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Transfers in LSG / HSG II

Farewell party of Shri S. Anbarasan.. PRI(P) Chennai GPO who promoted as AAO and posted at Directorate, New Delhi

Farewell party of Shri S. Anbarasan.. PRI(P) Chennai GPO who promoted as AAO and posted at Directorate, New Delhi given big warm farewell at Chennai GPO by AIPUUP3 Chennai GPO Division on 15/04/2017.

Updating eMOs Paid Status in RICT Machine

Emo uploading procedure in RICT explaining to BPM, Cherukumilli by Postmaster, Akividu SO - A.Suresh Kumar on 15-Apr-2017.
Credits: A.SURESH KUMAR,Postmaster Gr-1, Akividu SO - 534235

Transforming India Posts

Calling for Options/Preferences of Postal Circle from selected candidates for appointment as Stenographer Grade-II on the basis of Stenographer Grade ‘C’ and ‘D’ Exam, 2015 declared by SSC.

Violation of norms regarding payment of Western Union (WUMT) transaction

Violation of norms regarding payment of Western Union (WUMT) transaction

Rural ICT Devices Unboxing Video Live

Rural Information and Communication Technology devices are being supplied to Branch Post Offices in Phased manner in connection with Implementation of RICT in Department of Posts.
 This video shows you what is in inside Box of RICT.

RICT Training and Operating procedure in Telugu - PDF Download

Rural ICT Operating Procedure & Training Materials

Compendium of instructions for creation, Revival, continuation and transfer of posts

To view Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) OM No. 7(1) /E.Coord-1/2017 dated 12-04-2017 please Click Here.

Meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council (JCM)

F.No.3/3/2016-JCA (Pt)
Government Of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment (JCA-2) Section
North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 11th April, 2017

Subject: Meeting Of the Standing Committee of National Council (JCM) - reg
The undersigned is directed to say that the meeting of Standing Committee has been scheduled to be held on 3/5/2017 (Wednesday) under the Chairmanship of Secretary (P) to discuss the agenda item received from Secretary, Staff Side (NC-JCM), at 3.00p.m, in Room No. 119, South Block, New Delhi.

2. Kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting.

All Members of National Council (JCM) for the Standing Committee Members (As per list attached).
Copy for information to:
1. Secretary, Staff Side, National Council (JCM), 13- C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi.
2. General Secretary, AIRF, 4 State Entry Road, New Delhi
3. General Secretary, NFIR, 3 Chelmsford Road, New Delhi

NCJCM Staff Side, National Council Standing Committee, JCM

Cadre restructuring related Orders

Cadre restructuring proposal Agreement between Department and Union
Cadre restructuring order released on27th May 2016 after getting concurrence from ministry of finance and Ministry of Expenditure.

Consequent upon issues raised by various circles, directorate released clarification orders on 11th November 2016,

Order to fix pay on promotion to a post carrying higher duties and responsibilities but carrying the same grade pay

Orders for fixing officiating pay
If an official officiating in higher post for less than 14 days, he is not entitled for higher pay. However, even if the first spell is less than 14 days but subsequently extended, the official officiating in the higher post is entitled for higher pay as per the Directorate letter No. 9-25/82-SPG/SPB II dt. 29.05.86. 

GST: Customs proposes e-way bill for goods worth Rs 50,000 in transit

NEW DELHI: Moving goods worth more than Rs 50,000 under GST will require prior online registration of the consignment and securing an 'e-way bill' that tax officials can inspect anytime during the transit to check tax evasion. 

The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has issued draft rules on Electronic Way (e-way) bill that require registered entities to furnish, in a prescribed format, GST-Network (GSTN) website information relating to any goods worth more than Rs 50,000 they intend to move within a state or outside. 

GSTN will generate e-way bills that will be valid for 1-15 days, depending on distance to be travelled - one day being for 100 kilometres and 15 days for more than 1,000 km transit. 

"Upon generation of the e-way bill on the common portal, a unique e-way bill number (EBN) shall be made available to the supplier, the recipient and the transporter on the common portal," stated the draft norms. 

The person in-charge of conveyance will be required to carry the invoice or bill of supply or delivery challan, and a copy of the e-way bill or the e-way bill number, either physically or mapped to a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) embedded on to the conveyance. 

