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GDS Pay Commission Report : Latest Position

GDS file is still with MOF, last week Department replied to all the queries raised by the MOF. It is expected that the MOF may clear the file within fifteen days. Other formalities may take ten to twenty days. We expect that GDS commission report will be implemented either in the last week of September or in the First week of October 2017.                     

Paytm rebrands Postcard service to Lifafa after India Post notice

The company has now rebranded its service to Lifafa after India Post had sent a legal notice to the company asking it stop using the term ‘postcard’.
Paytm, during the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, introduced a new service known as Postcard, which allowed users to gift money to others on special occasions. However, the company has now rebranded its service to Lifafa after India Post had sent a legal notice to the company asking it stop using the term ‘postcard’.
The company says that its service registered a strong surge in transactions for its Rakhi theme and the company says that the service has registered half a million transactions in three weeks. Users can also send cash to each other using various other themes wherein Thank You, Lucky You and Best Wishes have emerged as the more popular ones, says the company.

“Paytm Lifafa offering has gained a lot of traction within a short period of time. We are rebranding it to ‘Lifafa’, a native word that holds a strong emotional connect and social relevance across generations. This will help in further establishing our payments offering as the go-to platform to send money instantly,” said, Deepak Abbot, Snr. Vice President – Paytm.

The whole incident came into limelight when India Post sent a notice to Paytm to stop using the name. As per the IPO Act and established rules and regulations, only India Post is authorized to use the term ‘Postcard’ and the usage of the word is an infringement of the terms and conditions.

Challenges faced by the rural Postal employees in India Post - NUGDS

P.U, Muraleedhan,, General secretary, NUGDS

Pradhan Mantri JeevanJyoti Bima Yojana Advertisement Tree By Amitabh Bachchan

99.31% India Post Complaints have been Resolved August 2016 till date

Documentary Powering Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana with Data Intelligence

Disable USB Port on Windows

Disable USB Ports on Windows

Most of us have come across a situation where we need to disable the USB Port at offices for various reasons. Mostly to protect computers from viruses and to protect our data from being stolen. So, in this tutorial, I will try to explain various methods to enable / disable USB Port on any version on Windows OS

The common methods used to block USB Port are 

1. Changing the Registry Values

2. Disabling USB Device Manager

3. Uninstalling Your USB Mass Storage Drivers

Method 1: Disable USB Port by Changing the Registry

This is the simplest method. In this method, the registry value is changed so that it will disable the USB port. 

1.Go to Run (Win+R)
2.Type Regedit
3. Go to
4. In USBSTOR, double click on start
Change the value data to 4 to disable the USB Port
Change the value data to 3 to enable the USB Port when required
5. Click ok and close the Registry Editor.

Method 2: Disabling USB Device Manager

1. Go to Device manager (Right Click on My Computer and select Manage)
2. Select Device Manager from System Tools
3. Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers
4. Right Click on all USBC and disable all the drivers

Method 3: Uninstalling Your USB Mass Storage Drivers

Actually, this is an extension of above said method (Disabling USB Drivers Method). You need to do this if the above said two methods didn’t work for you. You need to uninstall all USBC drivers instead of disable as said in second method.

Please restart the computer after doing the above said methods for 100% results.

Hope you all understand the methods!!!

Sanoj P Raj
System Administrator
Palakkad Division, Kerala

Meet the Pune man who has Lord Ganesha icons from across the globe

“Ganesha is present across boundaries and is worshipped across the world,” said Vinayak Awate, philatelist and numismatist who has hundreds of stamps, stamp papers from countries having faith in Lord Ganesha. “I have stamps of Ganesha in various forms from Niger in Africa, Ceylon, Nepal, Czech Republic, Thailand, Indonesia and several other countries. It was interesting to find coins from these countries with Lord Ganesha as the currency,” he added.

