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7th Pay Commission Pay hike needed more money: FM

7th Pay Commission Pay hike needed more money: FM

New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told lawmakers on Friday that he would need more money in the current fiscal year to cover the cost of 7th Pay Commission Pay hike for 10 million central government employees and pensioners.

The government will require “some enhancement” for spending on salaries and pensions in 2016-17 to absorb the off-cycle pay hikes announced in June on the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission.

The government faces a challenge to achieve its fiscal deficit target of 3.5 percent of GDP in the current fiscal year, but is “quite optimistic” of fully achieving the target of 3 percent in 2017/18, the finance ministry said in the Medium-Term Expenditure report tabled in parliament’s lower house.

Rating agencies such as Moody’s have said that the increase in wages would boost consumer demand, leading to inflationary pressures and making it difficult for the next governor of the Reserve Bank of India to achieve its inflation target.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has just confirmed a central inflation target of 4 percent, plus or minus 2 percentage points, that was agreed with departing governor Raghuram Rajan for the next five years.

Total federal spending on salaries and pensions is estimated to rise about 10 percent in the next fiscal year to 2.58 trillion rupees ($38.6 billion) compared with budget estimates for the current fiscal year.


Postal dept to work on Sunday for sending rakhis

MUMBAI: Sending rakhi to brothers will be more convenient this year as the Mumbai Postal Region has decided to arrange special delivery on August 14 (Sunday) to ensure rakhi mails reach people on time.
Saturday being semi-closed holiday, followed by Sunday and August 15, which is again holiday for Independence Day, entire Mumbai City, Thane/Navi Mumbai, and major post offices of Palghar and Raigad districts have decided to arrange special delivery on Sunday (August 14) in order to ensure that rakhi mail reaches to people well on time, assistant director, Mumbai Postal Region, V V Nayak, said in a statement today.
"All efforts are being made to ensure delivery of mail on the same day of receipt. Apart from normal mail, we are special mails like rakhi envelopes and there is an increase in the volume of e-commerce articles," he said.

Mumbai Postal Region has a strong network of delivery staff across Mumbai city and neighbouring Thane, Palghar and Raigad districts, and thus by making such initiative, it has paved the way for lakhs of its customers by delivering rakhees on time, he added.

NJCA Circular – Delay in setting High Level Committee

NJCA Circular – Delay in setting High Level Committee

No.NJC/2016/7th CPC August 1.2, 2016

All Constitutents of NJCA

Dear Comrades,

We have been receiving communication from various organizations as also from individual employees after the promulgation of the notification by the Government on 7th CPC recommendations. Most of these communications had been to express the anxiety and in some cases anger too over the delay in setting up the high level committee, assured by the Group of Minister to review the minimum wage and multiplication factor.

We have been pursuing the said issue on a day to day basis and we are fully appreciative of the apprehensions expressed in many of these letters. Since the decision making in the Government is a long procrastinated matter involving various levels and departments, such delays are not uncommon. But we have been informed as to why the assurances held out have not been translated into action.

We have also noted that in the absence of the JCM functioning especially at the Departmental levels of various Ministries, the department specific anomalies and demands are not being subjected to any meaningful negotiations with the respective organizations. We have addressed the Cabinet Secretary to hold a special discussion with us on this subject immediately. Copy of our letter is enclosed.

On 12th August, 2016, we have met the Secretary Pensions to convey our strong resentment over the decision to allow the Option No. 1 given to the pensioners to be implemented subject to feasibility. We have reiterated that while we are open to discussion as to the methodology of verification of the claims of individual petitions in respect of Option No.1, we would not be able to countenance of the non-implementation of the recommendation of the 7th CPC on the flimsy ground of non-availability of records.

The available NJCA members met today at Delhi to review the situation in the background of the feeling conveyed to us through letters from various organizations. We have after taking note of the anxiety expressed and the ongoing discussions with various authorities over the setting up of the high level committee to wait up to the end of this month before we embark upon any action for the setting upon of the said high level committee. The employees may be apprised of this decision through the requisite campaign programme.

in the meantime, we must endeavor to support the one day strike action slated for 2″d September, 20]6 for which the call has been given by the Central Trade Unions (including independent Federations) to the hest of the ability of the respective organizations as the objective of the strike is the betterment of the working people in our country.

7th CPC Anomalies

All the Constituents Organizations are requested to forward the various anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 7th CPC notification / CCS (RP) Rules 2016 to the Staff Side office with brief / illustration etc. within in 15 days from today so as to enable us to study and forward the same to the Anomaly committee for settlement.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra) Convener

Method of Calculation of disability where two types of IDs are involved

Method of Calculation of disability where two types of IDs are involved

No. 16(02)/2015-D(Pen/Pol)
Government of India Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

New Delhi, Dated 8th August 2016
The Chief of the Army Staff,
The Chief of the Naval Staff,
The Chief of the Air Staff,

Subject- Method of Calculation of disability where two types of IDs are involved.

