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This is related to India Post web mail users having Unlimited mailbox size.
As per DoP email implementing agency email Dt. 16 / 20 / 25 Feb 17, the email prior to 01 Jul 16 will be archived and will no longer available in the respective mailbox.

Further, as per DoP email Policy, those India Post email IDs having unlimited inbox size will be limited to 100 mb from 01 Mar 17 onwards.
Now, the biggest question is how to take BACKUP of the old emails.

The following is shared based on my experience, not an official version.

You can backup your mails into Microsoft Outlook Express (OE) by the following 3 options.
01. POP3
02. IMAP
03. MS Exchange.

01. POP3 :

  • It will download the mails only from Inbox not other folders.
  • It will work in Sify network.
  • From 01 Mar 17 onwards, please use POP3 only.

02. IMAP & MS Exchange :

  • It will download all the folders with mails in your email Account.
  • It won't work in Sify network.
  • Don't use after 01 Mar 17.

Wayout 1 : Inbox without any folders :

  • Please configure OE POP3 Account. Can configure in Sify network.
  • Please copy / move all mails in "Sent items or any other folders" into Inbox.
  • Please click on "OE > Sent & Receive" to download Inbox mails into your OE Inbox.
  • Please segregate and move to OE "Sent items or other folders".

Wayout 2 : Inbox with folders :

  • Please configure IMAP or MS Exchange Account. It won't work in Sify network.
  • Please download all your mails with Folders. Pl click on "OE > Sent & Receive"
  • All the folders available in Mail Server will be available in your OE with mails.
  • Please configure POP3 Account also.
  • Please Copy or Move all your Folders with mails from IMAP or MS Exchange Account to POP3 Account.
  • Then from 01 Mar 17 onwards, work in POP3 Account only.

Important : Already if you configured IMAP or MS Exchange Account & working, please remove / disable it before 01 Mar 17. Otherwise if any mail deletion in Mail Sever will automatically be deleted in OE also due to sync.
Other products : Thunderbird, Windows Live Chate, Opera, Zimbra, Mail bird etc.

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