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AICPIN for September 2016 – Expected DA from Jan 2017

  1. AICPIN for September 2016 – Expected DA from Jan 2017
  2. All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for the month of Sep, 2016 released.
The Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers Base Year 2001=100 for the month of September 2016 has been released by the Labour Bureau today through its official web portal. The index decreased by one point and stands at 277.

Directorate called for meeting with staff side to discuss on Allowances again

5th Meeting of committee on Allowances constituted to examine the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission regarding allowances


Release of Commemorative Postage Stamp on 'National Unity Day'

Commemorative Postage Stamp on 'National Unity Day' of denomination of Rs. 10/- released on the occasion of birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel released on 31/10/2016 at New Delhi. 

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) was introduced by the Government of India and inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. The intent is to pay tribute to Vallabhbhai Patel, who was instrumental in keeping India united. It is to be celebrated on 31 October every year as annual commemoration of the birthday of the Iron Man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, one of the founding leaders of Republic of India. The official statement for Rashtriya Ekta Diwas by the Home Ministry of India cites that the National Unity Day “will provide an opportunity to re-affirm the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity and security of our country.”

National Unity Day celebrates the birthday of Patel because, during his term as Home Minister of India, he is credited for the integration of over 550 independent princely states into India from 1947-49 by Independence Act (1947). He is known as the “Bismarck of India”.

The celebration is complemented with the speech of Prime Minister of India followed by the "Run for Unity".

The theme for 2016 celebrations was "Integration of India".

Promotion and posting in the Higher Administrative Grade plus of Indian postal Service, Group 'A'.

Promotion and posting in the Higher Administrative Grade plus of Indian postal Service, Group 'A'.

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IPPB to Increase the Business of POSB indirectly

IPPB to Increase the Business of POSB indirectly

The India Post Payments Bank is working on striking synergies with the Post Office Savings Bank of the Department of Posts to ensure that its customers don’t look elsewhere for parking deposits exceeding ₹1 lakh.

In view of the regulatory restriction that a payments bank can hold a maximum balance of ₹1lakh per individual customer, the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) is planning to create a mechanism whereby balances over this limit get automatically transferred to the Post Office Savings Bank (POSB). In this regard, the IPPB is closely examining a clause in the Reserve Bank of India’s payments bank guidelines whereby it can accept a large pool of money to be remitted to a number of accounts provided at the end of the day the balance does not exceed ₹1 lakh.

The IPPB and the POSB apparently want to make sure that as far as possible the customer’s money stays within the government-owned postal system. So, a customer opening a savings bank account with IPPB will be given the option to also open a linked POSB account. The IPPB has been set up under the Department of Posts (DoP) as a public limited company wholly owned by the government of India. The DoP received ‘in-principle’ RBI approval to set up payments bank in August 2015.

The POSB currently offers investment options, including savings bank account, recurring deposit account, time deposit, monthly income scheme, senior citizens savings scheme, and public provident fund, to small investors. These services are offered as an agency service for the Finance Ministry.

As per RBI guidelines, payments banks can accept demand deposits — current deposits and savings bank deposits from individuals, small businesses and other entities. They can neither accept fixed deposits and NRI deposits nor can they give loans.

The primary objective of a payment banks is to further the cause of financial inclusion by providing small savings accounts and payments/remittance services to migrant labour workforce, low-income households, small businesses, other unorganised sector entities and other users.

Among the reasons cited by banking industry experts for mainstream banks to pick up stakes in entities having ‘in-principle’ RBI approval to start payments banks are to provide their banking expertise, the opportunity to tap deposits exceeding ₹1 lakh, and cross-selling loans.

For example, Reliance Industries and State Bank of India have signed an agreement to set up a payments bank with equity contribution of 70 per cent and 30 per cent, respectively. Kotak Mahindra Bank has acquired 19.90 per cent stake in Airtel Payments Bank.

Revised Application Proforma for Centrally Sponsored Scheme on improving Transparency and Accountability in Govt. through effective implementation of RTI Act

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SSC Answer Key for Combined Graduate Level Re - examination (Tier-I), 2016

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has published Answer Key for Combined Graduate Level Re- examination (Tier-I), 2016, Check below for more details.

