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Higher Allowances: Central government employees have no option but to wait for cash flow to ease

Higher Allowances: Central government employees have no option but to wait for cash flow to ease

New Delhi: The central government wants to announce higher allowances under 7th Pay Commission award for its 48 lakh employees and 52 lakh pensioners, after taking the steps to ease the cash flow, that has been a major problem ever since demonetisation was announced for higher allowances announcement, official sources said.

The hike in basic pay without allowances is not helpful for maintaining central government employees’ living standard, Finance Ministry sources told on Friday.

They had also said the allowances of government employees besides basic pay should increase which would give them some financial comfort, a step they had hoped might be taken after next budget, when the cash crunch would ease.

They added that the decision on higher allowances to push since getting of payments to made ease and without facing cash crunch. Hence, the Finance Ministry felt it would be wiser to announce of higher allowances when the cash flow to ease.

In the current financial year, the government has given higher basic pay with arrears, effective from January 1, 2016 to its employees on the recommendations of the 7th pay commission but the hike in allowances other than dearness allowance referred to the 'Committee on Allowances'.

It compelled the the central government employees to get the allowances according to the 6th Pay Commission recommendations until issuing of higher allowances notification.

"The committee on Allowances headed by the Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa has finalized the report on the allowances in October but the government don’t want to announce it now, so the government gave extension the committee till February 22, 2017 to submit the report on higher allowances for getting normalized the cash crunch position, " the Finance Ministry sources said.

They also added that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley may announce the higher allowances in his budget speech for 2017-18.


Bogus - COD (cash on delivery parcles) billers booking though Post Offices

Postal department introduced BPCOD (business parcel COD) aims to quick e- payment of money to the senders rather than traditional VPP system. But this is golden duck to the some of the registered COD business senders (e-Billers with ID). Almost all post offices facing this bogus COD parcels aims to cheat the customers and gain money illegally. Some cases postmasters are reporting to the higher authorities and some cases it is not being done. The main aim of such billers to trap the postal customers by believing as if they are offering mobile 4G of cost Rs.15000/- to discount for Rs.4000/- as a special gift. After noting the address of the customers the billers are sending COD articles for Rs.4000/- and calling customers to collect from Post office. And pressing the Postal staff for quick delivery of such article by knowing the status in web.
Many of the customers turn out to post offices and believing the dept. keeping faith they are accepting the articles. On opening the article they has been cheating by placing some iron/copper plates, stones in the place of assured gift. Then they immediately rush to post office and demanding for repayment of their hard earned money during this demonetization period. But for the postal procedures once article is signed by the addressee for COD articles no repayment /return allowed. Some of the them are bitterly abusing and some aggrieved customers reporting in Police stations. Same day or next police S.I etc, are entering to the post offices and asking reasons for happenings booking FIRs . And News papers are also giving vide propaganda on this issues Due to this fraudulent billers dept, image and the official character is diminishing . One such incidence happened in my post office is enclosed here with for alertness of postmasters. This is not only in Hyderabad but also reported in Andhra Pradesh circle and in many other states. On bringing notice to the authorities they replied to take stern action if any compliant with evidence submitted them.

How to eliminate COD frauds:-

  1. Now COD is a age old thing. Govt. of India encouraging cash less payments. COD should be stopped.
  2. All COD billers should deposit at least 10 times of their monthly turnover. If any lapses the amount will be seized.
  3. E- Payment money to bills should not be paid immediately. If found satisfied their business with out complaint than only paid.
  4. The billers are cheating the customers hence every biller should enclose one invoice with amount .
  5. All CODs are allowed for open delivery only.
  6. If customer found dissatisfaction the collected amount should be return or replace the article as per customer desire.
  7. Proper checking on sending items at booking level which contents they are sending , there is as scope for sending Prohibited items. 
  8. If found any illegal activities of biller book cases as per Law.
(DISCLAIMER: The aim of this article to bring awareness of some fraud COD billers those damaging the image of the dept. The matter published in this article has no legal validity any one who feel difficulty to watch simply skip this blog.)

Granting of 3% fitment benefit on promotion to IP Cadre in Odisha Circle who have availed financial upgradation under MACP in lower Grade Pay

To view Circle Office Memo No.ST/20-15/MACP-II/2012 dated 02-01-2017 please Click Here.

3% fitment benefit on promotion to IP Cadre who have availed financial up-gradation under MACP in lower Grade Pay has been allowed for the time being. In this connection clarification has been sought for from the Directorate by the Director of Accounts (Postal), Cuttack and Circle Office, Bhubaneswar separately. Regular fixation will be made on receipt of clarification from Directorate.

Government officials availing services of Matrix Mobile Company during their official abroad

To view Directorate Letter No 50-02//2016-PAP dated 26.12.2016 , please Click here

Why IPPB Gets More Demand than other Payment Banks

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) is yet to start operations, but, already, it is the hottest game in town.

Banks, insurance firms and asset management companies are approaching it with offers of equity partnerships, joint ventures or other mutually beneficial arrangements.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone.

India Post, which will run IPPB, has a network of more than 150,000 branches, of which almost 140,000 are in India’s rural hinterland. That gives the payments bank access to a network that is almost unrivalled in its reach.

In total, 50 companies including Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank, Citibank and several state-owned banks have sent proposals to the department of posts for a partnership. The International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group, has offered to be an equity partner. Money transfer company UAE Exchange is ready to open vostro (in which the Indian bank will manage a local account corresponding to one held in a foreign bank) accounts for rupee currency, targeting Indians living in West Asia.