The rules authorise the tax commissioner or an officer empowered by him on his behalf to intercept any conveyance to verify the e-way bill or the number in physical form for all inter-state and intra-state movement of goods. 

Physical verification of conveyances can be carried out on specific information of evasion of tax, as per the rules. 

The officer will be required to submit a summary report of every inspection of goods in transit within 24 hours and the final report within three days of inspection. 

"Where a vehicle has been intercepted and detained for a period exceeding 30 minutes, the transporter may upload the said information in (prescribed form) on the common (GSTN) portal," said the guidelines. 

Nangia & Co Director (Indirect Taxation) Rajat Mohan believes that the e-Way bill will give respite to countless transporters as now any transporter whose vehicle has been intercepted and detained for a period exceeding 30 minutes, he may upload the said information on the GSTN portal. 

Analysts said this provision will act as a two-way sword as now accountability of the tax officer intercepting the vehicle will increase, but at the same time it will give opportunity to the transporter to file complaint. 

"I believe electronic way bills would be the final nail in the coffin for people dealing in black markets or in the unorganised sector," Mohan said. 

These e-way bills will also come with a mechanism for self-check where every registered supplier will have to pre-inform the government about the location of goods to be transported, which will also be re-confirmed by the transporter, he added. 

Although the draft e-way rules did not specify what documents will have to be filled in the bill, experts said the consigner will have to give the name and address of both the sender and receiver of the goods. 

Also, they will be required to give description of the goods, its valuation and weight. 

The government has already come out with nine set of GST rules earlier this month and today unveiled two set of rules for 'assessment and audit' and 'electronic way bills'. 

Mohan said the government is eyeing world-class implementation of GST. 

"A country like India where per capital GDP is still comparable to countries like Nigeria and the Philippines, Ease of Doing Business Index 2017 still says we are at 130th position in the world. With such background, is it economically viable and beneficial to implement GST in highly automated environment? Does infrastructure at Indian tier-II and tier-III cities ready to implement GST?" Mohan wondered.

Delegation of powers to Ministries/ Departments for payment of sitting Fee

Delegation of powers to Ministries/ Departments for payment of sitting Fee in respect of Non-officials of committees/ Panels / 'Boards etc.

To view Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) OM No. 19047/10/2016-E-IV dated 12-04-2017 please Click Here.

Offering GDS vacant posts to Casual Labourers before filling them by open market recruitment

Central Head Quarters
2151/1, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, New Patel Road, New Delhi – 110008

No. AIPCPCCWF/2017 Dated - 11.04.2017

Shri. B. V. Sudhakar
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001

Sub: - Offering GDS vacant posts to Casual Labourers before filling them by open market recruitment.
As per the clarification orders issued by Directorate on 17.05.1989 vide memo no. 45-24/88-SPB-I which was reiterated on 17.06.2016 vide Directorate memo no. 2-53/2011-PCC, all those working on casual basis are called casual labourers.
Directorate has issued clear instructions to all Circles to offer the vacant GDS posts, first to eligible casual labourers before resorting to open market recruitment. But contrary to the instruction of Directorate, many Circles have called for applications from open market candidates to fill up vacant GDS Posts, without offering the posts to eligible casual labourers. The open recruitment notification was issued on 02.01.2017 vide Directorate memo no. 17-23/2016-GDS.

As per the existing orders of the Directorate Casual labourers appointed prior to 01.09.1993 are eligible to apply for GDS posts and also MTS posts. In all Divisions, casual labourers appointed prior to 01.09.1993 are available, who satisfy the other eligibility conditions for recruitment also. By notifying entire GDs vacancies for open market recruitment, the department has denied the legitimate right of the casual labourers to get absorbed at least as GDS.

Further, it may be stated that the 10th Std. educational qualification for casual labourers is relaxed for recruitment to the post of MTS. Hence the same relaxation may be made applicable for recruitment of casual labourers in vacant GDs posts also.

It is once again requested to offer the GDS posts to eligible casual labourers, before resorting to open market recruitment.