Combined Graduate Level Re-examination (Tier-I),2016 held on 27.10.2016 Uploading of answer key
The Commission had conducted Re-examination of CGLE(T-I), 2016 for one shift, i.e. the Second Shift (Batch II) (4.15 pm to 5.30 p.m.) of 27.08.2016 on 27.10.2016 at various centres.

The answer keys for the said Re-examination have been uploaded on the website of the Commission: www.ssc.nic.in. The candidates may login using their same User Id and Password which were used during the Examination and submit representations, if any, between 5.00 pm on 28.10.2016 and 5.00 P.M. on 31.10.2016 through on-line method only on payment of Rs.100/- per answer. Representation received after the due date will not be entertained under any circumstances.

Answer key : Click Here

2% DA Calculation for Pay Scale 5200 to 20200: 7th Pay Commission

Want to calculate DA for your current pay scale as per 7th pay commission? Then given below table entitled 2% DA Calculation for Pay Scale 5200 to 20200: 7th Pay Commission will show 2% DA calculation after DA hike announced by central government recently. This DA is affected from 01 July 2016. So you have to calculate your revised salary as per 7th CPC with two percentage DA hike from July 2016. This calculation is given in below table.
2% DA Calculation for Pay Scale 5200 to 20200: 7th Pay Commission
Pay Matrix DA Calculation Table for Level 1 to 5, With Effect From 01-07-2016

Level – 1 (1800GP) Level – 2 (1900GP) Level – 3 (2000GP) Level – 4 (2400GP) Level – 5 (2800GP)
Basic Pay 2% DA Basic Pay 2% DA Basic Pay 2% DA Basic Pay 2% DA Basic Pay 2% DA
1 18000 360 19900 398 21700 434 25500 510 29200 584
2 18500 370 20500 410 22400 448 26300 526 30100 602
3 19100 382 21100 422 23100 462 27100 542 31000 620
4 19700 394 21700 434 23800 476 27900 558 31900 638
5 20300 406 22400 448 24500 490 28700 574 32900 658
6 20900 418 23100 462 25200 504 29600 592 33900 678
7 21500 430 23800 476 26000 520 30500 610 34900 698
8 22100 442 24500 490 26800 536 31400 628 35900 718
9 22800 456 25200 504 27600 552 32300 646 37000 740
10 23500 470 26000 520 28400 568 33300 666 38100 762
11 24200 484 26800 536 29300 586 34300 686 39200 784
12 24900 498 27600 552 30200 604 35300 706 40400 808
13 25600 512 28400 568 31100 622 36400 728 41600 832
14 26400 528 29300 586 32000 640 37500 750 42800 856
15 27200 544 30200 604 33000 660 38600 772 44100 882
16 28000 560 31100 622 34000 680 39800 796 45400 908
17 28800 576 32000 640 35000 700 41000 820 46800 936
18 29700 594 33000 660 36100 722 42200 844 48200 964
19 30600 612 34000 680 37200 744 43500 870 49600 992
20 31500 630 35000 700 38300 766 44800 896 51100 1022
21 32400 648 36100 722 39400 788 46100 922 52600 1052
22 33400 668 37200 744 40600 812 47500 950 54200 1084
23 34400 688 38300 766 41800 836 48900 978 55800 1116
24 35400 708 39400 788 43100 862 50400 1008 57500 1150
25 36500 730 40600 812 44400 888 51900 1038 59200 1184
26 37600 752 41800 836 45700 914 53500 1070 61000 1220
27 38700 774 43100 862 47100 942 55100 1102 62800 1256
28 39900 798 44400 888 48500 970 56800 1136 64700 1294
29 41100 822 45700 914 50000 1000 58500 1170 66600 1332
30 42300 846 47100 942 51500 1030 60300 1206 68600 1372
31 43600 872 48500 970 53000 1060 62100 1242 70700 1414
32 44900 898 50000 1000 54600 1092 64000 1280 72800 1456
33 46200 924 51500 1030 56200 1124 65900 1318 75000 1500
34 47600 952 53000 1060 57900 1158 67900 1358 77300 1546
35 49000 980 54600 1092 59600 1192 69900 1398 79600 1592
36 50500 1010 56200 1124 61400 1228 72000 1440 82000 1640
37 52000 1040 57900 1158 63200 1264 74200 1484 84500 1690
38 53600 1072 59600 1192 65100 1302 76400 1528 87000 1740
39 55200 1104 61400 1228 67100 1342 78700 1574 89600 1792
40 56900 1138 63200 1264 69100 1382 81100 1622 92300 1846
Before implementation of seventh pay commission, 6% DA hike is given by central government and DA reaches 125% of your basic salary. But at the time of implementation of 7th pay commission, panel of 7th pay commission has merged DA with basic pay and make pay matrix table with fitment factor 2.57. You have to multiply 2.57 in to your basic salary as on December 2015. After multiplication of Fitment factor your new initial salary as per 7th pay commission is calculated.
Example 1: As shown in table, if your pay scale is Rs. 5200 to Rs. 20200 and Grade Pay is Rs. 1800 and your basic as per 7th CPC is Rs. 18000 then your 2% DA will be Rs. 360.
Example 2: If your basic / initial pay scale is 29200 as per 7th CPC, then 2% DA will be Rs. 584.As per example you can check your 2% DA Calculation for Pay Scale 5200 to 20200 with different grade pay.

