Thursday, April 19, 2018

Useful Tools updated 16.04.2018 for CSI and Non CSI environment

SRFIX Tools updated 16.04.2018
for Windows 10
Minor bugs are fixed in all these Setups. If already installed, just download the latest EXE and start using.
All Setups include Registry file for Regional Settings which has to be run manually. You can download here also:

Tool for Divisional office to keep a record for the distribution of registered letters received daily. This was a part of RList earlier. Can be used both in CSI and non CSI environment.

DODak Complete Setup:

DODak Exe Only

Slipgen 1.2 
Tool for  HO/SO to have a record of documents sent to SOs/BOs in CSI environment.

Slipgen Complete Setup

Slipgen Exe Only:

RList+ 1.4
Tool for  generating XLS file by the Bulk Customer, DO, CPC etc for presenting in CSI offices for bulk upload (Bulk and Prepaid Bulk)
New: You can reset SL Number of RLs booked, if any break found. 

RList1.4+ Complete Setup:

RList+1.4 Exe Only

Weblink 10 
One right click to link all 
If the tool in the form of exe is not properly working in Windows 10, you can use the complete setup. 

Weblink 10 Complete Setup

Weblink Exe Only

Report on bugs most welcome. 

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