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PMO is very eager for early implementation of 7th pay commission report

PMO is very eager for early implementation of 7th pay commission report

PMO is very eager for early implementation of 7th pay commission report, Please read this news paper report published in English daily:-

Menu for SSA deposit changed from CTM to CPDTM in DOP Finacle

  • Please find the following information in case of SSA deposits.
  • When we accept the SSA deposit the system is showing the error " Error Message(s): Error - Scheme code of A/C ID is not allow to do transaction in Transaction QDE".

Solution for the above Problem:-

  • A patch has been deployed to enter SSA deposits through CPDTM menu.
  • Use the menu CPDTM for accepting the deposits in DOP Finacle 
CTM / CXFER menu cannot be used for SSA Account deposits henceforth. 
SSA penalty collection will be possible through CPDTM similar to PPF accounts. This will be calculated on completion of SSA year-end batch execution only.

Interest Rate for General Provident Fund – Finmin Orders


Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Economic Affairs
(Budget Division)

New Delhi, Dated the 2nd June, 2016


It is announced for general information that during the year 2016-2017, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8.1% (Eight point one per cent) w.e.f. 1st April, 2016 to 30th June, 2016. This rate will be in force w.e.f. 1st April, 2016. The funds concerned are:-

1. The General Provident Fund (Central Services)
2. The Contributory Provident Fund (India)
3. The All India Services Provident Fund
4. The State Railway Provident Fund
5. The General Provident Fund (Defence Services)
6. The Indian Ordnance Department Provident Fund
7. The Indian Ordnance Factories Workmen’s Provident Fund.
8. The Indian Naval Dockyard Workmen’s Provident Fund
9. The Defence Services Officers Provident Fund
10. The Armed Forces Personnel Provident Fund.

2. Ordered that the Resolution be published in Gazette of India.

(H.K. Srivastav)
Director (Budget)
Authority: www.finmin.nic.ina

Solution for MIS/TD/SCSS Interest not generated in DOP Finacle

Issue Reported : 

The interest is not generated for MIS/TD/SCSS account


The recommended sequence to be followed by the user:
1. Check the next interest run date using HAINTINQ

2. If the next interest run date is less than current date, then
  • Check if there any pending modifications of the account by trying to cancel or verify the account.Check in HAFI menu for the latest modification on the accounts.
  • Cancel or verify the same and request DOP IT/CEPT team to run HACINT for this account
3. If the next interest run date is greater than current date, then
  • Check if the interest has run for the month already in HTDTRAN
  • If there is no record for the month, then
  1. Check the net interest credited for the account till date using HAITINQ
  2. Compare the above figure against the net interest expected till date (expected interest can be viewed in flow details tab of account modification menu or HTDINT)
  3. If the numbers match, then the expected interest amount has already been generated and hence no interest run happened

Regarding SSA Deposit in DOP Finacle

A patch has been deployed to enter SSA deposits through CPDTM menu. Please instruct all the SOLs accordingly.

CTM / CXFER menu cannot be used for SSA Account deposits henceforth. ​


Solution for No Records fetched while withdrawing MIS/TD/SCSS interest amount in DOP Finalce

Issue Reported: 

Unable to pay MIS/TD/SCSS interest amount from Sundry Account.


The recommended sequence to be followed by the user:
1. Check the interest amount generated and interest already paid using HTM :
HTM --> Add --> C/NP --> Sundry account as Account Id --> any amount --> Click on Additional part tran details --> Go
Give no values to Start and End amounts, and no values to Start and End Date -->Filter as Select-->Ref No as MIS Account Number--> Submit
 interest generated amount will be displayed under 'Tran. Amt.' and interest paid to the customer will be displayed under 'Reversed Amt.'
  • If a generated interest has already been paid to the customer, that reversal transaction can be viewed by clicking on the icon under 'Contra Tran Details' :
  • The 'Contra Part Transactions List' window gives the transaction details. By Clicking on the icon under the first Column, further details of the reversal transaction can be obtained:

2. If the interest amount generated is not reversed, then the user may payout the generated interest amount

Verification of Transactions in CBS Post Offices - An important order from Director (CBS)

Verification of Transactions in CBS Post Offices

I am directed to inform that it has been observed by Infosys Team from the back end that Supervisors of CBS Post Offices are not verifying transactions on regular basis which is resulting in pilling up of transactions for verification at the closing hours. This is also resulting in delay is starting and completion of End of Day operations. 

It is requested that instructions may be issued to all CBS Post Offices that every Supervisor to regularly verify transactions and should visit all Transaction Verification menus after every 30 minutes to see any pending transaction for verification. 

This should be strictly followed. 

Supervisors are also bound to verify all non financial modifications and it is observed that hundreds of such modifications are pending for verification. This is resulting in non picking up of such accounts by interest batches and customers are complaining that interest is not generated for his/her account. 

This should also be ensured that Supervisors should verify all non financial modifications and account opening regularly.

It is also observed that some post offices start BO transaction posting very late resulting in delay in starting of EOD. 

It is requested that transactions of BOs should be either completed by 4.30 PM or should be posted on the next day. 