More About DA in 7th Pay Commission: As per formula and suggestion of panel headed by justice A K Mathur government increases DA on the bases of 12 month average of retail inflation. 12-month average of Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016, works out to be 2.92%. So Unions of central government employee want that DA should be increased by 3% not 2%. They demand 3% hike in DA. But government has approved only 2% increment in this allowances.

7th Pay Commission: No Scope To Change In Minimum Pay, Allowances

New Delhi: Finance Ministry sources today said on condition of anonymity, there is no scope to change in minimum pay and allowances, which were recommended by the 7th Pay Commission.

“The minimum pay of central government employees Rs 18,000 was made on recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. But government will consider hiking it after discussions with all stakeholders,” Finance minister Arun Jaitley had earlier said in a meeting.

The sources came up with the remark while talking to us about hiking of pay scales and allowances of all central government employees and officials by the National Anomaly Committee and the Committee on allowances than the 7th Pay Commission recommendations.
Those who will hope over these issues will gain nothing but no change on 7th Pay Commission recommendations of pay scales and allowances are very much possible, they added.

Replying to a question, the sources said, “The demands of central government employees over their pay scales and allowances are likely not to be considered by the National Anomaly Committee on behalf of the government.”

“The minimum pay of central government employees Rs 18,000 was made on recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. But government will consider hiking it after discussions with all stakeholders,” Finance minister Arun Jaitley had earlier said in a meeting.

They said adding “Though Finance minister had promised them that they will get proper pay scales with hiking minimum pay of lower paid employees, after the review of the new pay scales by the the High Level Committee, which will soon be set up and the government will take steps accordingly but no High Level Committee has been formed till date.”

“A 22-member National Anomaly Committee headed by Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) was formed by the central government to look into various pay related anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations instead of High Level Committee,” they revealed.

“The central government has finally decided not to give any facility to central government employees better than the 7th Pay Commission recommendations and the government will also stick with the 7th Pay Commission recommendations on pay scales and allowances like advances,” the finance ministry sources added.

The sources also said that the quantum of allowances may not vary from those proposed by the 7th Pay Commission as the committee on allowances headed by Finance Secretary sticks with the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations on allowances.

However, the central government employees’union expressed its resentment over the non-formation of High Level Committee for reviewing the minimum pay and allowances and say they must lead their march to Parliament on December 15 against non-formation of High Level Committee

Issue of Pension Identity Card to Pensioners

AICPIN for the month of September 2016

The All-India CPI-IW for September, 2016 decreased by 1 point and stood at 277 


All India Consumer Price Index Numbers (AICPIN)for Industrial Workers (Base 2100=100)for the month of September’16,stood at 277 points with a decrease of 1 point,compared to August’16 figure,as per data published to day by Labour Bureau,Ministry of Labour and Employment.