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)
Member, Standing Committee
National Council JCM
& National President AIPCPCCWF

Solution to COD amount non-remittance

Issue : 
Non-remittance of COD Amount to sender even Postman-Supervisor-Tools-ParcelCODStatus is showing "Data transmitted from this office"
In Parcelnet, Parcelnet delivered will be updated but ePayment delivered will not be updated.
Root Cause: While doing COD Data Entry, Booking date is not changed to original booking date from default date (which is 01/11/2016) and such articles are treated as "Legacy Data" by ePayment Server.

Solution : CEPT provided an EXL to update BDate and other necessary changes in ePayment database
Thanks to C.SuJith KumAr Postal Assistant Nizamabad H.O Nizamabad Division
Download by using below link

Cadre Restructuring and BPEF

Dear friends,

Some important points and developments for discussion and introspection on Cadre Restructuring.

1)We all know that during April 2014 when Parliament election was round the corner, DOP has signed Cadre Restructuring with two non BPEF unions.

2)The details of implementation, its implications , advantages and disadvantages to officials were not assessed.

3)Now implementation process is started. identification posts were started from Orissa, Karnataka,Tamilnadu etc.
Accordingly Number of A,B and C class SOs were identified as LSG and HSG ll 
4)Now it is clear that these cadre Restructured LSG and HSG ll are not equal to existing Norm based LSG posts.

5)The existing Norm based LSG are fully supervisory duties with more then 3 PAs to perform Operative duties and SPM LSG is fully operative.
6)But in the Cadre Restructured LSG the promoted officials has to perform Operative duties only as no separate staff is available for the operative work in existing C and B class,which now treated as LSG under Cadre Restructuring 

7)The pay scale of LSG is old Grade pay 2800/-. There are large number of MACP I, II, III officials with Grade pay of 2800/- ,4200/- and 4600/- are available in each Division eligible to be posted to those posts.Their number is almost double the posts created. 

8)Naturally there will be no financial benefit for another 5-10 years as existing MACP officials will be posted to those posts and new MACP I will be added every year.

9)As already discussed there will no changes in duties from operative to Supervisor OR no monetary benefit. Then why this anti employees agreement is Signed. 

10)The initial implementation of Cadre Restructuring will lead to transfer and shifting of large section of staff from one post to another and also from one place to another.Some officials will be even promoted and posted outside the division. Both Seniors, Juniors will be equally hit hard and will be put in to lot of hardship and inconvenience, adversely affecting their family and personal life.

11)Department will also face lot of problem due to large scale movement and dislocation of trained, skilled , experience staff to faraway places.

12) This will results in negative impact on adopting new technology, improving business and service to members of public.

Therefore from the day one Bharatiya union (BPEF) has vigorously taken up the issue with Secty DOP.

A detailed memorandum was submitted highlighting the concern of staff on 08/03/17 itself. 

Secty Genl and Genl Secty have personal met Dop Secty and other top officers on 17/03/17 to highlight the issue.

From 07/04/17 to 13/04/17 BPEF Secty Genl along with other leaders had 3-4 meetings with officers concerned.

Many doubts and clarification were exchanged during those talks. The issues are yet to be resolved.

The changes in the orders also requires consent of Department of expenditure also.

In addition BPEF has noticed that the orders of Cadre Restructuring approved by Expenditure Dept is Not notified in the Govt of India Gazette. 

Earlier Fast Track promotion and Postmaster Grade promotion were duly notified in Govt of India Gazette. Hence BPEF feels that the orders issued and action taken so far is irregular and not in accordance to Rules and procedures.BPEF has brought the matter to the notice of concerned.

Next week also BPEF Secty Genl will continue his efforts to reach an employees friendly solution to this important issue 

If the Cadre Restructuring is implemented in its present form the entire PA cadre staff will permanently suffer with untold hardship.

Therefore I request all right thinking staff to support the sincere efforts of BPEF expressing solidarity with our leaders efforts and genuine fight for good.

Thanking you.

BS Ranganatha.
Asst Genl Secty BPEA P3
and President Karnataka circle at Hassan 573201 karnataka .dtd 14/04/2017.

Limited Transfer Facility to GDS - Committee Recommendations

Limited Transfer Facility to Gramin Dak Sevak 
The Committee recommends relaxing the Limited Transfer Facility of GDS on request with following salient features.