Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Booking of Franked Articles and SOM Capture

Booking of franked accountable articles 

  • Click on the ‘Mail’ menu from the Home screen. 
  • Choose the respective booking service as per requirement (i.e. Speed Post, Registered Letter, Registered Parcel etc.). 
  • Enter weight, PIN Code in the respective fields. 
  • Choose Pre-paid mode as FM for franked articles. 
  • Enter License ID, SOM Number and franked amount for the article in the pop-up window. 
  • Click ‘OK’ to save and continue with the entered details. 
  • Enter article number. 
  • Fill all the relevant and mandatory fields for Sender and Recipient details. 
  • Select VAS from the list as applicable. 
  • Click on ‘Add Customer’ to add customer related information if any 
  • Click on ‘Additional Info’ to add additional information like care of post master, defense article etc. 
  • Press Enter or click on ‘Submit’ to add the current franked article to the cart. 
  • Press F12 or click on ‘Payment’ button 
  • If no postage is due, then system completes the booking and prints receipt and label. 
  • If excess amount is due then system navigates to the payment screen. 
  • Choose desired payment mode. 
  • Once payment is done and ‘Amount Due’ is zero, then press Enter or click on Submit to complete the transaction. System will then generate the receipt and label. 
N.B.: License ID, SOM Number mentioned in step 5 will be available in the SOM that is brought by the customer along with the franked articles. If the SOM number and License ID is no properly mentioned at the time of booking validation would not be possible at the time of SOM capture for franked accountable articles. 

Capturing SOM(Statement of Mail) for franked articles 

In POS Back Office, navigate to Configuration -> Franking Machine SOM Capture
  1. To capture SOM for non-accountable or ordinary articles, mark the ‘Check for Ordinary Mail’ check-box. Else continue with the next steps. 
  2. Enter the License Identifier as printed in the SOM slip. 
  3. Enter the CRN corresponding to the License. 
  4. Enter the SOM number as printed on the SOM slip. 
  5. Select the Date using the date-picker. This is the SOM Date as printed in the SOM Slip. 
  6. Enter the PIN Code. This is the post code as printed in the SOM Slip. This corresponds to the PIN Code corresponding to the designated post office. 
  7. Enter Item Reading – this is the Item Count/Item Register that is printed on the SOM Slip. 
  8. Enter the Ascending and Descending Reading as printed on the SOM Slip. 
  9. Enter the Batch Value and Batch Count as printed on SOM Slip. 
  10. In case of erroneous franked articles, enter the Error Count and Error Value (corresponding to the erroneous articles). 
  11. Click on ‘OK’ button to capture the concerned SOM and submit the details to SAP. 
  12. In case of Commercial license, optionally capture the client details(before clicking on OK) 
  13. Click on ‘Add Row’, to enter the details of the client for commercial license. 
  14. Enter Client Name, Valid Article Count and Error Article count in the pop-up window. 
  15. Save the details entered. Repeat the above 2 steps to add details of more clients whose mails are franked using the concerned license. 
  16. Click on ‘Modify Row’ button to modify data for any existing row. 
  17. Click on ‘Delete Row’ to delete any existing row. 
  18. Click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the current transaction and go back to the Home screen 
  19. Modifying SOM for franked articles 
  20. In POS Back Office, navigate to Configuration -> Franking Machine SOM Edit. 
  21. Enter the License Identifier, SOM Number and Date for the SOM which has to be modified. 
  22. Click ‘Search’ to retrieve the details of the SOM 
  23. Modify the required fields. 
  24. Check the ‘Check only for Ordinary Mail’ check box for 
  25. Click on ‘Save’ to submit the updated SOM details. 
  26. Click on ‘Add row’ to add client details in case of commercial license 
  27. Click on ‘Modify row’ to modify existing client details. 
  28. Click on ‘Delete row’ to delete existing client details. 
  29. Click on ‘Cancel’ to cancel the changes being done and go back to the home screen.

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  1. Please intimate, if there is any procedure for cancellation of Franked Registered Articles uploaded through excel before closing of bags in POS CSI.