Like other payments banks, IPPB will target financially excluded customers such as migrant workers, low-income households and tiny businesses. It will not lend money and, as a result, will be shielded from the risks that conventional banks are exposed to. And it will have a huge offline presence to complement its online one, for which the department of posts has already identified a core banking solution (the software that runs banks).

The department of posts was among the 11 entities that got an in-principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to start a payments bank. Three entities have surrendered their licence after they discovered the business is characterized by high volumes and low profit margins. For India Post, though, the business will be a natural extension.
India Post already accepts money from customers as part of its post office bank accounts and long-term deposit schemes such as National Savings Certificate. Its money order service is widely used by migrant workers to remit money back home.

It will also not have to gain trust of customers like its competitors, especially in the rural areas, as the local postman is still an integral part of the day-to-day lives of the rural populace.

The Union cabinet approved a proposal to set up IPPB with a corpus of Rs.800 crore. Communications and information technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said IPPB has plans to open 650 branches and will be operational by September 2017.

“IPPB will be a game changer for rural and suburban India. We had initially planned to roll out operations in three years. But the Prime Minister has given us a challenge to start operation in a year’s time. All grameen dak sevaks in rural post offices will be given hand-held devices by March 2017 and by September 2017, all 650 branches of postal payments bank will become operational,” Prasad said.

The payments bank will begin with Rs.400 crore equity capital and Rs.400 crore as grant from the government. IPPB plans to set up 5,000 automated teller machines as well, he added.

N.C. Saxena, former secretary of the erstwhile Planning Commission, said that financial institutions are sensing the potential that IPPB has in terms of its connectivity and reach.

“In today’s digital era, telegrams and post cards are no longer used. But India Post has a vast infrastructure already in place and a very good rural network. Besides the 1.5 lakh post offices, they also have a network of temporary post offices—basically one-person post offices—that take care of the last-mile connectivity in rural areas,” he said, adding that financial institutions both in the private and public space cannot hope for a partner with a better reach in rural areas.

“But the post office payment bank will have to quickly move to an online platform to make it easier for customers to access their accounts and conduct transactions,” Saxena said.

15th Feb One Day Strike Postponed to 16th March 2017 due to State Assembly Elections

MOST IMPORTANT - 15th Feb One Day Strike Postponed to 16th March 2017 due to State Assembly Elections
Dear Com, 
As Assembly Elections to five states are announced to be held from Feb 4th to March 11th and Feb 15th also a Polling date in two states, it is decided to postpone the proposed February 15th One Day Srike to 2017 March 16th Thrurday. HOLI being on March 13th and celebrations in North India will continue on 14th also, Strike date is fixed as 16th (sixteenth) March 2017. There is no change in 10th January Program

தோழர்களே, 5 மாநில தேர்தலையொட்டி 15.02.2017 அன்று நடைபெறவிருந்த வேலை நிறுத்தம் 16.03.2017 அன்று நடைபெறும் என தெரிவிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

- M.Krishnan, Secretary General.

​Philatelic Exhibition Davanadurgapex - 2017 - Prospectus, Chitradurga Division, Karnataka ​

​Philatelic Exhibition Davanadurgapex - 2017 - Prospectus, Chitradurga Division, Karnataka ​

A Sorting Assistant speaks - Department of Posts

Inspector of Post Offices appeals

IMPHAL, Jan 3: The Inspector of Post Offices, Ukhrul sub-division has appealed to all the civil society organisations to exempt the Department of Posts from the pruview of any bandh, blockade or general strike.

In a statement, Md Nasir Ahmed, Inspecttor of Posts Offices, Ukhrul sub-division said that post office especially the mail movement os badly affected every time a bandh is imposed. Since December 15, movements of mails in all offices located in hill districts particularly in Ukhrul and Tamenglong district have been badly affected. More than 500-600 mail bags which contain thousands of mails have been accumulated in Imphal HO mail section due to non-plying of mail vans.

There may be some time bound letters like appointment, interview notice, insurance notice, summon notice, official communication and other important documents. All these accountable articles are stranded in transit offices. The Department as a whole is committed to serve the people and deliver their belongings on time. As such, postal operations should be exempted from the purview of bandh and blockade, the statement said and added that postal services should also be acknowledged and recognised as one of the essential services like media, medical and fire service.

Rs.5 discount for on-line payment of LPG refill

LPG customers to now get a discount for on-line payment of LPG refill

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

03-January-2017 18:19 IST
LPG customers to now get a discount for on-line payment of LPG refill

Oil Marketing Companies, viz IndianOil, BPCL & HPCL are now offering an upfront discount of Rs 5/- on every LPG refill to all LPG customers who will book and pay for their LPG cylinders online. Customers can make payment through existing online modes i.e net banking, credit & debit cards at the time of web-booking their refills.
Customers will get the discounted amount displayed on their screens – i.e. net amount i.e refill RSP minus (-) incentive amount of Rs.5/- which they need to pay for their refill transactions. The net discounted amount will also be shown on the cash memo accompanying the home-delivery of the LPG cylinder.

Under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, it the endeavour of all Oil Marketing Companies aim to encourage consumers to increasingly shift to such payment modes through digital platforms to achieve the objective of no-cash or less-cash based transactions. The incentive will encourage more and more LPG consumers to go for cashless mode transactions.