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Meghdoot Update v7.9.6 dated 04.11.2016 released by CEPT

This Update of Meghdoot 7.9.6 consists the following applications:
  1. Point of sale
  2. ePayment
  3. Postman
  4. RNet Communication
  5. BNPL Parcel
  6. Accounts
  7. ParcelNet (For use at Parcel/Express Parcel Hubs)

Download MM Version 7.9 update 6 dated 04.11.2016

Central Govt Employees disappointed for poor pay and allowances

New Delhi: Central government employees are feeling let down by the political authority of the country for denying them their due in terms of better monthly salary and allowances.

Despite representations to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister, Railways Minister, Departmental heads and Committees set up by the government to look into the pay and allowances related grievances, the employees have expressed utter disappointment that they have not been heard so far.

“ We had sought a minimum pay of Rs 26,000, they gave us Rs 18,000. After every meeting they do not say anything. We ask, how much you can improve upon, you tell us how much you can go, buy they don't say anything, said K. K. N. Kutty, President, Confederation of Central Government employees and Workers, on the discussions the union has had over Allowances.
“There is no discussion in real terms, they simply listen to us and do not commit anything. We think the political authority, we don't know, it could be Prime Minister, has not authorized the bureaucracy to commit anything to us,”added Kutty.

When around 33 lakh central government employees threatened to go on strike on July 11 protesting the implementation of 7th Pay Commission, the Finance Ministry had agreed to set up Anomalies Committee, and Allowances Committee who would be mandated to go through the fine print of the 7th Pay Commission.

Even after the formation of 22-member Anomalies Committee headed by Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) with members from both the official and staff side, and Allowances Committee headed by Finance Secretary, no settlement on the wage hike or allowances issue appears in sight.

The Government is yet to set up the high level committee on minimum wage, fitment formula revision and other main demands of central government employees as assured by Cabinet Ministers in July 2016.

The National Joint Council of Action, a front formed by six government staff unions, including Confederation of Central Government Employees (CCGE), All India Defence Employee Federation and National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Association representing the staff side of the central government employees have even threatened to go on a large scale agitation and hold a march up to the Parliament on December 15, if government fails to improve on pay and allowances over what has been implemented under 7th Pay Commission.

As per the notification for the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, central government employees got 14.27 percent hike in basic pay at junior levels, which is said to be the lowest in 70 years.

The salary hikes of government employees indeed appear meager when compared to the 100 percent hike expected by the Members of Parliament soon.

The point not to be missed is that, while the salaries of central government employees were revised after 10 years, the MPs' salaries were last revised in 2010.

Speed Net v4.4 update 2 released by CEPT on 04.11.2016

Download Latest version of Speed Net v4.4.2 dated 04.11.2016


  • SpeedNet Communication Version 4.4 Update 1 released on 16.06.2016
  • Latest version of Meghdoot modules i.e., Version 7.9.6

Instructions for Upgradation:

  • Take a print out of the check list and fill up response for each action.
  • Ensure that SpeedNet or Speednet Communication is not in use in any system at the time of upgradation.
  • Take full backup of existing databases (i.e., POSPCC and POSPCCBACKUP) before attempting upgradation.
  • Download the file SpeedOne Updater.exe from the ftp site. 
  • Copy the SpeedOne Updater.exe to the Speednet folder in the client system and run it from there.
  • Run the SpeedOne Updater.exe with administrative rights. Watch for successful execution of each script and update the check list simultaneously.
  • Run SpeedNet Communication after upgradation in any one client system so that the database upgradation will not happen repeatedly. This also ensures that version upgradation status messages are created and transmitted to central server for reflection in Speednet MIS. 

Download ReadMe file by clicking the below link

Use of HAALM menu in Finacle

From: Helpdesk CBS <>
Date: 1 November 2016 at 15:27
Subject: Re: Urgent: Use of HAALM and problem facing reg.
To: "Spoc CPC (CBS) ODISHA" <>

Cc:adpmu-odi<>,ChennakkeshavaluVenkatesalu <>, "Deputy Director (CEPT)" <>, Gopinath S <>

Dear Odisha Circle CPC/SPOC, 

Generally for name transfer/ name change of accounts in a S.O, if suppose there are two supervisors in the SOL, after getting name change request letter from the customer, HAALM can be invoked to modify the name of the customer and the same has to be verified. Working Procedure for H.O after getting name change request letter from the customer, is that the H.O Spr has to invoke HACXFSOL to move such a/c to Target SOL ID. Thereafter, PM will verify this SOL change after following due procedure laid down. Then H.O Spr has to invoke HAALM to alter the name (in case of name change) of the transferor to transferee (in case of name transfer) and PM will verify this name change after following due procedure laid down. On completion of said process, the account has to be moved once again to its Original SOL by invoking HACXFSOL.

