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Now, make Aadhaar corrections at post offices

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In order to facilitate Aadhaar holders to make corrections and updates on their UID numbers, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has entered into an MOU with India post under which updates for Aadhaar are made available at post offices.
Starting from Friday such facility centres have been launched in eight major post offices, including the General Post Office (GPO) on Ambedkar Veedhi in Central Bengaluru. From July 10, the service will be extended to sub post offices across the state. Hitherto, the updates for Aadhaar were attended by private agencies appointed by UIDAI at enrollment centres.

Pronab Mohanty, deputy director general, UIDAI, participated in the inaugural event at Bengaluru GPO, and said the Authority is done with most of the enrollments in the country and the focus now is on updating it. Mohanty said updates for Aadhaar at post offices will help common man as the spread of the post offices is good (24,000 post offices across the country) and they do have suitable IT infrastructure as well.

Patna’s iconic GPO turns 100 today

PATNA: The city's iconic general post office (GPO), a marvelous example of British architecture, will turn 100 on Saturday.

It was in 1915 that Viceroy Lord Charles Hardinge laid the stone of the building, the construction of which was ordered by the then ruling East India Company. Designed by English architect Joseph P Munnings, the building saw the GPO function from July 1, 1917 for Bihar and Orissa province after its separation from Bengal Presidency in April 1912.
It was in 1915 that Viceroy Lord Charles Hardinge laid the stone of the building, the construction of which was ordered by the then ruling East India Company. Designed by English architect Joseph P Munnings, the building saw the GPO function from July 1, 1917 for Bihar and Orissa province after its separation from Bengal Presidency in April 1912.

GPO officials said the post office premises was initially sprawled over an area of 22 acres of land and had four gardens. The Gothic Revival style structure was later spread to 2.5 lakh sq ft from 1.93 lakh sq ft. The original structure had three porticos facing north, south and east. The western flank was added later.

The biggest eastern portico functioned as the main entry. The heritage building, initially intended to house 16 employees, now comfortably houses almost 296 officials.

The first floor houses 14 halls, huge even by colonial standards. The chief postmaster's office is now located in the central portion, while just underneath it is the deputy postmaster's office. The ground floor houses seven rooms and four massive halls with counter areas. One multipurpose hall houses the counters of all the mail and booking services, while the other three counter halls deal with financial services, staff and philately, respectively. A separate area for 96 postmen, along with mail, delivery and parcel sections are housed in seven other rooms in the ground floor near the southern side. Separate counter areas exist for senior citizens and students in the northern side of the building
Serving as an important economic and administrative link between United Provinces of Agra & Oudh and Bengal Presidency, Patna GPO was a major postal centre of EIC.

Officials said the first post office of the province was near Hazaribagh, currently in Jharkhand, and not in either of the administrative capitals of Patna or Puri. The first post office in official records of Patna was near Anishabad area, which later shifted to Bankipore, 150 metres away from the original GPO structure. The post office of Bankipore area, housing the Bankipore Jail and the current railway junction, after the 1917 construction moved to Muradabad area on Ashok Rajpath.

With the advent of information technology, one can question the utility of the postal department. However, chief postmaster general of Patna GPO, Anil Kumar, said, "As long as we keep ourselves relevant to the times, postal department will never decay. We have started banking, passport, employee exchange and UID services for the people. We tried reaching seven remote districts of Bihar to offer passport services and garnered a lot of support. We will offer these services at 30 districts across the state by the end of this year."

GST % Configuration in MM Treasury Module

Treasury Module GST Configuration for Post Offices
The following percentage may be configured in the MM Treasury Module to complete the GST Configuration. Total GST is 18%.

Click below link to know the GST Configuration in Point of Sale 7.9.8

Speednet 4.5 Update 1 - Bag Closing & Day end Error and Solution

Sir, After the updation of Speednet 4.5 Update 1, we are unable to get the bag report after bag closing. Kindly give a solution.
Please download the attached zip file, unzip the contents and execute the DB Scripts using Meghdoot Scripter after taking database backups. Then login to SpeedNet and check bag closing option for the recurrence of reported error.
  • Take Backup of databases pertaining to Speed Net Module.
  • Update Using Script Tool.
  • Raise ticket with CEPT through HDMS incase of any issue.

Temporary GST Number may be given in Point of Sale if not allotted

M.P circle has instructed to allot temporary GST Number if not allotted. They can change the GST Number.

