगार मंत्री बंदारू दत्तात्रेय का भी अभिनंदन किया गया। वित्त मंत्री ने कहा कि भारत 7.5% की वृद्धि दर से आगे बढ़ रहा है जबकि दुनिया में इस समय मंदी चल रही है। उन्होंने कहा कि सातवें वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशों को लागू करने से करीब एक लाख करोड़ रुपये का अतिरिक्त बोझ पड़ेगा। इसके अलावा पूर्व सैनिकों के लिये लागू की जाने वाली एक रैंक एक पेंशन का बोझ भी पड़ेगा। 

इस बोझ को वहन करने के लिए अर्थव्यवस्था में एक से डेढ़ प्रतिशत अतिरिक्त वृद्धि की जरूरत है। उन्होंने कहा कि जीएसटी को 2016 के मध्य तक लागू किया जा सकता है। श्री जेटली ने कहा कि राज्यसभा में कांग्रेस की ताकत धीरे-धीरे कमजोर हो रही है और इसका फायदा सरकार को मिलेगा। सरकार अगले साल के मध्य तक जीएसटी को लागू करने में कामयाब हो सकती है। सरकार 2016 की शुरुआत से ही जीएसटी लागू कराना चाहती थी, लेकिन कांग्रेस के विरोध के कारण यह राज्यसभा में लंबित है। राज्यसभा में भारतीय जनता पार्टी और राष्ट्रीय जनतांत्रिक गठबंधन की संख्या विपक्षी दलों के मुकाबले कम है। सरकार इस विधेयक के बजट सत्र के दूसरे हिस्से में राज्यसभा में पारित होने की उम्मीद कर रही है।

1.5 percent extra growth needed to grant wage hikes: Jaitley

The government is ready to have a dialogue with the trade unions on wage increases, but the country needs to grow by an extra 1-1.5 percent so that it can sustain wage hike and other benefits given to workers and the poor, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Wednesday.

"Our GDP growth of 7.5 percent is at a time when the world is experiencing global slowdown. We need to increase our growth rate. We have to at least increase it by 1-1.5 percent," he said at a felicitation function organised by the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh.

"In the coming year, there would be a burden of Rs 1.02 lakh crore of Seventh Pay Commission, OROP (one rank, one pension) burden is also there. That burden can be sustained only when there is increase in economic activity. Because of increased economic activity, government revenue and resources will go up," the finance minister said.

Noting that wages or bonus can only be increased when the government and private sector have the required resources, Jaitley said the minimum wages of labour should, at the least, be respectable and allow for inflation.

He asked the BJP-affiliated BMS to support the growth-oriented policies of the government, which will, in turn, take care of all their reasonable demands.

Read at: Business Standard

Happy New Year 2016

Make this day more awesome and ensure the happiness of the new year 2016. So that everyone can feel the happiness of the happy new year 

Second part of pay commission submitted to Kerala CM

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The 10th Pay Commission for Kerala government employees in its second part of the report has among other things suggested reducing holidays, casual leaves and introduction of a comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.

The second part of the report was submitted to chief minister Oommen Chandy by Commission Chairman Justice (Retired) CN Ramachandran Nair today.

The Pay Revision Commission had submitted the first part of its report on the pay, allowances, pension and allied matters of employees and pensioners in July last.

The second part contained recommendations on health package and health insurance scheme, steps to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability in Civil Service and make use of IT enabled Services.

The Commission suggested to reduce the total holidays from 25 to 15 and also casual leaves from 20 to 15. The commission wanted to ensure 285 working days in a year.

The Commission suggested that government vehicles should be limited to Heads of Department and driver's post should be made driver-cum-peon.

A health insurance scheme should be introduced for staff, the report said.

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For promotion, along with seniority, efficiency of staff also should be considered. Senior officers should assess the performance report of other staff every month, the Commission said.

Excess employees should be re-deployed to make use of them and should introduce Kerala Administrative Service System.

It wanted to close down uneconomic schools and end unethical practises in the Aided School Sector. It also recommended to scrap unwanted posts.

Chandy had stated in the assembly last month that the government would consider the Commission's recommendations after it received the second part as well.

He had also said that government would implement the recommendations by February next.