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Dear ,
​We salute the rock like unity of the GDS employees who have stood by the union in all struggles waged by this union for uplift and wellbeing of the GDS at large. Since the days,our bonus ceiling was sliced at the behest of Nataraja Murti committee and abetted by persons inimical to GDS and this union, we and we alone fought on and on till we achieved our due. Now that we have been able to get the ceiling for bonus calculation to Rs 7000/-, manymeagere entities are rushing to steal the credit for the same by posting false and take claims. In theihr vain attempt to spread lies and staking fake claims, we are reminded of the proverbial jester sprinkling blood of martyers on his body to show as if he was a great warrior.

​We don’t know whether to weep or laugh when Sri M.Krishnan in his boastful write-up tries to rewrite history with bogus facts. He remembers only two occasions in the history of struggle – 1984 one day strike and after 32 years the decision to go on abortive two days strike threat on 9th and 10th Nov. 2016 (This stands already withdrawn, hence it is abortive). How can one forget the strike of Dec. 1997 in which ED. Demand was the foremost and whichresulted in appointment of Justice TalwarCommittee? Almost every body knows who formulated this demand which were never formulated like this. Who can forget the nine day strike of 1998 which resulted in achievement of pay scale and increment for the GDS employees? Who can forget the part played by a particular leader for his persistent and firm stand and initiative, while some people had agreed to the age old consolidatedallowance? And of course orders to that effect had been issued by multiplying the previous allowances by a factor of 3.25. who can forget our Strike for inclusion of the GDS issues in the terms of reference of 7th pay commission or appointment of a pay commission for GDS under the chairmanship of a retired Judge of the supreme court or a High Court? We should have succeeded had some verbose people not ditchedus. Can Mr. Krishan & co, who have tried to fragment the GDS employees and who are strilltrying to spread misgivings can elaim a single day’s strike since they cunningly by grabbed the leadership of the postal employees in 2006? The sixth & 7th CPC’s are burning examples. What has a postal Assistant achieved? What has a postman got? We were always ready to jointheir struggles, had they waged one. We respectand love our Group ‘C’ & MTS comrades at the grass root who also love us. But we refuse to be stooge of persons like Mr. Krishnan who takes the employees for a ride for political ends. We deferred the strike for a month on written positive assurance. We are never scared like Mr. Krishnan & Co. under whose leadership st4rike threats were all unconditionally withdrawn. 
​Mr. Krishnan sheds crocodiles for GDS only to try in vain to belittle our achievement. His sympathy for the GDS is sadistic after having amputated a live limb of body NFPE and throwing the GDS on rood to fend for themselves. He talks of unity of GDS and departmental employees. Does he forget that the GDS were part and pared of the postal employees? Why did you push them out of NFPE in Calcutta federal council? Is it not a fact that we have always supported and given notices of participation in their strikes whenever they gave a call? But what did Mr. Krishnan & co do when we were on strike? Did they ever even issue a statement in support of our strike? Is it unity? When we had given a call for strike on 25th & 26th October 2016, why did they gavea call for a later date? Is it unity? Was it not aimed at damaging our strike? ls it unity? We are grateful to local leadership of departmental employees who gave unqualified support to usin all our struggles. But Mr. Krishanan & co. always ditched our cause? For Mr. Krishananunity means working as his stooge which we refuse to be. 

​Comrades, we were not required to relive the history and is issue clarification had Mr. Krishnan not written a verbose write-up condemning us and trying to appropriate the achievement won by the sweat of our brow.

​Comrades, we again congratulate and salute you for your heroic actions, and maintaining rock like unity. We again extend our gratitude and affection to the local leaders of departmental employees and general departmental comrades for their support, help and cooperation extended to us which we reciprocate. 

​With Puja, Diwali and Chhat greetings
Yours fraternally

Is This (RBI) Reserve Bank Of India 2000 RS Note Pic Goes Viral in Social Media ?

Reserve Bank of India RBI 2000 Rs Note First Look: RBI(Reserve Bank of India) planned for Rs 2000 Note a couple of months ago. But we didn’t get an official confirmation from the RBI about this. But this picture which we got is going viral in social media with a tag “Reserve Bank of India Rs 2000 Note First Look”. Is it really the one?