This also means that the world is aware of what Lord Ganesha denotes – that he is the God of knowledge and prosperity. I was searching for Ganesha in forms of stamps, currencies and miniatures, so when I found Ganesha in other countries, I was surprised and it felt great to find these unique stamps and other paraphernalia. Awate started collecting stamps specifically on Ganesha from the age of 15. “I was born on Chaturthi and I was named after Ganesha, besides I was fascinated with the ‘God of knowledge’ that led me to search more about him,” he said.
Besides stamps, he also collects coins and has coins from South India. These are from Hindu and Muslim kings, mainly known as Madurai Nayaka, interestingly these coins all have Ganesha. These belong to the 6th and 7th century. The coins are of metal, mostly copper with die-cast.
Indian postcards with pictures of the elephant god. (Ravindra Joshi/HT PHOTO)

“While collecting, I came across an Indonesian note with Ganesha prominently displayed, and a Thai coin with Ganesha. Both countries have temples and worship Ganesha,” he said. Besides these, Awate also has stamps and stamp papers of the Indian princely states – Sangli, Miraj, Kurundwad, Wadi, Jamkhandi and Pipoloda from Madhya Pradesh, all of them have Ganesha printed on it. “All the above states except Piploda, had Ganesha as their Kuldaivat and hence, it was widely used in their court fee stamp papers, revenue stamps,” he said.
Czech Republic stamp bearing Ganesha picture. (HT PHOTO)

Pratisad Neurgaonkar, another philatelist from the city, also has Ganesha special postal covers issued by the India Post. India does not have stamps as far as Ganpati stamps are concerned, but they bring out special covers and customised greeting cards, like in 2002 Shrimant Dadgusheth Halwai Ganpati, while Lalbaugcha Raja special cover came out in 2016. “It is assumed that we are secular and we cannot issue any religious stamps. We also have stamps released in the US customised to show Ganesha,” he said.

“Basically, Ganesha is very popular from all ages, and he is the most worshipped everywhere. Traditionally, everyone has a Ganesha. When I found out that other countries are issuing stamps, it’s a different feeling and it is so unique that every philatelist will like to own one and display it,” he said.

His daughter Urja is following his footsteps, and is keen on becoming a philatelist with repute, with her recently winning a silver in an international philately exhibition.

Ancient coins of south India bearing pictures of Ganesha. (HT PHOTO)

Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) terminals provided in Post Offices

Computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) terminals provided in Post Offices

Applying Leaves in CSI Platform

Click below link to Download Procedure to apply leave in CSI

Atal Pension Yojana Advertisement - India Post

Additional benefit on death/disability of Government servant covered by NPS


New Delhi, Dated: 23.08.2017.

The GMs/FA&CAOs,
All Zonal Railways/Production Units.

Subject: Additional benefit on death/disability of Government servant covered by New Pension System — clarification regarding.

Please refer to the instructions issued vide Board’s letters No. 2008/AC-II/21/19, dated 29.05.2009, No.2010/AC-II/21/18 dated 02.07.2013 and 13.07.2010, letters of even number dated 08.09.2014 and 13.01.2016 on the above mentioned subject.
2.Now, one of the recognized Federations (NFIR) have again raised the issue of non-compliance of the above instructions by Zonal Railways and reluctance on the part of Railways in providing additional relief to the widows of NPS subscribers/ NPS subscribers who have been declared invalidated. The Federation have also stated that Zonal administrations are not taking initiatives to ensure additional relief in terms DOP&PW’s D.M. dated 05.05.2009 and that they are reluctant in providing additional relief on death and disability of NPS subscribers.

3.It is once again reiterated that the aforesaid instructions may be followed scrupulously and to review all the cases for ensuring the payment of family pension, disability pension and extra-ordinary pension to the NPS subscribers in case of death/disability. Further, Zonal Railways are also advised to sensitize the administration at lower level towards the problems faced by the employees and their families.


(G.Priya Sudarsani)
Joint Director, Finance (Estt.),
Railway Board.

Air India LTC-80 Fare with effect from 01 August 2017

Air India LTC-80 Fare with effect from August 2017 – Applicable for Air Tickets purchased by Central Government Employees, PSU Employees and Staff of Central Universities for availing Leave Travel Concession

