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Cadre restructuring of Gr. C employees in Department of Posts (PA cadre)



No. P3/Genl./Cadre restructuring dt. 17.07.2018 

The Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Sir, 

Sub: Cadre restructuring of Gr. C employees in Department of Posts (PA cadre) – Reg.

Ref : 1.DOP Memo. No. 25-4/2012-PE I(Pt) dt. 27.5.2016.
2. DOP Memo. No. 25-4/2012-PE I(Vol.II) dt. 10.11.2017.
3. Minutes of the meeting held with the Staff side dt. 19.3.2018.
On behalf of our AIPEU Gr. C, TN Circle, we are thanking the CPMG, TN for convening a meeting with the Staff Side on cadre restructuring of P.A. cadre on 19.3.2018, as requested by us in the RJCM meeting, to get the staff side views and grievances in order to mitigate the sufferings of the staff in implementing the orders of the Directorate. But even after a lapse of 4 months, there is no improvement on implementing the staff side views as well as the orders of Dte. dt. 10.11.2017, though cutoff date is fixed as 31.1.2018 by the Directorate.

A Kind reference is invited to the memo. cited under Ref (2) wherein the Committee has recommended many modifications on the original order. Based on that, we put forth the following request from our Union for consideration, for immediate implementation of the said order.

1. Circle Seniority list of P.A.s after 4.11.92 should be released, and all the representations of the officials on the draft seniority list should be considered and disposed properly before release of final seniority list and DPC procedures should be exhausted. This is badly delayed for the past two years, after issuance of the base order viz. on 27.5.2016.

2. The promotion orders should be released as a whole and not in piece meal and Promotions should be made from higher level posts to lower level posts, in order to fill up all the promotional posts and for taking into account the chain of vacancies, for declaring the resultant vacancies in the feeder cadre at least for the current year recruitment. This should be attended to in a war footing manner.

3. Heavy shortage is now faced in the feeder cadre, resulting in undue hardship experienced by the working staffs who are facing the public at the field. The services are much hampered. More than 100 staff have opted for voluntary retirement by this year only throughout the Circle, because of unmanageable work load. To come over this problem, as already agreed upon in the RJCM meeting and as already ordered by many Circles like Rajasthan, Karnataka and Andhra, eligible willing Postman/MTS/GDS may be utilized in the vacant posts, so as to come over the situation to some extent.

4. Harassment of staff in the name of BD target achievement should be stopped, especially for the indoor staff, in the acute shortage and CSI failure scenario. Further, unmindful grading of marks are awarded in the APAR of the indoor staff, without applying the orders of DOPT and base guidelines for awarding APAR grading, citing that, they have not achieved the required the BD targets, which is purely an outdoor work. This is totally against the rules and laws of this land. This affects the promotions/MACP of the officials very badly. Clear cut guidelines should be issued to the sub ordinate officers, based on the statutory rules on this subject. Appeals should be allowed and considered on the merit of the points raised on their allotted duty performance as per their MDW and not based on outdoor canvassing duty, since no official can leave the office premises, within their duty hours.

5. Willingness may be called from among officials in filling up of promotional posts and the request of the seniors should be given due consideration, while filling up of such posts, as was done earlier.

6. Initial promotional postings may kindly be made maximum within the same Dn/ Units.

7. Many officials already working in Treasury under LSG (694) would be preferring to come out, since they have to be sent out by next year from Treasury posts, and there would be no place for them at that time, as per the orders of the Dte. Hence preference may be given to the earlier promoted officials, who are now working in Treasury, while deciding posting in LSG, within the same Division/Units, as per their request.

8. One time consideration of the senior requests, who opted out/declined during last Cadre Restructuring LSG/HSG promotions and they may be given another opportunity, since it is mentioned in the orders of Dte. dt. 10.11.2017 that, for the sake of uniformity the promotion would be effective from the date of issue of the order viz. 27.5.2016. This instruction was issued, after modifying the original orders.

9. Senior officials may be given opportunity to decline their promotions on family and medical grounds and their requests may kindly be accepted, paving way to the younger aspirants for promotional posts, as was done earlier.

10. Since it is mentioned in the order dt. 10.11.17 that LSG is not based on functional justification but on functional requirement and the posts should be equally distributed among the offices and Divisions, more no. of posts should be identified in City Divisions/Units offices like Anna Road HPO, Chennai GPO, Foreign Post, Chennai City Central Division, Chennai City South Division and Chennai City North Division, because there is no C Class or B Class offices exists in Unit offices and minimal no. of these offices exists other City Divisions. This will pave way to maintain the admitted pyramid structure in promotional hierarchy. Many no. of vacated Treasury posts from Rural Divisions may be diverted to City Units/Divisions, in order to maintain the even distribution of LSG posts in Divisions. This has been agreed in the staff side meeting dt. 19.3.2018.

11. Wherever there is no qualified hand for filling up of promotional posts such as HSG II/HSG I, the posts should be operated to the next level, till the officials getting required eligibility for promotion, in order to fill up maximum no .of promotional posts either on regular or on adhoc basis. This will pave way to fill up all vacancies in the shortage scenario. This was done in Odisha and Telengana Circles.

12. NFG promotions should be given immediately to the senior officials on non functional basis, since it is pending for long without any reasons. This should be ordered from the date of issuance of the base order.

13. While identifying LSG posts in Accounts line, the request of the senior accounts line officials, who opted to General Line already, may be considered as a onetime measure, since it is the initialization of CR in that line.

14. All the pending Rule 38 transfer requests may kindly be considered before implementation of the order, since there would be no opportunity to consider these transfers in the coming years.

15. Fresh Treasury Panel should be called among T/S P.A.s as per Treasury Norms, in order to fill up the vacated Treasury posts presently under LSG, along with the implementation of CR II phase, without giving any room for complaint.

16. Suitable orders may kindly be issued for granting offg. Pay to those who are eligible and officiating in the higher posts from lower level, as envisaged in Rule 27, Rule 50 of Postal Manual volume IV and as envisaged under FR 22 (1)(a)(i).

Thanking you in anticipation Sir.

With regards,


DA: Copy of minutes of the Staff side meeting dt.19.3.2018.

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