Reserve Bank of India Rs 2000 Note First Look:

Early in Mid 2016, there was information that the Rs 2000 note will be out later this year or early 2017. The speculations are not that confirmed and RBI was silent when asked about this Rs 2000 note. But they didn’t even say no about the rumors. The picture shows the blueprint of the Rs. 2000 note which is going viral in the social media.
The RBI has nearly completed all the preparations for introducing this new high-value currency, sources said. Currency notes and coins are printed/minted at about eight units owned by the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL), a finance ministry company.

Many people in India are against the introduction of bigger currency as it will increase the amount of black money. If the sources are said to believe, the notes have already been printed, and they were on the verge of dispatch from the currency printing press in Mysuru(Mysore) has commenced. So it may be on its final stage to the release.

Reserve Bank of India RBI 2000 Note First Look Going Viral:

Coming to the larger denomination which RBI printed, it is Rs 10000 back in 1938 and in 1954. But they were discontinued in later stages and made Rs 1000 as the biggest currency. But we don’t know the exact reason why RBI wants to introduce the Rs 2000 note. The release may give the answers and reason for why they introduced Rs 2000 note.

Soon Finance Ministry will release Official Design Details.

The World's Highest Post Office in India

A 40 minute uphill drive from the town of Kaza in Spiti valley for 14km and one will reach the village of Hikkim. This place houses the highest post office in the world. The village of Hikkim is situated at a towering altitude of around 14,400 feet above sea level. Hikkim also has the highest polling booth in India.
There are two options of getting to Hikkim, the first is to hire a taxi from Kaza. The second option is to take the local HRTC government bus from Kaza to Hikkim, which runs twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays and departs from Kaza at 2 pm. It’s advisable to recheck the bus schedule a day prior to your journey. The bus ride takes around 70-90 minutes to reach Hikkim and is the most economical way of getting to the village.

The same bus runs all the way to the village of Komik and also makes a stop at the fossil village of Langza. The bus leaves from the village of Komik the same day at roughly 4 pm and heads back to the town of Kaza.

At first glance, Hikkim can be easily mistaken as an extension of either Komik or Langza since the village has a very similar bowl shaped setting and is located between these two high altitude villages. On reaching the village, travellers will be flocked by little kids asking for chocolates and money. It is advisable not to give into their demands since this has developed into a new breed of children begging all day. In some place the kids even get aggressive and fling stuff if their demands are not met. This seems to be the tantrums of the children of the area. 

The houses in Hikkim are built out of stone and mud with the outer walls painted in white and have Buddhist prayer flags hung around the house to symbolise the Buddhist influence in the village. The houses in the village are all clustered close to each other just below the road. It is a steep 65 degree inclined walk down to the village houses. The village monastery is located at the far end over looking the entire village. The village also has a Hindi medium co-education government school till the eight grade which was started in 1965. 

Hikkim much like the other two villages in this belt is rich in fossil life since it was also a part of the might Indian Ocean before the Himalayan fold mountains were formed. Here fossils are found a lot more easily as compared to in Langza which is known as the fossil village since very few travellers visit Hikkim. In Hikkim, fossils can be found everywhere all you have to do is just look around. 

An absolutely must do thing while in Hikkim is to walk down to the post office and send a post card, because its not everyday that you get to send a post card from the highest highest post office in the world. 

The lower flat plains of the village are where the villagers grow their crops. Since the land is barren and the weather is dry, cultivating crops is extremely hard but just like the rest of the valley, the villagers from Hikkim have managed to do the impossible and cultivate potatoes, spinach and cabbage. Yaks are used to plough the field and traveller will get a glimpse of this through the day. 