Air India LTC-80 Fare with effect from August 2017
Base Fare Base Fare
Agartala Kolkata 5741 12601
Agatti Bengaluru 10141
Agatti Kochi 10421
Agra Delhi 7531 18636
Agra Khajuraho 5741 11001
Agra Varanasi 6796 15872
Ahmedabad Chennai 10376 33856
Ahmedabad Delhi 8150 22948
Ahmedabad Hyderabad 9226 25124
Ahmedabad Mumbai 6201 18792
Aizawl Imphal 6316 11800
Aizawl Kolkata 6476 13853
Allahabad Delhi 8391
Allahabad Kanpur 7531
Allahabad Mumbai 12351
Amritsar Delhi 6216 18840
Amritsar Mumbai 13461 35400
Amritsar Nanded 13461 35400
Aurangabad Delhi 10951 27872
Aurangabad Mumbai 6301 17880
Bagdogra Delhi 12666 27720
Bagdogra Kolkata 7286 17840
Bhatinda Delhi 6901
Bengaluru Bhubaneshwar 11001 33340
Bengaluru Chennai 6551 13396
Bengaluru Delhi 13551 40276
Bengaluru Goa 7001 20056
Bengaluru Guwahati 16001 44668
Bengaluru Hubli 6671
Bengaluru Hyderabad 7301 21556
Bengaluru Kochi 6351 14032
Bengaluru Kolkata 13351 37072
Bengaluru Mangalore 6786
Bengaluru Mumbai 9001 21644
Bengaluru Mysore 6351
Bengaluru Pune 8034 21368
Bengaluru Tirupati 7071
Bengaluru Trivandrum 7301 16948
Bengaluru Vijayawada 7101
Bengaluru Vishakhapatnam 9836
Bhavnagar Mumbai 6786
Bhopal Delhi 6651 22520
Bhopal Hyderabad 7900
Bhopal Indore 6131 12732
Bhopal Jabalpur 6901
Bhopal Mumbai 7206 23880
Bhopal Pune 7101
Bhopal Raipur 7180
Bhubaneshwar Delhi 11951 33133
Bhubaneshwar Hyderabad 9301 23120
Bhubaneshwar Kolkata 6216 18680
Bhubaneshwar Mumbai 12351 35108
Bhubaneshwar Port Blair 14166
Bhubaneshwar Varanasi 8550 23880
Bhubaneshwar Vishakhapatnam 6551
Bhuj Mumbai 8391
Chandigarh Delhi 6151 18668
Chandigarh Jammu 6901
Chandigarh Leh 6551 14032
Chandigarh Mumbai 11786 35400
Chandigarh Pune 11786 35400
Chennai Coimbatore 7171 17120
Chennai Delhi 12106 40044
Chennai Goa 8161 21052
Chennai Hyderabad 6301 18328
Chennai Kochi 7101 19312
Chennai Kolkata 11516 36144
Chennai Madurai 6101 17012
Chennai Mumbai 11521 27680
Chennai Portblair 12361 33312
Chennai Pune 10001 26752
Chennai Trivandrum 7451 19320
Coimbatore Delhi 13401 41944
Coimbatore Mumbai 10951 27480
Dehradun Delhi 7071 17560
Dehli Dharamsala 6671
Dehli Durgapur 12011 33992
Delhi Gaya 9001 23844
Delhi Goa 12471 33580
Delhi Gorakhpur 7206
Delhi Guwahati 13461 34224
Delhi Gwalior 6901 12774
Delhi Hyderabad 11351 34280
Delhi Imphal 12731 38320
Delhi Indore 6701 20988
Delhi Jabalpur 8251
Delhi Jaipur 5401 18040
Delhi Jammu 6251 19156
Delhi Jodhpur 7556 19100
Delhi Kanpur 7171
Delhi Khajuraho 7501 19996
Delhi Kochi 16001 44988
Delhi Kolkata 12011 34920
Delhi Kozhikode 13701 40344
Delhi Kullu 8151
Delhi Leh 7351 20192
Delhi Lucknow 6671 18840
Delhi Mangalore 13551 40276
Delhi Mumbai 11901 31680
Delhi Nagpur 9321 23038
Delhi Pantnagar 6151
Delhi Patna 9301 23440
Delhi Port Blair 25166 44988
Delhi Pune 12351 37192
Delhi Raipur 10001 28272
Delhi Rajkot 11251 26856
Delhi Ranchi 11761 27800
Delhi Shimla 7001
Delhi Srinagar 8051 22684
Delhi Surat 11251 26856
Delhi Tirupati 12666 38320
Delhi Trivandrum 15806 44988
Delhi Udaipur 7636 23000
Delhi Vadodra 9201 25796
Delhi Varanasi 7531 22600
Delhi Vijayawada 11516 34194
Delhi Vishakhapatnam 13351 36196
Dibrugarh Dimapur 5101 11276
Dibrugarh Kolkata 9551 18312
Dimapur Kolkata 7951 16827
Diu Mumbai 6901
Durgapur Kolkata 6253 17880
Gaya Kolkata 6351 14550
Gaya Varanasi 6701 12110
Goa Hyderabad 7101 19880
Goa Kochi 6851 19123
Goa Mumbai 7171 17120
Goa Pune 6386 17880
Guwahati Imphal 6751 17880
Guwahati Kolkata 6926 18280
Guwahati Lilabari 7001
Guwahati Silchar 7101
Guwahati Tezpur 5951
Gwalior Mumbai 10551 23946
Hubli Mumbai 6671
Hyderabad Jabalpur 7900
Hyderabad Kolkata 12646 33340
Hyderabad Mumbai 7101 19696
Hyderabad Pune 7081 18912
Hyderabad Tirupati 6506 17880
Hyderabad Varanasi 11761 27456
Hyderabad Vijayawada 6901 17880
Hyderabad Vishakhapatnam 6796 17880
Imphal Kolkata 6131 14480
Indore Mumbai 6331 17128
Jaipur Mumbai 10001 24316
Jaipur Jodhpur 7031 16280
Jammu Leh 6736 17880
Jammu Srinagar 6253 17880
Jamnagar Mumbai 7031 16280
Jodhpur Mumbai 9836 24180
Khajuraho Varanasi 6786 19480
Kochi Kozhikode 6253 17880
Kochi Mumbai 11351 28068
Kochi Trivandrum 6151 10804
Kolkata Lilabari 9950
Kolkata Mumbai 12136 38000
Kolkata Port Blair 14021 33708
Kolkata Ranchi 6386
Kolkata Shillong 7331
Kolkata Silchar 6851 14228
Kolkata Tezpur 7001
Kolkata Varanasi 7951
Kozhikode Mumbai 11250 29536
Leh Srinagar 6453 17880
Lucknow Mumbai 11001 33340
Madurai Mumbai 10801 30284
Mangalore Mumbai 7936 20552
Mumbai Nagpur 6851 19892
Mumbai Raipur 11650 26396
Mumbai Rajkot 7131 17880
Mumbai Ranchi 12701 34160
Mumbai Surat 6151
Mumbai Trivandrum 13151 30552
Mumbai Udaipur 6636 22280
Mumbai Varanasi 12646 31221
Mumbai Vishakhapatnam 12051 30016
Port Blair Vishakhapatnam 12646 29621
Pune Raipur 9301
Raipur Nagpur 7031 16280
Raipur Vishakhapatnam 6101 15999
Rajkot Surat 6151 18508
Silchar Tezpur 5951
Tirupati Vijayawada 6551
Tirupati Vishakhapatnam 6651
Vijayawada Vishakhapatnam 6901

