Monday, September 11, 2017


Today on date 11.09.2017 in the forenoon I met the higher officers of the Department and enquired about the status of GDS committee. They told that some queries were raised by the Finance Ministry. Reply on those queries have been sent and it is in final stage and may be received in Directorate very soon.

After receipt from Finance Ministry implementation process will be started. The officers of Department have told that they will not make any delay in implementation of GDS Committee Report after receiving approval from Finance Ministry.

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

Test Check conducted by CAG to compare the quality of Speed Post with Private Couriers

Some Useful "T Codes" Which is Useful in CSI

Some Useful T Codes Which is Useful in CSI

"ZFBL3N"  TO view GL/Cash Balance of Post Office

"ZFR_DAY_NEW" To View Daily Account of Post Office

"ZBF07" To Upload Text file of Voucher Posting

"FB08" For Reversal entry of Docoument

"MIGO" For Movement of Stamps/Stationary

 "F-02"  For Single Entry of Document

"MB52" To view stamps/stationary

Finmin to initiate Budget exercise next week

Work on India’s first post-GST Union Budget 2018-19 will start next week with the finance ministry issuing timelines for different processes that will culminate with its presentation in February.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley arrived at the parliament on Wednesday for Budget.

It may also be the current government's last full-fledged Budget as general elections are due in 2019.

Even though independent India’s biggest tax reform of GST was implemented from July 1, the Budget for 2017-18 (April- March), had followed the practice of tax revenue projections under the heads of customs duty, central excise and service tax alongside direct tax numbers.

With excise duty and service tax being subsumed in the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the classifications will undergo change, an official said.

While a new classification for revenues to be accrued from GST will be included in the Budget for next fiscal, for the current year two sets of accounting may be presented - one for actual accruals during April-June for excise, customs and service tax, and the other for July-March period for GST and customs duty.

The official said that since the GST rates are decided by a GST Council, headed by Union Finance Minister and comprising of representatives of all states, the Budget for 2018-19 will not have any tax proposals concerning excise and service tax levies.

Only proposals for changes in direct taxes - both personal income tax and corporate tax, besides customs duty - are likely to be presented in the Budget along with new schemes and programmes of the government.

This will be Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's 5th Budget in a row.

It would also be the last full Budget of the BJP-led NDA government before the 2019 General Elections. As per practice a vote-on-account or approval for essential government spending for a limited period is taken in the election year and a full-fledged budget presented by the new government.

While P Chidambaram had presented the previous UPA government's vote- on-account in February 2014, Jaitley had presented a full budget in July that year.

The official said the finance ministry will next week issue the Budget circular and start consultations with other ministries from October for Revised Estimates (RE) of expenditure for the current fiscal.

The Budget Circular contains the timelines for submission of information of budget requirements to the Ministry of Finance along with prescribed formats.

The ministries will have to provide the actual money spent in 2016-17 along with the budget estimates and Revised Estimates for current fiscal.
Along with this, they have to give the Budget they are expecting for 2018-19 as well, the official added.

Scrapping a colonial-era tradition of presenting the Budget at the end of February, Jaitley had for the first time presented the annual accounts on February 1, 2017.

With the preponement of Budget, ministries are now allocated their budgeted funds from the start of the financial year beginning April.

This gives government departments more leeway to spend as well as allow companies time to adapt to business and taxation plans.

Previously, when the Budget was presented at the end of February, the three-stage Parliament approval process used to get completed some time in mid-May, weeks ahead of onset of monsoon rains.

This meant government departments would start spending on projects only from August-end or September, after the monsoon season ended.

Besides advancing the presentation date, the Budget scrapped the Plan and non-Plan distinction and merged the Railway Budget with it, ending a nearly century-long practice.


CSI Important information

CSI Important information and Materials

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Is it possible to Increase the 7th CPC Minimum Pay and Improve the Fitment Factor?

Is it possible to Increase the 7th CPC Minimum Pay and Improve the Fitment Factor? 
7th CPC Minimum Pay - Don't give false hope and drag the issues till next Pay Commission

Is it really possible to Increase the Minimum Pay and Improve the Fitment Factor even 18 Months after the resolution for Implementation of 7th CPC Recommendation issued ? 

What is that NCJCM Staff Side really wanted to convey to the Central Government Employees by posting such letters regarding Increasing of Minimum Pay and Improving of Fitment formula.
NCJCM Staff Side is the only hope and Final Destination for Central Government staffs to ask to settle their issues under negotiated settlement. But it seems that the Staff Side is not using this forum effectively to resolve the issues pertaining to the Central Government Employees.

The issues of HRA and Minimum pay are perfect examples of the failure of NCJCM Staff Side.

The central Government employees wouldn’t have faced such huge loss in payment of HRA if the same rate is implemented with effect from the date of Notification i.e 25.7.2016

When the Central Government was not even ready to reinstate the HRA at Sixth CPC rates, how come one expect that the Government will increase the Minimum Pay to Rs. 21000 or fitment factor from 2.57 to 3. Don’t give false hope and drag the issues till next Pay Commission.

PS Gr. B promotion under extended panel result against the vacancies of 2016-17

Directorate vide memo No. 9-14/2016-SPG dated 8-9-2017 has released the result of extended panal formed in the DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B against the vacancies of 2016-17
Sl. No. Name of the officer Present Circle Allotted Circle
1 Jayashree Bhattacharya West Bengal West Bengal
2 Goutam Gosh West Bengal West Bengal
3 K A Kalyanavardarajan Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
4 Prakash Chand Gautam Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh
5 S Shivaprakasam Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
6 P Rajendran Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
7 Balakrishna Kar Odisha Assam
8 S Gopinathan Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
9 K Selvaraj Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
10 Tapan Chakraborty West Bengal West Bengal
11 R N Sharma APS (Himachal Pradesh) APS
12 Mahadevappa Karbache Karnataka Karnataka
13 M Naganathan Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
14 R Swaminathan Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
15 Mohan Singh Meena Rajasthan Delhi
16 B Nanda Telengana Maharashtra
17 Ram Singh Rana Uttar Pradesh PTC, Saharanpur
CHQ congratulate all the above officers for their elevation to PS Gr. B cadre.