Accommodation in Hikkim is limited to a couple of extremely basic home stays which provide nothing more than a mattress to sleep on. The home stays are very clean and also provide all three meals to travellers. Food served in the home stays is a home cooked Spitian meal which consist of the local Spiti bread which is a round shaped fluffed up roti made from wheat served with jam, butter and the previous day’s dal. Lunch and dinner generally includes rice, rajma (kidney bean) dal, roti and a mixed vegetable dish. 
The village of Hikkim is a place which is more suited to travellers in search of wilderness since the village has nothing touristy to offer to a regular traveller. To experience the life of the locals a night stay in the village is highly recommended. 

Permission to travel by private airlines in. respect of journey performed for donation/transplantation of organs by Govt. servant

Permission to travel by private airlines in. respect of journey performed for donation/transplantation of organs by Govt. servant: Fin Min OM dated 26.10.2016

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 26.10.2016


Subject: Permission to travel by private airlines in. respect of journey performed for donation/transplantation of organs by Govt. servant.

It has come to notice that in a few cases involving organ transplantation, timely transportation of the patient or transportation of the organ which is a very crucial part of the process got delayed because of non-availability of Air India flights. Also, references have been received in this Department that Govt. employees are facing hardship in obtaining ex-post-facto approval in such cases.

2. The matter has been considered in the Department and in view of the urgency involved in cases of harvesting of organs or transplantation of organs where speedy transportation of the patient or organs is involved, it is clarified that in all such cases travel by any airlines other than Air India may be allowed to Govt. servants. 

3. This is issued with the approval of Finance Secretary.

(Nirmala Dev)
Deputy Secretary (EG)

IPPB recruitment 2016: Last two days left to apply for more than 1,700 posts

The last date to apply for Scale I, Scale II and III, and Scale IV to VI officers in India Post Payments Bank Ltd (IPPB) has been extended to November 7, 2016. The application process, which began on October 4, was supposed to end on October 25. However, it was later extended.

A total of 650 Scale I officers, 652 Scale II officers, 408 Scale III Officers and 12 Scale IV to VI officers are likely to be selected through this recruitment process. However, the number of vacancies and the number of reserved vacancies is provisional, and may vary according to the actual requirement of IPPB.

The minimum qualification for candidates applying for Scale I, Scale II and III officers is graduation from a recognised institute or university. However, different educational qualifications are required for candidates applying for the post of Scale IV to VI officers, and can be seen in the notification for recruitment.

Candidates can check the age limit for a particular post, salary scale for different posts, amount of application fee to be paid by different category candidates, and other details from the recruitment notification available at the IPPB’s official website .

Application Process

Candidates should log on to the official website of the IPPB, and click on the link for opportunities at the bottom of the page. Click on the link for IBPS Recruitment on the new page that opens. Download the details of the job you want to apply for and read it carefully. There is a link for ‘Apply Now’ with each category of Posts (Scale I, Scale II and III and Scale IV to VI officers). On clicking on this link, candidates will be directed to an external website where new candidates can register and registered candidates can complete the application process. A candidate needs to fill in the application form, submit the fee and upload scans of his signature and photograph and submit after checking the details carefully.

After completing the procedure of applying, the candidate should take a printout of the system-generated online application form, ensure the particulars filled in are accurate, and retain it along with registration number and password for future reference.

The detailed application process can checked from the recruitment notification.

Selection Process:

Scale I officers

Selections will consist of the following steps: (i) Preliminary Examination (ii) Main Examination (iii) Interview.

The preliminary examination will have 100 questions to be solved on one hour duration. The maximum marks for this exam is 100. There will be 30 questions of English language carrying 30 marks, 35 questions of reasoning ability and 35 questions of quantitative aptitude carrying 35 marks each.

Candidates have to qualify in each of the three tests by securing cut-off marks to be decided by IPPB. Adequate number of candidates in each category as decided by IPPB depending upon requirements will be shortlisted for the online main examination.

Scale II and III officers

Selection will be made on the basis of an online test and/or interview. However, depending on the number of applications, the selection process may be carried out only on the basis of an interview or a group discussion and an interview. The online test constitute objective type questions, and the tests (except that of English language) will be available bilingually i.e. in English and Hindi. Each candidate will be required to obtain a minimum score in each test of online examination and also the minimum total score to be considered to be shortlisted for interview. Depending on the number of minimum eligible candidates available, cut-off marks will be decided, and candidates will be shortlisted for the interview.