So far only this process is applicable/available in Finacle as a working procedure for both H.Os & S.Os for using HAALM menu.

Yours Faithfully,
Hariharan S,
HD Support Team,
CBS-CEPT, Chennai - 600 002

044 - 28411230

Procedure to find the total number of ATM transactions done for a period in DOP Finacle

  • Recently all of you know that India Post also started issuing ATM's in almost all the post offices and ATM machines also installed in almost all the big places such as cities and towns in India.
  • ATM cash loading will be done AGS team in DOP as the vendor for cash loading is given to AGS team.
  • When the cash in completed in the ATM machine AGS team will come and load the cash in present of the DOP supervisor.
  • For loading cash AGS team is taking the cash from the post office treasury only as temporary process once SOP is finalized then the cash will be arranged by AGS team.
  • For detailed ATM cash loading procedure in DOP Finacle users can CLICK HERE
  • In order to know the total number of ATM transactions for a particular period users can find the below mentioned step by step procedure.

Procedure to find the total number of ATM transactions done for a period in DOP Finacle :- 

  • Invoke the menu HACLINQ then the system will display the screen as shown in the below figure
  • In the next step enter the following fields as mentioned below
Enter the field A/c ID. as "SOLID+0006"
Enter the field Start Date _______________
Enter the field End Date __________________ as mentioned in the below figure

  • Then the system will display the message " The account ownership is invalid " then click on Ok and finally click on Go then the system will show the below screen as shown
  • From the above screen shot it is clear system is showing both credit transactions and debit transactions. Here credit transactions means ATM withdrawals done by the customers and Debit transaction means cash kept in the ATM machine.
  • This is clearly indicated in the below screen shot for all the viewers.

In this way we can find the total number of financial transaction done in an ATM for a particular period in DOP Finacle.

Important Points to Remember :- 

  • When cash loading done in an ATM then concerned accounting officer of your HO should prepare RA(Remittance Advise) and the same should be sent to CPC Bangalore without fail.
  • When cash loading done we have to enter in Finacle by using CXFER option by debiting your SOLID+0006 and credit to bangalore sol id +0007 (560001000007) account and verify on the same day when cash kept in ATM machine.
Always remember to send RA both through mail and by post to CPC bangalore accounts branch (
  • Also always check balance in ATM account (SOLID+0006) should be always in Debit mode i..e., it shoulde be in DR only.
  • If any one noticed balance in ATM account is in Credit i.e., in CR means concerned SOL might not entered cash entry in Finacle. Immediately cash entry should be done in Finacle by using the procedure mentioned above.



Core Banking in Post Office Broadcast by All India Radio

Click below link to listen All India Radio broadcast about CBS in Post Offices.

7th November Dharna Program at GPO Bangalore

Consolidated letters submitted by AIAPS to the directorate - reproduced here to the awareness of postmasters!!!

Dear Postmasters.....

Within just 4 months of span, AIAPS had escalated the 4 letters, 1 proposal, 1 memorandum with 2 reminders too to the directorate towards the betterment of Postmasters and getting positive responses from the directorate. 

As per the source news - In last directorate video conference, nearly an hour, detailed discussion was held about Postmaster cadre with respect to the justified demands of the AIAPS letters. 

All the letters are in active consideration and expecting good results soon. None other than act swiftly for the betterment of Postmaster cadre and Supervisory cadre officials like AIAPS do. 

Amidst killing postal duties, drafting a letter, collection of various data, justifying the demands, further follow up action till fetch the legitimate demands are never easy and those are all laborious processes which can swallow many days.

To function even better all the postal circles may kindly be constituted with All India Association of Postal Supervisors to get the formal meetings with divisional/regional and as well as circle administration. If your postal circle is not having AIAPS divisional/regional/circle bodies, then to form a fresh AIAPS circle body by the Postmaster cadre officials please contact +91-9566330927!! 

All the letters are consolidated for the awareness of the Postmasters and with the half of the AIAPS constituted postal circles, we have reached these milestones. Kindly imagine if all the other circle postmasters also came under one recognized banner!!! 

Yes of course UNITY can fetch miracles!!!

1. AIAPS - Directorate letter regarding Anomaly committee dated 01.10.2016 to demand one stepped up Grade pay Rs.4200/4600/4800/5400 respectively for Postmaster Grade I/II/III and Senior Postmaster officials w.e.f 01.01.2016 followed by a reminder dated 01.11.2016.