Remarks Notings
1 a) Fare Basis 'ZAP' with minimum 7 days advance purchase restriction.
E90S, SAP60, SAP20, TAP15, TAP8, TAP4 Fares Levels are Advance Purchase Fares which are available for sale upto 90 days, 60 days, 20 days, 15 days, 8 days, 4 days respectively in advance before schedule date of departure of the flight.
b) *Some flights/sectors may not have the Advance Purchase restrictions and
*Some Sectors are currently non-operating
2 Flight Routing D- Direct flight to destination.
V- Via Flight to Destination with stop/stops without change of aircraft
Link - Connecting Flight to Destination with a change of aircraft at a transit point
3 Taxes, Fee Charges
In addition to the above fares, Passenger Service fee, Airport Development Fee (wherever applicable) and Service Tax would apply.
a) Passenger Service fee (WO) is Rs. 245/-
(b) Ex Hyderabad where it is Rs. 236/- (c) Ex Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Thiruvananthapuram, Chandigarh Kolkata is Rs.154/-
b) User Development Fee (IN) (a)Ex Jaipur, Vishakapatnam, Amritsar, Udaipur Varanasi where it is Rs.177/-, Guwahati Rs. 392/-, Ahmedabad Rs. 130/-, Kolkata Rs. 530/-, Chennai Rs. 196/-, Lucknow Rs. 463/-, Hyderabad Rs. 508/-, Mangalore Rs. 161/-, Bengaluru : Rs. 362/-, Thiruvananthapuram Rs. 531/-.
(b) UDF from Delhi : Rs. 12/-
(c) UDF from Chandigarh : Distance upto 305 Km - Rs. 295/- more than 305 Km - Rs. 767/-.
(d) Airport Development Fee ( YM ) ex Mumbai Rs. 142/-.
(e) RCF - Regional Air-Connectivity Fund : Rs. 70/- Ex all domestic stations except cat-II IIA stations.
c) Goods Service Tax (GST) as applicable would be additional :- (a) in Economy 5% (b) in First Business 12%
d) Goods Service Tax on RCS fares are as applicable would be additional :- 
(a) in Economy 5%
4 Fare Rules :
Fee for Refund/revalidation/re-issuance is levied as detailed under:effective 01st Jul'2017
RBD Re-Issuance / Including date change (plus applicable GST) Cancellation / Refund Fee (Plus applicable GST) No-Show (plus applicable GST)
First Class F A NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (less than 1 hour before departure)
Business class C, D J NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (less than 1 hour before departure)
Z INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (less than 1 hour before departure)
Economy Class Y NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) NIL (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (less than 1 hour before departure)
B M INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (less than 1 hour before departure)
H,K,Q,V, W,G,L U INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 1 hour before departure) INR.2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 1 hour before departure) *Non-Refundable (Basic fare forfeited) less than 1 hour before departure
T, S E Rs. 2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 24 hours before departure). Not Permitted less than 24 hours before departure Rs. 2500/- or basic fare wichever is lower (Till 24 hours before departure). Non-Refundable (Basic fare forfeited) less than 24 hours before departure *Non-Refundable (Basic fare forfeited) less than 24 hours before departure
(Penalty amount plus applicable Goods Service tax (GST) as per booking RBDs)
(a) Re-issuance of First class Business class ticket : 12% (GST) on reissuance amount.
(b) Re-issuance of Economy class ticket : 5% (GST) on reissuance amount, wherever applicable.
(c) Cancellation / Refund charges for First Business class ticket : 12% (GST) re-issuance amount, wherever applicable.
(d) Cancellation / Refund charges for Economy class ticket : 5% (GST) re-issuance amount, wherever applicable.
(e) No-show charges for First Business class : 12% (GST) of no-show fee, wherever applicable.
(f) No-show charges for Economy class : 5% (GST) of no-show fee, wherever applicable.
(g) No Re-validation or Cancellation Fee applicable on Infant Tickets.
* In terms of CAR issued by DGCA file no. 23-16/2016-AED effective 1st August 2016 Under no circumstances, the cancellation charges shall be more than the basic fare plus fuel surcharge. (In Air India on domestic Fuel charge is already merged with Basic Fare)
** No-Show charges waiver at airport for domestic sector for RBDs - H, K, Q, V, W, G, L, U, T, S E in case, the passenger has reported at the Airport,(after closure of counter but before departure of flight) for a Domestic sector, and only when passenger is being rolled over / travelling on the next available flight of Air India. in such case to facilitate a no-show passenger the waiver of no-show INR.3000/- plus 12% (GST) for business class ticket 5% (GST) for economy class ticket, to be authorised by the Airport Duty Manager at the time of flight only, and cannot be levied / waived at CBO.
Further, fare difference if any as per the RBD / Fare Basis available / applicable on the next available flight, will have to be charged from the passenger in addition to the no-show penalty, plus applicable (GST) as mentioned above.