Scale IV to VI officers

The selection will be made on the basis of an interview. However, the bank reserves the right to conduct group discussions or online examinations, in addition to the interview. 

Note: Check details about eligibility criteria, educational qualification, age limit for applying for a post, how to apply, selection process, examination centres and much more from the recruitment notification.

Technical Resignation : Highlights of consolidated instructions issued by DOPT

Technical Resignation : Highlights of consolidated instructions issued by DOPT.


DoPT has issued an OM regarding Technical Resignation

Highlights of DoPT OM No. 28020/1/2010-Estt(C) Dated 17.08.2016

Compiled by K.V.Ramesh, Sr.JGS IRTSA.

1. Technical Resignation:

a. Government servant should have applied through proper channel for a post in same or some other Department.
b. If the conditions are met, it will be taken as Technical resignation, even if it was not mentioned as Technical Resignation while applying and all admissible benefits should be extended.
c. If competent authority not allowed the forwarding of application, it will not be treated as Technical resignation.
d. Benefits are admissible even if the employee applied before joining the service and application was not routed through proper channel, provided employee should intimate such application immediately after joining the service.
2. Balance leave credited:
a. Balance of utilized Child Care Leave and other leaves will be carried forward.
b. In case of permanent absorption in PSU/Autonomous Body/State Govt. employee is eligible for cash equivalent of leave salary in respect of EL & HPL at his credit subject to the limit of 300 days.

3. LTC carry forwarded: Entitlement for LTC will be carry forward.

4. Pay Protection: Protection of Pay will be given.

5. If employee rejoins his previous post:

a. In case employee rejoins his earlier post, he will be entitled for increments for the period of his absence from that post.
b. Transfer of GPF will be governed.
c. Seniority in the post held by the employee on substantive basis continues to be protected.

However the period spent in other department will not be counted for minimum qualifying service for promotion.

6. Past service counted for Pension: Employee originally joined before 1.1.2004, joined the new post on technical resignation after 1.1.2004, his past services are counted towards pension.

7. Transfer of NPS account: In case of NPS, the balance standing in Personal Retirement Account along with PRNA will be carried forward to new office.

8. Service Book transfer: Service Book from the date first appointment must be kept in the custody of head office in which employee is serving and transferred with him from office to office.

9. Medical Examination & verification:

a. If standard of medical examination is same for the new post, then employee need not to undergo fresh medical examination.
b. No need for verification of character & Antecedents of the employee, if period of discharging from previous post and appointment to new post is less than a year.

10. Lien will be maintained for two years normally, 3 years in exceptional cases.

11. Joining Time, Joining time pay & allowances:

a. Central & State Govt employees are eligible for joining time, which will be included as qualifying service in new Job.
b. During Joining Time, Eligible for pay equal to pay drawn in old post before relinquishment, DA & HRA. No Transport allowance.
c. Entitled for Transfer Travelling Allowance.


Error in SCSS Renewal and Solution in Finacle

Some SCSS Accounts are not getting extended because of error Error W0205 - Acct balance [ 99990.00] after lien [ 0] not sufficient for Renewal Amt [ 100000.00]" . It is informed that due to excess interest credit in some SCSS Accounts during Interest batch run on 31st December, an IAR entry has been made in such accounts so that customer may not close the account without refunding the excess interest. In case of closure, this IAR amount is getting deducted from closure amount but in case customer wants extension, system is not allowing this because the balance amount will not be in multiple of 1000/-.

To allow renewal of such accounts, following procedure should be followed:-

Post office first go for renewal and see the amount of IAR entry in the screen and ask depositor to pay this amount as it was excess paid in last quarter. Amount collected should be credited into UCR and receipt be given to customer. Renewal application should be retained. A letter/mail is to be sent to SBCO mentioning the ACG-67 number and amount collected for removing IAR entry.

Incharge SBCO will Go to HIARM menu and follow the process mentioned in the enclosed document. Once entry is removed, an intimation should be sent to post office which will renew the account as usual.