With regards,

Sachin Kishore
Director (CBS)
Sansad Marg,
Dak Bhavan
From: Director (CBS) 
Sent: 03 June 2016 13:14

Haridwar saints warned the govt to stop commercialisation of Ganjajal, else they would move the Supreme Court

Haridwar/New Delhi: The Centre's initiative to get 'Gangajal' delivered at doorsteps by Indian Postal Services may receive a jolt after saints in this holy city on Wednesday passed a "censure motion" condemning the government for using e-commerce platform to sell the holy water.

They warned the government to stop commercialisation of Ganjajal, else they would move the Supreme Court (SC).

"This is Hindustan. Ganga is our mother and the soul of over 100 crores Indians. Selling mother is not just a sin, but a greatest sin. Ganga is our faith. We condemn the scheme launched by the government. If they don't stop it, we will move to the Supreme Court," Swami Achyutanand Teerth Ji Maharaj told ANI after their proceeding was over.

Meanwhile, senior BJP leader and Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "If Gangajal from Haridwar and Rishikesh reaches to villages of the country, it's a good thing. It will benefit the rural areas. We are changing the face of the country through the postal department."

As per reports, the plan to provide the holy water has already been implemented by some of the e-commerce websites and for a litre bottle sourced from Gomukh, the place from where the river originates, the e-commerce company charges Rs 299.
Source :


Go Below to View Charter Demands of NJCA about Strike

Charter of Demands

1. Settle the issues raised by the NJCA on the recommendations of the 7 CPC sent to Cabinet Secretary vide letter dated 10th December 2015

2. Remove the injustice done in the assignment of pay scales to technical/safety categories etc. in Railways& Defence, different categories in other Central Govt establishments by the 7 CPC

3. Scrap the PFRDA Act and NPS and grant Pension/family Pension to all CG employees under CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 & Railways Pension Rules, 1993

4. i) No privatization, /outsourcing/contractorisation of governmental functions

ii) Treat GDS as Civil Servants and extend proportional benefit on pension and allowances to the GDS

5. No FDI in Railways & Defence; No corporatization of Defence Production Units and Postal Department.

6. Fill up all vacant posts in the government departments, lift the ban on creation of posts; Regularise the casual/contract workers

7. Remove ceiling on compassionate ground appointments

8. Extend the benefit of Bonus Act,1965 amendment on enhancement of payment ceiling to the adhoc Bonus/PLB of Central Government employees with effect from the Financial year 2014-15

9. Ensure Five promotions in the service career of an employee

10. Do not amend Labour Laws in the name of Labour Reforms which will take away the existing benefits to the workers

11. Revive JCM functioning at all levels

Mc-Camish Service Tax Splitter

Since, there is no provision in Mc-Camish for the Head-wise separation of Service Tax (ST + SBC + KKC) Service Tax Splitter has been created in Excel Sheet.

Enter the Total Service Tax collected in the relevant Cell and get the Head-wise abstract for easy and correct Accounting of S.O & B.O Service Tax Collection.

Thanks & Regards
S. Thiyagarajan SPM Kilaiyur 609304

Download McCamish Service Tax Calculator

India Post releases Amazon India stamp

India Post is one of Amazon India’s prime carriers as the e-commerce marketplace uses the extensive postal network to reach its customers.
The Rs.5 stamp was released to mark the third anniversary of Amazon India’s services in the country.

Mumbai: India Post on Friday released a Rs.5 stamp to mark the third anniversary of Amazon India’s services in the country. Called My Stamp, it shows a delivery boy with a carton labelled Amazon.

Amazon India, which launched its services in India in June 2013, serves customers in over 19,000 pin codes through a network of 155,000 post offices.

“The department of post has released ‘My Stamp’ for the first time to commemorate a milestone with an e-commerce marketplace. The launch reinforces the Amazon-India Post relationship. We would like to say that it is a step towards the fulfilment of the aspirations of the people in rural India,” said Usha Chandrashekar, chief postmaster general, Karnataka circle.

India Post is one of Amazon India’s prime carriers. The marketplace uses the extensive postal network to reach its customers.

“Over the last three years, we have relentlessly focused on providing customers with massive selection, fast and reliable delivery, and a trustworthy shopping experience. India Post has been a valuable partner to us and we look forward to our continued association as we endeavour to transform the way India buys and sells,” said Amit Agarwal, vice-president and country manager, Amazon India.

Postal Department's Payments Bank to employ about 3.5 lakh people: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Prasad has asked Department of Posts to hasten process of setting up all 650 payments bank branches by September 2017.
Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Thursday asked Department of Posts to hasten process of setting up all 650 payments bank branches by September 2017.

"Minister (Prasad) today met Postal Services Board for India Post Payments Bank and asked them to expedite the process of setting up this entity by September 2017 as desired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There will be about 3.5 lakh employees who are being trained in phases," an official source told PTI.

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday cleared proposal to set up India Post Payments Bank with a corpus of Rs 800 crore and has plans to have 650 branches operational by September 2017. It will be expanded further scaled up to cover the entire country by the end of financial year 2018-19.

Earlier, the Department of Posts (DoP) had to set-up 650 IPPB branches in three years.

