Jul 10, 2018


New version of CSI POS BULK UPLOAD CSV CREATOR released.

CSI POS BULK UPLOAD FILE Creator Version 3.0.0

Version History : Version 1.0.0

1. Support for COD, BNPL, Prepaid With PS/SS/FM.

Version History : Version 2.0.0

1. Added support for bulk EMO.

2. Added support for bulk articles with cash.

3. Added support for franchise outlet.

What is new in Version 3.0.0

1. Added support for bulk Service RLs.

2. Added support for creation of upload file in Excel (XLS) file format.

3. Data entry in auto CAPS mode is added.

4. Auto entry in REF field is removed.

5. As XLS file is creation feature is added, this tool name is changed from "CSI POS BULK UPLOAD CSV Creator" to "CSI POS BULK UPLOAD FILE Creator".

6. Minor UI changes in data entry as well as find pincode.

Help :

1. This tool is provided to process bulk articles and generate CSV or XLS file to be upload in CSI POS. This tool supports BPCOD, BNPL, Prepaid bulk articles with PS/SS/FM, EMO, Bulk articles without prepaid postage, Articles presented by Franchise Outlet and Service RLs.

2. This tool is designed in such a way to enhance the speed of making data entry with ease.

3. Barcode validation is provided to avoid wrong entry of invalid barcode.

4. It is designed to support batch by batch processing of bulk articles. The batch is not bound with any particular date. That means that processing of a particular bulk of articles can be continued for more than one day. To start a new batch click new batch and then select mode and then start and then give yes. All previous batch data will be lost. Give yes after you have created upload file and saved to disk otherwise give no.

5. To process articles click Process articles button. It will be more easy if the articles are sorted pincode and then weight and then amount wise before processing. Separate option is provided for EMO and Franchise Outlet.

6. To delete any wrong entry of any article click delete button then do it. Delete option for EMO, Franchise Outlet is provided in the data entry screen itself.

7. To edit any values of any processed article click edit article button then do it. Edit option is not available for EMO, Franchise Outlet.

8. To create bulk upload file click create file and save it. The default location is desktop.

9. To find pincode click pincode. Searched pincode can be exported to CSV file and then can be viewed in MS-Excel.

10. This tool is not for bulk VPL/VPP. Because there is no option in CSI POS to upload bulk VPL/VPP.

11. This tool is not for bulk foreign articles.

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