Thus the confirmed average index number for the quarter is as follows:

                                        Base 2001=100 Base 1960=100
                                        ____________ ____________

JULY’16.                         280                             6391.25
AUG’16.                          278                             6345.60
SEPT’16                          277                             6322.77
Average Index : 6353
Increase in slabs 23 (478- old 455)

As such DA payable to Bank Staff for next quarter (Nov-Jan’17)may have 23 slabs increase from existing 45.50% to 47.80%
Provided by Mohan.P

JPEG Resize 2.1 for Resizing your Photo and Signature to upload in Online Application

  • JPEG ReSizer is a program that will let you batch resize several JPEG/JPG files at once.
  • This program does not have an installer. After decompressing the archive you will get through the provided download link, you will just need to run the resizer.exe file.
  • The program will guide you through the steps needed to complete the resizing process.

You can choose any number of JPG files, no matter what its size or resolution. You can tell the program to resize the images changing their resolution, or not. Then, you will need to specify the desired width and height you wish to apply, or the percentage in which you want the program to resize the images. You can also choose to alter the color in the target image, by changing the red, green and blue levels. Then, you can define where do you want the resulting files to be saved, and if you want to keep their original names, or build a new one applying prefixes, numbers and suffixes. You can also choose to change the JPG compression percentage and the resampling method.
Once everything is set up, you can tell the program to proceed, and your images will be saved according to your directions.
  • It is free.
  • It lets you batch resize, edit and rename many files at once.
Download the software from Google Drive by clicking blow link

The last date for receipt of entry forms for TANAPEX 2017 has been extended upto 07.11.2016.​




TANAPEX 2017- Tamil Nadu Postal Circle is organizing its 11th State level philatelic exhibition at Chennai from 05 January to 08 January 2017. It will be held under the patronage and guidance of the Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Postal Circle. 

This exhibition is being organized by the Tamilnadu Postal Circle with the active co-operation and support of South India Philatelists' Association, Chennai to promote the hobby of stamps collecting – PHILATELY and give an opportunity for the philatelists to showcase their collections. 

The Organizing Committee of the exhibition is headed by the Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Postal Circle. 

An Appeal for participation in the agitational programmes of confederation for realisation of 20 point charter of demands

An Appeal for participation in the agitational programmes of confederation for realisation of 20 point charter of demands

No. Confdn/Genl/ 2016-19

Com: S. Mohan
Secretary General
Confederation of Central Government
Gazetted Officers Organisations (CCGGOO)
Chennai Email id-smohan1958@gmail.com

Dear Comrade,
Sub: An Appeal for participation in the agitational programmes of confederation for realisation of 20 point charter of demands.
As yoy are aware, the general attitude of the Central Government towards the demands of the Central Government employees, especially demands related to 7th Central pay Commission, is totally negative. Even the assurance given by three group of Ministers in the wake of an impending indefinite strike from July 11th 2016, that the minimum pay and fitment formula will be revised, is not yet implemented, eventhough the promised time frame of four months are almost over. All the revised allowances including HRA and Transport Allowance is not paid yet. The one and the only favourable recommendation of 7th CPC ie; option -I party for pensioners is not accepted on the plea of "non-feasibility". All anomalies are pending. Government is deliberately dealying and denying the legitimate benefits of the Central Government employees which is due from 01-01-2016. You may agree that the position is equally applicable to Gazetted officers also.

In the above circumstances/the National Secretariat of /confederation of Central Government employees and workers has decided to organise phased agitational programes culminating in strike action. Demonistrations are conducted in front of all offices on 20-10-2016, next phase is mass dharna at all important centres on 7th November 2016, Third phase is massive Parliament March on 15th December 2016.

