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Misusing LTC? Govt warns employees of disciplinary action

Central government employees found misusing Leave Travel Concession (LTC) will face disciplinary action, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has warned.

A government employee gets reimbursement of tickets for to-and-fro journey, in addition to leaves, when he avails LTC.
As per fresh guidelines by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), the employees are required to submit a declaration that he and the members of the family in respect of whom the claim is submitted have indeed travelled upto the declared place of visit.

The declaration is required in the cases where a government servant travels on LTC up to the nearest airport, railway station or bus terminal by authorised mode of transport and undertakes rest of the journey to the declared place of visit by private transport or own arrangement (such as personal vehicle or private taxi etc.).

"Furnishing of false information will attract disciplinary action," the DoPT said in a directive issued to secretaries of all central government departments.

The Centre is trying to put a strict system in place to check misuse of LTC after it had noticed certain instances where some of its employees allegedly colluded with private travel agents to submit inflated airfare to clandestinely obtain undue benefits like free boarding, lodging, transport or cash refunds.

"If public transport is available in a particular area, the government servant will be reimbursed the fare admissible for journey by otherwise entitled mode of public transport from the nearest airport, railway station or bus terminal to the declared place of visit by shortest direct route," it said.

In case, there is no public transport available in a particular stretch of journey, the government servant may be reimbursed as per his entitlement for journey on transfer for a maximum limit of 100 kms covered by the private or personal transport based on a self-certification from the government servant, the DoPT said. Beyond that, the expenditure shall be borne by the employee himself.


Secretary (Staff Side) JCM's Letter to Chairman, NPS Sub-Committee


Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi cantt – 110 010

No.AN/XIV/14164/7th CPC/Corrsp/Vol-I
Dated 01-02-2017

All PCsDA/CsDA/PCof a(Fys)Kolkata

Subject: Clarification regarding pay fixation under 7th CPC for the post of ‘Trainee’ appointed on compassionate grounds
This office is receiving several references from various controller offices seeking clarification regarding pay fixation under Seventh CPC in respect of “Trainee” appointed on compassionate ground without acquiring minimum educational qualification in the pay scale of Rs.4440/- – 7440/- (Pre-revised) without any Grade Pay. Such trainees are to be placed in the pay Band-I (5200-20200) with Grade Pay of Rs.1800/- only on acquiring the minimum qualification prescribed under the recruitment rules. However, under the 7th CPC, neither any specific pay Matrix/Level not the manner for fixation of pay in respect of MTS Trainee has been prescribed.

2. In this regard, it is intimated that matter already stands referred to the Ministry for furnishing necessary clarification/guidelines to regulate the pay fixation of trainees under Seventh CPC. Reply of the same is still awaited. As and when, replly is received from the Ministry, the same will be widelypublicized. Hence, it is requested to await for orders/clarification from the Ministry in the regard.

3. This is for your information and necessary action please.
(Kavita Garg)

Source: www.cgda.nic.in

AIAPS(TN) writes letter to CO regarding Tamilnadu Circle left out PMs Induction training case

The Honorable Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600002.

Subject: Induction training for Postmaster (Grade I) officials from 15-02-2017 to 08-03-2017 at PTC Madurai – reg
Reference:TRG/03-1/PM GrI/2013 dated at Chennai 600002 the 10.02.2017
Respected sir,

This association once again conveys its sincere thanks to the honorable CPMG sir, respected DPS(HQ) sir and the entire circle administration for the immediate response to the above mentioned this association union subject request. Because of the immediate issuance of training order, one batch will be completing the training today on 14.02.2017 A/N and the next batch is scheduled from 15.02.17 to 08.03.17.
In this juncture, this association would like to bring the kind attention of the circle administration that all the left out PMs are given with training schedule except one official Shri.G.Mani, Postmaster Grade I, Kannagamangalam S.O, Thiruvannamalai division, Chennai City Region.

The above mentioned official was recently transferred from Tiruppur division to Tiruvannamalai division. Because of that reason he might not have received the training order.

It is pertinent to mention here that it would be hard to give training for just one left out official and still one more vacant is also there in the above said circle office reference training schedule order.

So this association requests the honorable CPMG sir, to kindly do the needful to include the above mentioned official immediately in the above said training schedule from 15.02.17 to 08.03.17 on interest postal administration and as well on interest of staff welfare too.