a). Above Charges are applicable per coupon.
In case of 'non-refundable, Basic Fare will be forfeited.
b). In case of Re-issuance : Aplicable Charges and difference of fare if any are applicable.
c). LTC Tickets: Change/Refund Fee will be as applicable for highest Business or Economy Class fare
d). Armed Forces and related discounts : Change/ Refund Fee applicable for highest economy class fare. All categories of (Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, General Reserve Engineering Forces, War Disabled Officers, War Widows and Gallantry Award Tickets under RBD Y to H), (Armed Forces Bravery Award Tickets under RBD Y to E)
(B) :- The refund rules applicable to Link Fares on all RBDs are as under:
(A) Originating point:
1. Tickets issued on fares under: RBDs K to U
a) Refund - Permitted up to 1 hr before scheduled departure of the flight against a Refund Fee of - Rs. 2500/- on the fare component.
b) Refund of No-show ticket : Non Refundable (Basic fare)
(B) Intermediate Point :
In case of completion of part itinerary, a passenger desirous of claiming refund will be allowed to do so after deducting the applicable fare
on booked RBD, for the sector travelled along with the applicable Refund Fee plus applicable goods service tax(GST).

(C) :- In cases of Flight Disruptions:
(a) Alternate arrangements are made by the Airline- No Refund
(b) Passenger is taken back to the point of origin by the first available service - Full amount to be refunded.
(c) Own arrangement for the cancelled sector is made by the passenger(s): Refund of Basic fare of the cancelled sector in respective RBD along with unutilized non-airline taxes, if any.
(d) No Re-validation or Cancellation Fee applicable on Infant Tickets.

5 Applicable Fares as on 01st Aug'2017

6 **These fares are subject to Change without prior notice.**