GDS Pay Committee implementation – an update & AIPEU-GDS programme of action

GDS members are requested to book their journey tickets in time to reach Delhi on 27th July 2017

An internal committee is being constituted by the Department of Posts to pursue the recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee for GDS relating to allowances and other general recommendations.
In respect of pay related issues, viz., TRCA, increment, retirement benefits i.e, Severance Amount and SDBS, welfare etc., the total financial implications were worked out and forwarded to Minister for approval.

We are expecting the nomenclature of old TRCA shall be dispensed with ‘pay’ and similarly other ‘severance amount’ etc,. After obtaining the approval from the Minister, the file will be sent to nodal Ministries.

At last, a cabinet note prepared after return of the file from the nodal Ministries and will be placed in the cabinet for approval.

The delay over six months for submission to Minister is deplorable. If this kind of delay continues, it will take more months to finalize the approval.

We have left with no alternative to strengthen our agitation and all GDS shall join the ‘March to Sanchar Bhawan’ on 27-07-2017 to exercise pressure to the Govt and the Department.

Be prepare to 
‘March to Sanchar Bhawan’ on 27-07-2017

Cabinet's decision on Allowance to Central Government Employees

RPC Error in Point of Sale Submit Account & Postman DB Not available error


exec sp_serveroption @server='MYSERVER', @optname='rpc', @optvalue='true'
exec sp_serveroption @server='MYSERVER', @optname='rpc out', @optvalue='true'

Instruction on revised interest rate in DOP Finacle

Dear Sir/Madam

I am directed by competent authority to convey the following

New Small Savings Interest rates with respect to TD, MIS, SCSS, NSC, PPF and SSA schemes have been configured in Finacle with reference to the rates received wef 01/07/2017. 

As per orders of Directorate, Opening of NEW ACCOUNTS IN RD/KVP/NSC has been disabled temporarily till receipt of fresh maturity tables from Ministry/Directorate.

Hence opening of NEW ACCOUNTS in RD/KVP/NSC with account open date as 01/07/2017 or later, will not be allowed till the interest rates are configured.
Infosys has been asked to put up an appropriate ticker in Finacle regarding disablement of account opening in RD, KVP and NSC for the information of the users accessing the application from 01/07/2017.

This may please be brought to the notice of Post offices immediately

Thanks and Regards
Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Chennai 600 002

Solution for Point of Sale v7.9.8 receipt printing

Revised Point of Sale v7.9.8 dated 01.07.2017 - Download
Point of Sale barcode printing error fixed by replacing the above revised Point of Sale exe given CEPT.
To Download latest version of MM 7.9.8 click below link

Structure of GST Identification Number

Let’s understand the structure of GST Identification Number:

Every taxpayer will be assigned a state-wise PAN-based Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN) which will be 15 digit long.The first two digits of GSTIN will represent the state code according to Indian Census 2011. Each state has a unique two digit code like “27” for Maharashtra and “10” for Bihar.The next ten digits of GSTIN will be the PAN number of the taxpayer.13th digit indicates the number of registrations an entity has within a state for the same PAN. 
It will be an alpha-numeric number (first 1-9 and then A-Z) and will be assigned on the basis of number of registrations a legal entity (having the same PAN) has within one state. 

For example, if a legal entity has single or one registration only within a state then it will be assigned the number “1” as 13th digit of the GSTIN. If the same legal entity gets another or second registration for a second business vertical within the same state, then the 13th digit of GSTIN assigned to this entity will become “2”. Similarly, if an entity has 11 registrations in the same state then it will be assigned letter “B” in the 13th place. This way up to 35 business verticals of any legal entity can be registered within a state using this system.The fourteenth digit currently has no use and therefore will be “Z” by default.The last digit will be a check code which will be used for detection of errors.

Meghdoot update version 7.9.8 dated 01.07.2017 1130hours

Receipt Barcode missing problem has been resolved in this update. Please download the latest version by clicking the below link. Use Mirror link incase of FTP is not working.
Click below link to download from Google Drive.
Download from Google drive
Software Name : MM Update 7.9.8
Dated : Released on 30.06.2017 Modified on 01.07.2017 1130
Size :27.10MB

Status of the GDS Pay Committee Report.