Thanking you. Yours faithfully,


Copy to, The respected DPS(HQ), Tamilnadu Circle office 600002.


Now a days post office taking predominant role to bring the services to the desired need of the public.  
Pass port service, EPF - Jeevan Pramaan enrollment, selling sacred river water, National Career Service enrollment and so on. Now thinking other innovative product name not announced aims to test the soil contents in forms. 

The farmers collect sample of soil from their fields and hand over to the nearest post office. Then the post offices send this items to nearest Labs to investigate the fertility of the soil and in turn send reports to them. Such a service us very useful and under consideration by the department said Sri B.V.Sudhakar, Secretary Posts during launch of NCS at Hyderabad on 12.02.2017. Post offices are ready to gather environmental information in very far areas and send to the environmental Kendra in coming future.

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between DoP and Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) to leverage Post Offices as Employment Registration Centres as a follow up to the recommendations of the Group of Secretaries, appointed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to explore innovative ideas for transformative change in various areas of governance.

2. The project envisages enabling rural post offices to function as Employment Registration Centres for unemployed rural youth through National Career Service (NCS) portal, which facilitates registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counsellors, etc and updation of information of registered customers. The portal provides job matching services in a highly transparent and user friendly manner. The tie-up is expected to build a bridge between the net connected urban areas and non connected rural areas, helping the youth to avail facility to register for employment at their doorstep hassle free. It will also provide access to the unemployed youth to a rich repository of career content on over 3000 of occupations across 52 sectors kept by the NCS data base.

3. As per the MoU, the post offices would be charging the following rates for the services as below:
  • New Job Registration : Rs. 15/-
  • Updation of Job seeker Profile : Rs. 5/-
  • Printout of Application Form, if Any : Rs. 10/-
4. Procedure for employment registration at post offices (HPO/MDG/SOs) 

4.1. Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) will create user id and passwords for all 811 HPOs in the country and these HPOs will subsequently create user id and pass words for the MDGs/SOs under them. 

4.2 The Post offices will logon to National Career Services web portal www.ncs.gov.in , run by Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) using the user id and passwords and register the details of the unemployed youth based on the details given by the him/her. 

4.3 A print out showing the registration number and other details will be given to him / her for future reference after collecting the prescribed fee of Rs.15/- per registration.

4.4 No copies of the documents will be obtained from the customer. 

4.5 The facility at post offices will be restricted only for employment registration and updation of the existing registration. 

4.6 The amount collected Rs.15/- per registration will be credited under UCR with the remarks “Employment Registration Charges”. 

5. At Account Office/ Head Post Office 

5.1. The amount received under UCR with remarks “Employment Registration Charges” will be kept under UCR.

5.2. Rs. 15/- collected from the customer will be solely for DoP and Not to be shared with Ministry of Labour and Employment.

5.2 The total revenue credited under UCR with the remarks “Employment Registration Charges” will be matched / cross checked with the details of registrations made in a particular period by a particular post office to be made available by the MoLE through MIS by login to their web portal at least once in a month. Account Offices will also have the access to view the details of registrations made through post offices in the NCS web portal.

5.3 HPO will include the receipt under UCR “Employment Registration Charges” in their monthly UCR schedule and submit to respective DA(P).

6. At Director Accounts (Postal):

6.1 Director Accounts (Postal) will classify the revenue received in UCR with remarks “Employment Registration Charges” under Major revenue head 1201 Postal receipts for the time being till a separate revenue head is created for this purpose.

7. The above procedure would be provisional only and once Core System Integration (CSI) project is implemented, the procedure will be reviewed and revised accordingly.



The BPC.. JAIPUR CITY is a centre for processing of bulk mail customer, with the state of the art technology, handling more the 30,000 article per day on an average, ensuring 3.5 cr to 4.0 cr business per month. One initiative has been taken by Jaipur city division to systematized the process, work with uniform and systematic approach under the guidance of worthy CPMG and DPS HQ sir, Rajasthan Circle.

No “Conditions Apply” in India Post Payments Bank Says IPPB CEO

Our USP is door-to-door banking with help of postman: IndiaPost Payments Bank CEO
IndiaPost Payments Bank, which is set to launch operations soon, will follow a bottoms-up approach, targeting people who either have feature phones or no mobiles at all.