2. AIAPS - Directorate letter dated 18.06.2016 regarding Postmaster Cadre restructure implementation request to the better promotional opportunities, followed by a fresh proposal dated 01.10.2016. Follow up action was taken with the reminder dated 01.11.2016

a) Postmaster Cadre restructure implementation request letter :

b: Fresh detailed proposal for the effective implementation of Cadre restructure :

3. AIAPS - Directorate letter dated 20.06.2016 regarding submission of Suggestions/comments sought by the postal directorate to revise the PSS Group recruitment rules from 2016-2017 to extend the PSS Group B LDCE quota to LSG and Postmaster Cadre officials. Reminder will be dispatched shortly!

4. AIAPS - Directorate letter dated 03.11.2016 regarding PM Cadre recruitment rules negative and wrong interpretation against to the welfare of the Postmaster cadre officials to allow the Postmaster cadre officials in PSS Group B exams. 

5. AIAPS - Directorate letter dated 20.07.2016 to circulate the Postmaster Grade III all india combined Seniority as per the feeder cadre merit list instead of date of joining in Postmaster Grade II. Reminder will be dispatched shortly.!

6. AIAPS - Directorate Memorandum dated 19.10.2016 while the formal allowance committee meeting at Postal directorate to give the care taker allowance, No quarter allowance, OTA allowance and saturday duty compensation with the request to retain all the hard earned allowances.

CIF Creation Process in DOP Finacle - Video Tutorial

CIF Creation Process in DOP Finacle

Invoke the menu option “CDEDUP” to see whether the customer is already a existing customer and for creation of CIF invoke “CCRC/CIFCR” option.

Menu in Details
CDEDUP - Create / Verify Retail Customer : CIF Duplication Search
CCRC - Customer Create Retail CIF / CIFCR- CIF Creation

View More information about CIF Creation Click below link

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Dearness Allowance: President approves payment of 2 per cent DA from July 1

Dearness Allowance: President approves payment of 2 per cent DA from July 1

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee has given his approval to payment of a 2 per cent Dearness Allowance (DA) to central government employees. DoPT Official Order

The move will benefit about 50.68 lakh employees and 54.24 lakh pensioners.

The decision to provide 2 per cent DA on basic pay was earlier approved by the Union Cabinet and will be applicable from July 1.

The DA will result in an annual burden of Rs 5,622.10 crore.

Consequent upon the decision taken by the government on recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission relating to DA, the President is pleased to decide that the DA to all categories of the central government employees shall be admissible at the rate of 2 per cent of basic pay per month, w.e.f 1.7.2016, the Finance Ministry OM said. 

The revised pay structure, effective January 1, 2016, includes the DA of 125 per cent sanctioned from that date in the pre-revised pay structure.

Thus, DA in the revised pay structure is zero from January 1, 2016.

The ministry further said till a final decision on allowances is taken based on recommendations of the committee constituted under the chairmanship of the finance secretary and the expenditure secretary, "all allowances will continue to be paid at existing rates".

The DA will continue to be a distinct element of remuneration…, it added.

The ministry further said the orders will also apply to the civilian employees paid from the Defence Services Estimates.

In respect of armed forces personnel and railway employees, separate orders will be issued by the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Railways, respectively, it said.


Plan to open rail ticket counters in 50 post offices awaits nod

CHENNAI, November 5, 2016

Proposals to open Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counters in about 50 post offices across the State is awaiting the nod from Southern Railway for nearly two years now.

The Postal Department began offering services to book railway tickets in post offices back in 2013. As of now, there are 34 such PRS counters in post offices across the State. Of this, eight are in the Chennai city region, including the post offices at IIT Madras, Shastri Bhavan.

Officials said the department tied with the Southern Railway to take the service to customers living in areas which do not have easy access to such facilities. However, proposals sent to the Southern Railway, during the course of past two years, are still pending.

Some of the significant proposals to open PRS counters are in Anna Road head post office, Chennai and Tiruchi Airport post office. “We identify places which are far away from the railway stations or other PRS booking centres,” said J.T. Venkateswarulu, postmaster general (mails and business development).

Nearly 1.35 lakh transactions, including cancellation of tickets, were carried out in the past six months. The Postal Department earned a revenue of nearly Rs. 21 lakh through the PRS counters during this period.

More counters would help customers, particularly in rural and semi urban areas who still prefer to book tickets through PRS counters, officials said.

Southern Railway officials said that, at present, PRS centres were functioning in 30 locations across Tamil Nadu. Some proposals for setting up PRS counters in post offices were pending as they were awaiting equipment. However, sources also said they were not keen on opening such PRS counters in more post offices, immediately, as it did not fetch much revenue to the Southern Railway, especially in urban areas.

With the increase of online booking through IRCTC, authorised agents and mobile applications, there were also queries from within the Railway administration about the need to open such booking counters, especially in spaces where revenue is not bound to be on the high side, sources said.

Anna Road head post office, the Chennai and Tiruchi Airport post offices are among the ones proposed

Source :

GDS to Postal Assistant Examination Results in A.P Circle