Jul 12, 2018

Official Transfer / Promotion Process in SAP

Use the T-Code PA30. The division or region head will use this T-Code.

Enter the employee id in the personal number column and hit Enter.

You will get the following screen:
Click on All period and enter infotype 0 Actions and then click on overview. 
You will get the following screen:
Select the topmost record and click on copy button. 
Then you will get the following screen:
Change the start date(very important otherwise it will overwrite the previous record which we have copied) and give action type and reason for action.
Then give the new postion ID where the employee needs to be transferred (it should be a vacant post).
Then hit Enter button whenever you get any message and keep on saving your data. You will get another screen, just hit enter button for all warnings and save your entires. Hit Enter and Save unless you see record created message. One more record will be created in Actions (0000). And the employee will be successfully transferred. You can check the status in ZHR_ERDETAILS. 
Note: Do not use filled post unless it is any kind of mutual transfer. 

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