In his first interview after taking over as the CEO of IndiaPost Payments Bank, Ashok Pal Singh tells ET's Surabhi Agarwal that the idea of the bank will be to simplify and universalise payments. Excerpts:

You rolled out a few pilots; what is the timeline for the launch?

We started in Ranchi and Raipur, and our concept is to have a district office in each district. The idea is that the branch office in a district will map all the post offices, urban and rural, in that area.

The idea is to test this model out through the pilot. We are hoping that by September we will start operations in at least 650 districts of the country.

What is going to be your target audience?

The core of our audience is the 500 million who use feature phones and we are currently testing how familiar they are even with the basic banking products -are they comfortable with it or do these need to be simplified?

How do you plan to differentiate your offerings?

Something that many others are doing but we want to pilot here is paperless account opening. Something that others are not doing but might emerge as our USP is door-to-door banking with the help of the postman.

Plus, simplified payment solutions for the masses is what we will be targeting, both for these feature phone users and around 350 million who are below that -who are without any phone at all. The payments bank will depend on third party fee-based services because the way in which the regulator has put it, you can't make money on anything else.

How do you look at the intense competition in the space from players such as Paytm and Airtel Payment Bank?

We are looking at a bottoms-up approach because our so-called competitors will start skimming the market. Let them do it. We will attempt to broaden and deepen the market from below.

That may not be as great a commercial proposition as skimming the market, but we believe that once we broaden and deepen it, there is a larger objective which is also being served and ultimately everyone will benefit including the so-called competitors.

We are not positioning ourselves as competitors because we are funded out of public money, and typically government should not be competing with its corporates, because they are ours. it's still a win-win for India.

Some of your competitors are offering interest rates as high as 7.5%. How do you plan to match it?

I have nothing to say on how they are doing it. But in any case, they have private money at their disposal. All my funding is from the government which is public money. Which is Rs 400 crore equity, Rs 400 crore grants. I have no means to do that and these are going to be short-term in any case.

Someone who says that you get that fancy rate of interest immediately puts an asterisk saying conditions apply. We also want to put an asterisk which says no conditions apply. Because if we have to live off the brand of the post office, it has to be about integrity and trust.

Major Changes in the existing Selection Procedure : GDS Online Recruitment

Grant of Advances- 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations-Amendment to rules on Computer Advance to Railway servants

Government of India (Bharat Sarkar)
Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)
No.I/11-Part I
PC-VII No : 15/2017

RBE No. 10/2017
No. F(E) Spl./2016/ADV.4/1(7th CPC)

The General Managers and FA&CAOs
All Indian Railways & Production Units
(As per standard list)

Subject: Grant of Advances- Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations-Amendment to rules on Computer Advance to Railway servants.

Consequent upon the decision taken by the Government on the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission, the Ministry of Finance vide their OM No. 12(1)/E.II(A)/2016 dated 07.10.2016 have amended the eligibility criteria in the existing provisions relating to the grant of Personal Computer Advance.

2. Amendment conditions of grant of Computer Advance are as follows:
Advance Quantum Eligibility Criteria
Personal Computer Advance ƻ50,000/- or actual price of PC, whichever is lower. All Government Servants
The Computer Advance will be allowed maximum five times in the entire service.
The other terms and conditions governing the grant of Personal computer advance shall remain unchanged.
3. Further, Ministry of Finance in their ibid OM have also decided that the other interest bearing advances relating to Motor Car Advance and Motorcycle/Scooter/Moped Advance will stand discontinued.

4. The above mentioned OM of Ministry of Finance relating to grant of interest bearing advances will apply mutatis-mutandis to Railway employees also.

4.1 So far as the interest free advances are concerned, Bicycle and Warm clothing advances stands abolished for Railway employees also in terms of MoF’s decision.

4.2 Orders relating to other interest free advances will be issued separately by concerned Directorates.

5. Necessary Advance Correction Slip to the chapter XI of the Indian Railway Establishment Manual, Vol.I Revised Edition, 1989 will follow.

6. The revised orders are effective from 07.10.2016 i.e. the date of the issue of the aforesaid OM of the Ministry of Finance. Past cases where the advances have already been sanctioned under the provisions of earlier rules on the subject need not be reopened.

7. Please acknowledge receipt.

8. Hindi version will follow.

(A.C. Jain)
Dy. Director Finance (Estt.)
Railway Board


New Benefits announced for NPS Subscribers in Budget 2017