It has been observed during perusal of RMB/IMB proceedings that some Armed Forces Personnel have sustained some disability under category ‘B’ & ‘C’ as well as battle casualty under category ‘D’ & ‘E’ of Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen- C) dated 31st January, 2001 and composite assessment is made for all the disabilities by the Medical Board.

 2. The composite assessment of disabilities may be equal to or less than the mathematical sum of percentage of disabilities. Since the calculation method of normal disability and war injury is different and assessment of disabilities including both i.e. normal disability and war injury are assessed as composite, therefore, in absence of clear directions/ guidelines, calculation of pension value for disabilities including both types of disabilities is not possible. It is also mentioned that rounding off benefit is presently given only in Invalidment cases attributable to or aggravated by military service and not in discharge cases.

3. Now, the issue has been analyzed in totality and the undersigned is directed to state that the methodology of calculation of pension values in cases where War Injury Element and Disability Element both exist may be carried out as follows. Firstly, the composite assessment for all accepted disabilities shall be derived. The higher element, i.e. War Injury Element (WIE) shall be deducted from the composite assessment and paid in full, irrespective of the percentage of assessment. The remainder shall be calculated as the normal Disability Element (DE). The minimum assessment criterion shall not be ‘applicable in such cases as the net assessment reckonable for WIE and DE together is more than 20%.

(a) Discharge Cases- Cases where Armed Forces Personnel are discharged from service on completion of prescribed terms of engagement, the higher element, i.e. the War Injury Element (WIE) Shall be deducted from the composite assessment and paid in full, irrespective of the percentage of assessment. The remainder shall be calculated as normal Disability Element (DE).

(b) Invalidment Cases- Cases where Armed Forces Personnel are invalided out on medical ground which is attributable to or aggravated by military service, the composite assessment and war injury element will be rounded off in terms of para 7.2 of GOL MOD letter No.1 (2)/97/D(Pen-C) dated 31.01.2001. Further, rounded percentage of War Injury Element (WIE) shall be deducted from the rounded percentage of composite assessment. The remainder shall be calculated as normal Disability Element (DE). The provisions of this letter shall take effect from the date of issue,

5. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Division of this Ministry vide their ID No 10(07)/2016/Fin/Pen dated 01/07/2016

6. Hindi version will follow,

Yours faithfully
( Manoj Sinha)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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Battle lines are drawn - Get ready for one-day strike on 02.09.2016 - Is the strike a necessary one - Com. Samal from Bhubaneswar

“Not necessary for going on strike. People will laugh at us. Please don't make such kind of drama and take decision according to grass root level comrades”. 

Are you shocked? - Because we are writing!

No need to be bewildered since this is one of many such anonymous comments apart from series of telephone calls, SMS etc we are receiving soon after deferment of the proposed Indefinite strike scheduled to be organized from 11th July, 2016 under the banner of National Joint Council of Action comprising Railway Federations, Defence Federations and Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers including National Federation of Postal Employees and Federation of National Postal Organizations. But we do feel that without going deep to the background story for deferring the indefinite strike, Mr. Anonymous has passed such a comment. We have the bitter experience that the some employees who only look after their own benefits and who don’t have any business with the mass interest do wait for such a situation to blame the leadership.

How can one so simply tell the well-organized struggle programme of 47 lakh Central Govt. Employees supported with 52 lakh C G pensioners by the biggest platform formed so far in the name of NJCA a drama? Why people will laugh at us? Are the Central Govt. Employees struggling for their own benefits only? Everybody should understand that the basic demand for enhancing the minimum wage will greatly benefit the state Govt. Employees and workers of the unorganized sector at large in a later stage.

We don’t respond to anonymous comments. But since most of our comrades are simple, honest and trustworthy, apprehending that such negative remarks/forces may demotivate our bonafide members and go against the interest of the mass, we prefer to justify our stand for the forthcoming one day strike on 2ndSeptember, 2016.

Background of deferring the Indefinite Strike :

As has been severally written and published, in spite of several round of country wide agitational programmes conducted by NJCA including massive Parliament March, the NDA Government did not respond to negotiate the demands with the staff side, but declared unilateral implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC without any modifications through a cabinet decision on 29th June, 2016. But due to the resentment, anger and protest of the entire Central Government employees, the Hon’ble Prime Minister directed three Cabinet Ministers including Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitly and Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu to hold discussion with the NJCA leaders on 30th June 2016. Major demands in the Charter of demands were discussed with particular reference to Improvement in Minimum wage and fitment formula. Issues relating to parity in pension was also discussed. Finally the Ministers assured that a high level committee will be appointed to consider the issues raised by the NJCA.

