Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rural post offices are opting to Solar Panels for uninterrupted power supply to improve their customer services

To cope up with the erratic electricity supply in remote areas of sprawling Raipur revenue division, some of the rural post offices are opting to Solar Panels for uninterrupted power supply to improve their customer services. Though the process is at the initial phase.

“We have received budget for some of our village based post offices and aim to begin the functioning of such post offices with solar lights as well by this year. The decision was taken in the previous financial year,” said HN Sharma, the Assistant Superintendent of Post Offices (Tour) Raipur Division.

The Postal Department is yet to pick up a permanent agency or company for the supply of these solar panels. “We cannot claim the availability of this renewable source in all the 542 rural post offices under our division in future. It depends on the budget allotted by the centre in coming up months ” added the Assistant Superintendent.

Besides, providing additional light facilities to the village post offices, the Postal Department is also looking ahead of commencing Core Banking Solution (CBS) in the rural post offices with better internet and computer connectivity.

“Like solar panels, the CBS in rural post offices will be carried out in phases. Probably, by this year, we would be in a position to begin CBS in rural areas,” said Sharma.

Following the CBS functioning in large number of urban as well as rural post offices, India Post may install ATM for the convenience of its customers in future, informed sources.

Notably, the post offices of Raipur, Gariaband, Mahasamund, Dhamtari and Balodabazaar-Bhatapara districts are covered under the Office of the Superintendent RMS, RP Division, Raipur.

Is it true that BSNL is going to provide 20 GB 3G internet service for Rs.50?

Is it true that BSNL is going to provide 20 GB 3G internet service for Rs.50?

  • BSNL, India’s biggest telecommunication company, made headlines when news surfaced that it is going to introduce 20 GB 3G internet service for as low as Rs.50.
  • For the past two days, this has been one of the hottest topics of discussion and much searched-for phrase on the internet.

So, how true is this news?

  • Despite our best efforts, there is no clarity on this issue. There has been no circular or advertisement either from the government or from the BSNL regarding this.
  • It is not just the internet, but the social media too that is discussing this news. Here is a summary of the news item:
“In order to provide superfast browsing experience to smartphone users, telecom service providers are now providing 3G and 4G internet services. Meanwhile, news has surfaced that BSNL is planning to offer 20 GB 3G internet for as low as Rs.50. BSNL is going to provide the 3g services at such rock-bottom prices as part of the Prime Minister’s Digital India initiative to make the internet accessible to all. The scheme will be launched with government subsidiary. The service can be used by just one person or be shared among four.
In the rural areas, one person in the family can obtain this service and share it with four others. According to information, the BSNL Allahabad General Manager, Ram Shubh Yadav had announced that those interested in availing this service should register themselves at the BSNL Selfcare website. The announcement or the news has not yet been confirmed or verified by the BSNL authorities.
Currently, leading mobile telecom companies charge anything between Rs.160 to Rs.250 per GB of 3G internet. If BSNL provides 20 times the GB in less than one-fourth the cost, it will tremendously increase the company’s user base. At the same time, it also raises questions if such a move will be valid according to TRAI regulations.”

Regarding Finacle Online Training from POUpdates

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