SBCO Incharge should maintain a register for the IAR entries removed for future reference.
Step of HIARM (Inter Adjustment Register Maintenance) Menu
Menu Shortcut - HIARM
Function - Modify
A/c./Bill/Disbursement - A-A/Cs
A/c./Bill/Disbursement ID field - SCSS A/c

Click Del Square button
Reports - Daily_Factor_Int_Correction

DA for bank employees for the months of November, December 2016 & January 2017: IBA Orders

IBA Circulars on Dearness Allowance for the months of Nov, Dec and Jan 2017

Indian Banks Association
HR Industrial Relations

November 1, 2016All Members of the Association
(Designated Officers)

Dear Sirs,

Dearness Allowance Workmen and Officer Employees in banks for the months of November, December 2016 & January 2017 under X BPS/Joint Note dated 25.5.2015

The confirmed All India Average Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers (Base 1960-100) for the quarter ended September 2016 are as follows:-
July 2016 : 6391.25
Aug 2016 : 6345.60
Sep 2016 : 6322.77
The average CPI of the above is 653 and accordingly the number of slabs are 478(6353-4440 1913/4 478 Slabs). The last quarterly Payment of DA was at 455 Slabs. Hence there is an increase in DA slabs of 23, i.e.478 Slabs for payment of DA for the quarter Nov, Dec 2016 and January 2017.

In terms of clause 7 of the 10th Bipartite Settlement dated 25.05.2015 and clause 3 of the Joint Note dated 25.05.2015, the rate of Dearness Allowance payable to workmen and officer employees for the months of Nov, Dec 2016 & January 2017 shall be 47.80 % of ‘pay’. While arriving at dearness allowance payable, decimals from third place may please be ignored.

We advise banks to pay the difference between the old and revised salary and allowance to officers on an ad hoc basis, pending amendments to Officers’ Service Regulations.

Yours faithfully

Senior Vice PresidentAuthority:

Preparation of Combined All India Seniority List of Inspector Posts for the year 2001 and onwards

No. CHQ/AIAIPASP/Seniority List / 2016 
Dated : 5/11/2016

Shri Abhay Kumar, 
Assistant Director General (SPN),
Department of Posts, 
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, 
New Delhi 110 001. 

Subject : Preparation of Combined All India Seniority List of Inspector Posts for the year 2001 and onwards… regarding. 

Ref. : Your letter No. 7-1/2015-SPB-II dated 09th June 2016

Your kind attention is invited to this Association’s letters of even number dated 9/7/2016, 12/7/2016, 18/7/2016, 25/7/2016, 27/7/2016, 5/8/2016 and 17/8/2016 whereby the copies of representations received from members of this Association were forwarded to Directorate with a request to examine the representations in the light of DoPT OM No. 28011/6/76-Estt (D) dated 24.6.1978 and 20011/8/2012-Estt (D) dated 04-03-2014 and decide it impartially, judiciously and as per the rules and regulations framed by the nodal ministry time to time.

Directorate vide memo No. 7-1/2015-SPB-II dated 17/5/2016 has circulated draft All India combined seniority list of Inspector Posts for the year 2001 and 2002 and requested to intimate discrepancies noticed / found therein and in turn this Association vide letter of even number dated 27/5/2016 reported that the said seniority list is prepared incorrectly & needs up-dation/corrections as per the rules and regulations framed by Nodal Ministry. Thereafter Directorate vide Memo No. 7-1/2015-SPB-II dated 09th June 2016 has again circulated revised seniority list to all HOCs with a direction to circulate among all the candidates for inviting comments/grievances, if any within 45 days. This Association and, many Circles have already forwarded the grievances of the candidates to Directorate for taking suitable action thereon, but till date there is no progress found in this matter. 

It is once again earnestly requested to kindly examine the representations of all the candidates in as per the rules and regulations framed by the nodal ministry time to time and arrange to issue correct seniority list at the earliest. 
Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Final Seniority List of Stenographer Grade-I as on 01.01.2011

Directorate vide Memo No. 05-04/2016-SPB-I dated 4-11-2016 has circulated final seniority list of Stenographer Grade-I as on 1/1/2011. 

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