As no written minutes or communications were received from the Government regarding the 30th June discussion and assurances, the NJCA decided to go ahead with the strike. Country wide demonstrations were held daily in front of all offices and at all important centres. In Bhubaneswar Division, we conducted as many as 20 exclusive workplace demonstrations against the unilateral cabinet decision and greatly motivated the rank and file to bring a thundering success to the proposed Indefinite strike. We know the hard work we performed in this regard in obedience to the instructions of NJCA.

On 6th July 2016 when the NJCA meeting was in progress, Hon’ble Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh again invited the NCA Leaders for discussion. The Minister reiterated the earlier assurances and told that Finance Minister will issue a press statement making the Government stand clear on the demands. Accordingly, the Government issued a press statement on 6th July 2016 stating that the Ministers assured the Union leaders for considering the issues by a High Level Committee.

As many as 17 leaders from all Federations / Confederations did participate in the discussion with the group of Ministers and there was no time to obtain opinion from the grass root level to take a decision. It was 6th July and we had to go for the Indefinite Strike from 11th July. Still some employees are of the opinion that we would have got a better settlement if NJCA has gone ahead with the indefinite strike.

Confederation has clearly clarified the situation as follows.

“All of us are aware that NJCA is not a monolithic, composite organization. It is a united forum of independent organisations. Each Federation has its own identity and individuality and take decision as per the direction of the managing bodies of each organization. Hence different views may emerge in the NJCA, but final decision is taken by consensus. If each organization sticks to its own stand and others to follow it, there is no question of consensus and NJCA will not exist”.

While Com. M Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers reiterated the above fact, Com. Shiva Gopal Misra, Convenor, NJCA made it clear in the circular dated 7th July 2016 as follows: -

“Though there is positive assurance from the Govt. of India, but all of you will not take rest and assume counselling the cadre and ground staff that they should remain in full preparedness, because if there will not be satisfactory outcome, we will be having no alternative except to agitate the issues again.”

Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra has already written on 26.07.2016 to Hon’ble Finance Minister and Home Minister to expedit action for setting up of proposed High Level Committee to review Minimum Wage and Fitment Multiplication Factor as was promised on 30.06.2016 meeting which paved the way for defferment of the proposed Indefinite Strike from 11.07.2016. The so called High Level Committee has not yet been constituted.

Central Govt. Employees are the worst sufferers:

As you know, after rejection of all our demands relating to minimum wage, fitment formula / factor, Annual Increment, Promotion etc. by the 7th Pay Commission including withdrawal of advances and allowances, the NJCA’s call for going on Indefinite Strike from 11.07.2016 was deferred on the circumstances narrated above. All our efforts to convince the Govt. for bringing suitable modifications in the recommendations of the 7th CPC are being delayed in the name of further examination by constituting of several committees, viz. Committee for allowances, Committee for anomalies and Committee for minimum wage and fitment formula. When such committees are yet to be formed / give their report, most unfortunately, the Govt. hurriedly issued Gazette Notification on 29.07.2016 along with CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 for implementation of the recommendations of the 7th CPC on the basis of Cabinet Decision dated 29.06.2016 and now we are expecting the arrears and pay the revised scale during August, 2016.

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Employment News : 13rd Aug to 19th - August 2016

Employment News : 13rd Aug  to  19th  - August 2016


Name Of Post : Assistant Directors, Senior Scientific Officers, Assistant Engineers, Senior Lecturers, Specialists Grade III (Medicine),etc
No.of Vacancies : 146
Last Date :01.09.2016
Name Of Post : Medical Officer, Operator-cum-Technician, Mining Foremen, Mining Mate, Junior Assistant, Paramedical Staff, etc
No.of Vacancies : 195
Last Date :31.08.2016
Name Of Post : Tradesman (Semi Skilled & Labour)
No.of Vacancies : 138
Last Date :Last Date for Receipt of Application is 21 Days from the Date of
Name Of Post : Finance Executive, Safety Officer, Mines Surveyor, Medical Specialist etc
No.of Vacancies : 94
Last Date :07.09.2016
Name Of Post : Non-Teaching and School Teaching Various Posts
No.of Vacancies : 290
Last Date :19.08.2016
Name Of Post : Gen. Officers MMGS-III-II, Security Officer’s, Clerks
No.of Vacancies : 1315
Last Date :06.09.2016
Name Of Post : Junior Assistant (Fire Service)
No.of Vacancies : 106
Last Date :05.09.2016
Name Of Post : Scientist/Engineers, Junior Producer, Social research Assistant, Programme Assistant, Tech. Assistant, and Various Posts
No.of Vacancies : 249
Last Date :29.08.2016
Name Of Post : PGT Urdu, TGT English, TGT Maths, Asstt. Teacher, etc
No.of Vacancies : 21
Last Date :27.08.2016

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