I request you to consider the above situation and also the programmes of action of Confederation and to call upon your affiliates to participate in the Parliament March on 15th December 2016 under the banner of CCGGOO, in good number

Awaiting favourable response,

Your's fralindly
M. Krishnan
Secretary General
Mob: 09447068125
Email. mkrishnan6854@gmail.com
Source: Confederationhq.blogspot.in/

Disability Pension being paid to Pre-2016 Defence Forces Pensioners as on 31.12.2015 Will Continue to be paid Pending Decision of Anomaly Committee

Press Information Bureau 
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
29-October-2016 18:58 IST

Disability Pension being paid to Pre-2016 Defence Forces Pensioners as on 31.12.2015 Will Continue to be paid Pending Decision of Anomaly Committee

The Government Order for implementation of decision of the Government on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) for revision of pension of pre-2016 Defence Forces Pensioners has been issued on 29.10.2016. As per the order, for the pre 1.1.2016 pensioners, the revised pension w.e.f. 1.1.2016 shall be determined by multiplying the basic pension/basic family pension as had been drawn as on 31.12.2015 by 2.57 to arrive at revised pension under 7th CPC.

The implementation of 7th CPC recommendation relating to methodology for calculation of disability element has been referred to the Anomaly Committee. The disability element which was being paid to pre-2016 Defence Forces Pensioners as on 31.12.2015 will continue to be paid pending decision on the recommendations of the Anomaly Committee.

Government relaxes norms for overstay beyond official foreign tour

Government relaxes norms for overstay beyond official foreign tour

New Delhi: Government has relaxed the 50 per cent norm for overstaying abroad after official visit, by allowing bureaucrats to avail a four-day holiday if their official tour is of less than 8 days. 
Under the earlier norms, bureaucrats travelling abroad on official tour could seek leave for staying abroad up to 50 per cent of the duration of visit, subject to a maximum of 15 days.

It has been decided that in case of official visit/tour abroad (including training and excluding study leave) where the period of deputation is less than 8 days, the government official may be granted ex-India leave for a maximum period of 4 days, said the office memorandum issued by the Department of Expenditure in the Finance Ministry.

The memorandum, however, clarified that in respect of official visit/tour abroad, including training for more than 8 days, the limit of 50 per cent ex-India leave will continue.

It further said, that during ex-India leave the closed holidays, like Saturday, Sunday, etc, may be pre-fixed/ suffixed subject to the condition that no extra financial implications like payment of hotel charges/per-diem allowance are involved.

Earlier this year, the Ministry had said that bureaucrats can go on a maximum four overseas trips in a calendar year, and that Secretaries should undertake such travels only when no one else can be deputed.
Secretaries to government departments had also been barred from travelling abroad during a Parliament session unless absolutely unavoidable. Also, Secretary and the Minister of a department cannot be abroad at the same time.

The foreign travels of bureaucrats have to be authorised by Screening Committee of Secretaries (SCoS).


Tech magic: Philately now at your fingertips

TNN | Oct 31, 2016, 06

AHMEDABAD: Need to know how many stamps have been released on Mahat ma Gandhi or Sardar Pa tel by India Post so far? 

Want information on how many commemorative stamps were issued in a specific year? Or do you wish to verify details of any stamp before collection or purchase? 
Philately Reckoner India, an Android-based mobile phone application developed by Gujarat Philatelists' Association (GPA), aims to answer all these questions and much more. The developers said that it is India's first such app that has the record of over 3,000 postal stamps issued since 1947, with pictures and description. Mainak Kathiyara,the president emeritus of GPA, said that Gujarat is the state with one of the highest numbers of philatelists in the country with very diverse collection."Many a times, new collectors approach us with questions related to postal stamps such as the specific date or year of release or all the themes covered by the postal department so far," he said. "It gave us the idea for the app. We worked with philatelist Jatin Trivedi who developed it from scratch according to our vision."

The application has a list of stamps for each year, with photograph, release date, quantity and brief description. One can also search for specific stamps. 
The GPA officials clarify that the app is not for philatelists alone. 
They say that it is for students, researchers, historians, academicians, postal employees and public at large. "The small stamp contains a cache of information on society at large --dignitaries, historic events, flora and fauna, and international relations and so on," said an official."Thus, our effort is to put all the available knowledge at the fingertips of the user." 

Kathiyara said that the app will be ever-evolving."At the moment, we have sections such as commemorative stamps, definitive stamps, miniature sheets, sheetlets, and My Stamps issued by India Post," he said. "While many sections are up-to-date, others are being updated and all sections will be updated periodically with relevant information." 
Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/


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