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Reminder to Directorate for issue of combined All India Seniority List of IPs from 2001 onward in phased manner

No. CHQ/IPASP/Seniority List/2012 Dated : 16/4/2016

Shri N. T. Paite,
Director (SPN Section), 
Dak Bhavan, Room No. 413,
Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110 001.

Subject : Issue of combined All India Seniority List (Gradation list) of Inspector of Posts from the year 2001…..reg.
Ref. : Dte. No. 9-09/2011-SPG dated 18/12/2014

Respected Sir, 

Kindly refer this Association’s letters of even Nos. dated 1/9/2014, 13/10/2014, 12/1/2015, 26/3/2015, 15/6/2015 and 29/122015 regarding issue of combined All India Seniority List (Gradation list) of Inspector Posts from the year 2001 onward.

Furthermore it is once again bring to your kind notice that as on date, 14 years combined seniority lists of Inspector Posts Cadre is not prepared and released by the Directorate. It is sorry to mention here that since last more than one year there is no progress in this matter. The representations made by our few members are also neither resolved by Circles nor by Directorate. It is learnt that now all circles have submitted their circle seniority lists to Directorate.

It is therefore urged to release the draft seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre in phased manner and get the views of the officers about its correctness/accuracy etc and then final copy of combined seniority lists may be published on India Post website for the information of the members.

A positive action and line in reply is requested. 
Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

All India Conference of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers to be held from 16th to 18th August 2016 at Chennai.


As per the decision of National Secretariat of Confederation the Diamond Jubilee year All India Conference of The Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, will be held on 16th,17th & 18th August 2016 at Chennai. Accordingly, the Formation of Reception committee meeting was held on 5-4-2016 in ITEF Room in Chennai. 

Leaders from all the Central Trade Union organisations participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided by the President Confederation Tamilnadu Com. J. Ramamurthy, welcomed by Com. S.Sundaramurthy, Treasurer and the General Secretary of the Confederation Tamilnadu Com.M. Duraipandian announced the Office Bearers of the Reception Committee and other committees.

As per the decision the Hon`ble Member of Parliament Com.T.K.Rangarajan will be the Chairman Reception committee. Nearly 15 Vice Chairman including Com.M.Shanmugam, General Secretary, LPF, all India president of HMS Com.C.A. Rajashridhar, Com.T.M. Murthy General Secretary, AITUC. State President of CITU, Com. A. Soundararajan, MLA, among others. Leaders from various other organisations including Com.R. Tamilselvi, TNGEA, Com.R. Elangovan, DREU, Com.Sendhi kumar, SBI Officers Association, Com. Shanmugam from BEFI, felicitated and extended support for the successful conduct of the conference.

Earliar the president of the Confederation Com.KKN. Kutty and Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General addressed the meeting. All India Women’s Convention of Confederation will also be organized along with the All India Conference. Tamilnadu State Conference of the Confederation will be held on 15th August, 2016 in the same Venue.

In the Reception Committee, under the Chairman Reception Committee Com.T.K.Rangarajan, alongwith 15 Vice Chairman Com. M. Duraipandian will be the General Secretary Reception committee and Com.S.Sundaramurthy, will be Treasure Reception Committee. Nearly 25 General Secretaries from the other affiliates of the organisations will be the Assistant Secretaries for the various sub committees of the Reception Committee for the successful conduct of the Conference. The meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks offered by Com.M.S. Vengatesan, General Secretary of ITEF Tamilnadu Circle.

Secretary General

5 Easy Steps To Open Any Account In Less Than 30 Seconds

You guys might have observed account opening forms have so many fields. And many of them are unknown to us. For example does any one know what is meant by Account Pegged field? But it will be there in every account opening screen.

Then how can you fill up such huge and ugly forms in less than 30 seconds? The answer for this question is you need not fill up all the fields in the account opening form in Finacle. Yes its true. Only a few form fields are to be filled up in any account opening screen. Let us see which fields are required and which fields are not required.
Pay close attention now. Only fields related to the following are required in any account opening.
1. Mode of Operation
2. If Mode of Operation is Joint A/Joint B/Minor through Guardian, then enter Related Party details or Guardian Details in Related party details 2.
3. Details about the deposit amount and mode of deposit.(Not required for SB, PPF and SSA accounts)
4. Nomination details if any.
5. Choose Account Document received as NO.
If you can remember these 5 points now and try applying these steps in the counter you will start believing that we are correct.

Lets see each point in detail so that you can remember these points well.

1. Mode of Operation : Mode of operation means whether the account is single, Joint A, Joint B or minor account operated by guardian.
We have to choose a mode of operation code by clicking the searcher every time we open a new account in Finacle.
Stop! Don't click the searcher. Remember the below codes for each mode of operation and enter them directly
012 - Single/Self
016 - Joint A
017 - Joint B
018 - Minor account operated by self (Only for RD accounts, minors above 10 years can operate themselves)
019 - Minor account operated by Guardian
020 - Lunatic account operated by Guardian ( Lunatics are those people whose mental growth is less - Sorry I couldn't find better words to easily explain the term Lunatic to you.)
Try to remember these codes from now. Do not use searcher while entering Mode of operation.

2. In finacle depositors are called as Related Parties. 1st depositor is called as Related party 1 and second depositor is called as Related Party 2 and so on. So if mode of deposit is Joint A/Joint B or Minor account, then we have to enter the details of second depositor/Guardian in Related Party Details 2 section. Just enter the cif id of the second deposit/guardian and choose appropriate relation ( Joint holder for Joint A/ Joint B or Authorized signatory for Guardian). 

If the account is a single account you can skip this step. You can also skip this step in PPF/SSA account openings.

3. For accounts of RD, MIS, TD, SCSS and certificates we have to give deposit details and mode of deposit while opening of account itself. Deposit details means the amount of principle or monthly installment in case of RD. Mode of deposit means whether the customer is paying the amount by cash or POSB Cheque or bank cheque.

Just enter the deposit amount and deposit details related entries.

You can skip this step for SB, PPF and SSA accounts. For these accounts first deposit transaction is done after opening of account only.

4. Finally we have to enter the nomination details. If you have cif id of the nominee enter it in cif id field of nominee. Otherwise enter the name, address and postal code (pin code). 

While entering nominee relationship try to remember the codes of common relations. I'll give you some common codes below try to remember them
001 - father
004 - mother
005 - son
006 - daughter
017 - wife
018 - husband
5. When finacle was first introduced, we used to send all account documents to CPC for scanning. All account document mean account opening form, id proof copy of the customer, address proof copy of the customer etc. CPC people used to scan all those documents. 

But now CPC people are not scanning all these documents. Only KYC form is being scanned at CPC.

At that time when CPC people used to scan all the documents, counter PAs had to enter all the details of the documents which they had to send to CPC.

Now since we are not sending anything to CPC entering all account document details is useless. Please note that we have to enter all the document details while opening/modification of the CIF.

So just select account documents received as NO while opening of any new account. 

So these are the 5 details which we have to give while opening of any new account.

What about agent details? You may ask me. Yes I'm coming to that part only. Agent details will come only for RD, MIS, TD and Certificates. So one extra step while opening those accounts. And not all accounts are opened through agents isn't it ;-) . 

Encourage agents to write their agent ID on all application forms. So that you need not click on the searcher to search for the agent Id. Directly enter the agent id as written by the agent. Even agent accounts can be opened within 30 seconds.

All this comes from practice. You may feel a little difficulty in the beginning. But just follow our tips and tricks and finish your work quickly.
Thanks to