Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Dear Comrades,

The NFPE Federal Secretariat decided to continue the struggle programme on long pending charter of demands.
In the first phase, it is decided to conduct two days relay hunger fast infront of all divisional offices on 28th & 29th November 2017 with en mase participation of NFPE & AIPEU-GDS members. 

During the programme, it is requested to wear black badges / badges with demands with out fail.

Make the programme a grand success and report compliance to the respective CHQs at the earliest.

General Secretary

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GDS Conduct & Engagement Rules, 2011 : Rule 3A (iii) - Overview

Rule : A Sevak shall have to give an undertaking that he has other sources of income besides the allowances paid or to be paid by the Government for adequate means of livelihood for himself and his family.

Committee views :

• The Committee also found out during the visit to Circles that this condition is not being implemented in letter and spirit and merely exists on paper in most of the cases.

• This conditon exists in paper only.
• The declarations given by GDS were mostly not correct.

• No action has been taken by the Dept.for submitting incorrect declarations.

• How alternative means of livelihood is available to GDSs who come to work from outside the post village due to changed residence condition ?

• The employeers who hire labours for different works in the rural areas ,will not hire GDSs for 2-3 hours in a day after working hours of GDS Post Office.

• A large percentage of GDSs are now solely dependent upon the wages which they receive from the Department.

Finally, the Committee feels that this condition needs to be changed appropriately which suits the requirements of the Department as well as GDSs.

Department View :

• After examining all these issues, Directorate dont want to made any changes in this rule and hence they are in the view that " the maximum working hours is restricted to 5 hours according to Rule 3A(i) , there is no logic seen in taking away this condition.

NUGDS(FNPO) stand :
• Both these rules i.e, 3A(i) & 3A(iii) are interlinked 

• We submitted and proved before Kamalesh Chandra Committee and Directorate that " majority of GDS were performed their duties beyond 5 hours with the standards of workload norms assigned by DoP & upto 10 to 15 hours by including MGNREGS and Social Security Pensions.Hence, requested the DoP to provide 8 hour duty to all GDS.

If 8 hours duty provided to GDS by DoP, there is no need to take declarations from GDS for other sources of income.
It is evidently proved by the GDS Pay Committee Report , that" this rule exists in paper only".

Conclusion :

There fore, we ask, request and demand the abolition of GDS Conduct & Engagement Rules,2011 for better livelihood of India Post.

CH.Laxmi Narayana

Committee observations & Comments :