With advancement of target, DoP will set up 50 branches by March, 125 by April, 200 in May, 300 in June, 400 in July, 525 in August and 650 by September.

"The Minister (Prasad) will hold review meetings every fortnight," the source said.
Initially most of the 3.5 lakh workforce will be posted on deputation who will be gradually replaced by fresh recruits.
Prasad has asked postal department to hire MD and CEO of the IPPB by August and set up selection committee for hiring Chief Financial Officer by June 15.
The minister has also advance dates for giving handheld devices to 1.3 lakh grameen dak sevaks.
"He has asked the Department of Posts to start rolling out handheld devices in from June 15 and finish the process by in next 3-4 months," the source said.

The IPPB will be managed professionally and most of its A grade employees will be hired from market. The IPPB board will have representation from various other government departments including the Department of Posts, Department of Expenditure, Department of Economic Services etc.

Government has approved Rs 800 crore corpus for IPPB which will have Rs 400 crore equity and Rs 400 crore grant.

Pak group uses 7th Pay Commission related phishing emails to target Indian govt officials: FireEye

Days after Kaspersky claimed Indian government sites were compromised by a cyberespionage group, cybersecurity firm FireEye, Inc has claimed that a fake news website was used to sent spear phishing emails to Indian government officials as part of cyber attacks by a suspected Pakistan-based group.

“On May 18, 2016 the group registered a fake news website and sent spear phishing emails to Indian government officials. The emails referenced the Indian Government’s 7th Central Pay Commission, a topic of interest among officials,”a blog posted by the company claimed.

“There’s no silver bullet to fend off advanced cyber attacks. It’s critical for Indian organisations to bring together the technology, expertise and threat intelligence necessary to quickly detect and respond to these attacks,” said Bryce Boland, Chief Technology Officer for Asia Pacific at FireEye.

The company claimed the emails were sent to government officials from, a fake news domain registered by the attackers. The emails has a malicious Microsoft Word document attached, requesting the recipient to open it.

FireEye said the attachment was designed to create a backdoor called the Breach Remote Administration Tool (BreachRAT)” and said it has not observed this malicious tool being used by these threat actors before. “It allows the attacks to download and run new programs, upload files from the victims’ systems to the attackers’ servers, and a variety of other functions.

The suspected Pakistan-based threat group has been active for several years, conducting suspected intelligence collection operations against South Asian political and military targets, claimed FireEye. “The group is the same that FireEye revealed in March 2016 to have conducted cyber attacks against Indian targets and Pakistani dissidents since 2013. They were observed using malicious documents hosted on websites about the Indian Army, instead of sending these documents directly as an email attachment,”the post claimed, adding that infrastructure used by the group is the same in both attacks.

Cadre Restructuring in Postal department Group ‘C’ : A.P Circle

Cadre Restructuring in Postal department Group ‘C’:- The postal Directorate issued orders on the Cadre resturcturing. As per the order the Distribution of Posts in A.P.Circle are :-

(Disclaimer: The information posted is may not be true. This is for sharing of information only. If any one feels to read difficulty simply out of this blog. This information has no validity.)

Total PA
Before cadre restructuring
287 2800
98 : 4200
G.Pay: 4600
After Cadre Restruturing
G.Pay: 2800
G.Pay: 4200
157 , 17 4600 /4800

Some Points are: 
  1. More number of LSG posts are attached to the circles.
  2. In this order nowhere said this posts should manage by MACP-I . As the posts are to be filled though LSG selection only. Circles exercise to prepare LSG lists and grant promotions. Right now in A.P circle Year 1988 (nearly) LSG promotion list is moving. If LSG promotions has given to the granted 1960 Posts almost all cross the Rs.2800/- and to work as SPMs in single/double handed offices.
  3. The posts of HSG-II are 635 and even if all LSG officials got promoted to HSG-II some more posts are vacant due to non availability of suitable service of official.
  4. Same as for HSG_I promotions.
  5. The order is silent about other issues of cadre restructuring cases for SAs in RMS, C.O , Accounts , Postman , especially Postmaster Cadre.
  6. Let from above total : (LSG) 1960+635+174=2769 carved out 1/3rdequals 923 Posts should have been allotted to Postmaster grade. Let a Circle with 38 divisions of each an average of 50 post offices. i.e circle with 1900 post offices . As per the above order no of Posts are granted 2769 rather than existing offices.
  7. The Transfers and Postings in LSG, HSGs are through Circles.
  8. Nowhere said in the order about MACPs manage these offices.
  9. Whom will get benefit is not clear through this restructuring. As seen from the above a few officials could get financial benefit.
  10. Many confusions are to be clarified .
Department Recent order on One Time Relaxation for Promotion to Postmaster Grade-II, GR-III.

In this order Some ambiguity is there:-

Promotion is granted to the officials who have completed 50% of required service for promotion. But this promotion is not treated as regular. Not told about to give adhoc promotion. But some circles are interpreted as adhoc promotion and issued orders for 11 months promotion. (after 11 months are they to revert?) . But the true spirit of the order is promotion is to be given and not treated as regular and on after completion of required service of 5 years (for PM gr-I) may be treated as regular.