PLI / RPLI Service Tax 01.07.2017 Table for BOs & Calculator for Computerised Offices

PLI / RPLI Service Tax 01.07.2017 Table for BOs 
Download LInk: Click Here
PLI / RPLI Service Tax 01.07.2017 Calculator for Computerised Offices:
Download Link: Click Here

Thanks to
Shri. Manu V R ​Postmaster Grade I 
Muvattupuzha Market PO-686673 
Aluva Division-Kerala​ 
​Mob: ​ 9496114743

GST Number for MM Update version 7.9.8

The Transactions are not possible in MM Module 7.9.8 without GST Number and GST Number is must for configuring and updating MM Modules. In Many Offices are configured with dummy number without any instructions it may cause a serious problem . 
Note: Point of Sale accepts any number as GST as there is no validation.
Before that we placed sample receipt copy of POS Booking Just for information
GST Updated Receipt
GST Number:
Provisional ID allotted for Postmaster Vaikom HO by the Commercial Tax Department and the copy of letter is reproduced here for information.
GST Number : 15digit
Type : Alba Numeric 
Bugs in the MM Update:
MM Update is released by CEPT without proper testing and validation checks due to time factor. It has some bugs it will be fixed in upcoming releases.

  • Barcode is not printing in MM v7.9.8
  • GST Number validation is also not deployed in this version.

Get Revised version of MM update by clicking the below link

Ready Reckoner for PLI & RPLI service Tax FY@4.5, Renewal@2.25

Click below link download Ready reckoner for PLI & RPLI service tax @4.5 and @2.25 in pdf format.
Download Ready Recknoner @2.25
thanks to THIMMESHA M SA Shimoga DVN 577217

Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner – To know the Difference between 6th CPC and 7th CPC

We are in the process of Preparing Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner to know the amount of TA to be paid in 7th pay Commission.

In our previous Post, [ See ]We have brought one issue to the light that the Government Servants placed in Level 1 and Level 2 and Pay in PB equivalent to 7440 and above in Sixth CPC will be getting less amount of Transport Allowance in 7th CPC than 6th CPC.

Transport Allowance Rates in Sixth CPC

There were Five Grade pay Levels in PB-I ie Rs.1800, Rs.1900, Rs.2000 and Rs.2400 and Rs.2800 All these GPs were brought under one Group for Transport Allowance at Lower rate, subject to not exceeding Rs.7440 Pay in the Pay band
In Sixth CPC those who were in the category of GP below 4200 and Pay band below 7440 were entitled for TA only at the Rate of Rs.600+DA for A1/A cities and Rs.300+DA for other cities. But The sixth CPC had relaxed the condition for this Group to get Transport Allowance at the next higher rate of Rs.1600 for A1/A cities and Rs.800 for other cities. Those who Reached the Rs.7440 PB level and above were entitled for the above-mentioned rates.

Groups realigned for Higher TA rates

Now, the 7th CPC might have thought that there is no point in Keeping the GP 2000, GP 2400, GP 2800 Levels at Lower TA rate, as they would become entitled for next higher rate of Transport Allowance at the initial stage itself. So it was a wise decision to bring them into the Group that is eligible for Transport Allowance at the rate of Rs.3600 +DA [Higher TPTA Cities] and Rs.1800+DA [other Places] in 7th CPC.

But, though the lowest Two Grade Pay Levels (Pre-Revised Rs.1800 GP and 1900 GP) are made eligible for TA @ Rs.1350+DA [ Higher TPTA Cities] and Rs.900+DA [Other Places] in 7th CPC, there are cases that some Govt Servants those were in 1900 GP and crossed 7440 were drawing TA at the rate of 1600+DA in Sixth CPC. Now they will be entitled for TA at the rate of Rs.1350+DA in Seventh CPC.

Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner Coming soon

So it will be useful, if Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner for both Sixth CPC and 7th CPC is available. So that we can find the difference between amount of TA in Revised and Pre-Revised Rates. We are currently in the process of finalising Transport Allowance Ready Reckoner. We will publish the 7th CPC TA Ready Reckoner as soon as possible.

AICPIN for the month of May 2017 – Expected DA Almost Final!

The official Press Release has been released by the Labour Bureau today on its official portal, the index has increased by one point and stands at 278. Expected Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief for Central Government Employees and Pensioners is almost decided to hike by 1 percent with effect from 1st July 2017. The total DA and DR from 1.7.2017 may be revised as 5%.
The image of the Press Release is given below for your further reference…

Promotion orders of PA cadre to LSG PO General Line Cadre of HQ Region Ahmedabad consequent upon the Cadre Restructuring