Jul 11, 2018

Postmaster Grade - I Examination books from Shri. P.Karunanithy, Retired SPOs.

 Revised catalogue dated 11.07.2018
POSTMASTER GRADE-I Examination books from
Shri. P.Karunanithy, Retired SPOs.  

Sl.No Subjects Rate
Books for Paper I
1. Processing and disposal of public complaints, Citizen’s Charter, Indian Post Office Act, 1898, Postal Manual Volume II- (Stock and Misc Rules) Postal Manual Volume IV (Chapter III- Casual leave), Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 Rs.300/-
2. MCQ Guide on  Post Office Guides containing 832 Q & A
on Post Office Guides incorporating latest rulings on PO Guide Part I , PO Guide Part II and Postal Savings Bank and Savings Certificates  corrected up to 01.07.2018 PMSBY, PMJJBY and  APY

 Rs. 230/-
3. Guide on Manuals  and other subjects Rs.170/-
4. Website copy of Postal Manual Volume V Rs.200/-
5. Postal Manual Volume VI Part I                   (Updated) Rs. 250/-
6. Postal Manual Volume VI Part II                  (Updated) Rs. 200/-
7. Postal Manual Volume VI Part III                 (Updated)      Rs. 200/-
8. Website copy of  Book of BO Rules Rs. 200/-
Books for Paper II
9. Postal Manual Volume III (Schedule of Administrative Powers), GDS (C&E) Rules, 2011, CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 – 126 MCQ  Q & A,  APAR, BD Products and Services,  Misc Rules on eMO, iMO, IMTS, MMTS, IFS MO, CBS, CIS, IT Modernization, Project Arrow and DARPAN Rs. 250/-
10. The Consumer Protection Act               (Bare Act Book) Rs . 80/-
11. RTI                                                    (Bare Act Book) Rs.  85/-
12. MCQ book: The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 with 178 MCQ Q & A The RTI Act, 2005 with 176 MCQ  Q & A
Rs. 150/-
13. MCQ book: “Disciplinary Rules are made simple” MCQ Question Bank of 575 Q& A containing CCS (CCA) Rules, Conduct Rules, Rs. 170/-
14. MCQ book: “ Financial Rules are made simple” MCQ Question Bank of 514 Questions and Answers containing FHB Volume I, FHB Volume II Rs. 180/-
15. Post Office Life Insurance Rules, 2011 & Amendment Notification dated 11.03.2014        Rs.  70/-
16. DOP Annual Report 2017-18 Rs. 130/-
17. DOP Book of Information 2015-16 Rs. 150/-
18. Project Arrow office blue book Rs.150/-
19. General English containing MCQ Questions and Answers Rs.220/-
20 Mathematics containing MCQ Questions and Answers Rs.300/-
21. Latest General Knowledge book for the year 2019 Rs.185/-
22 Guide for Reasoning from Raman’s  Publications  Rs.200/-
23. Revised syllabus dated 19.03.2018 and                                     Questions  and Answers for 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Rs.80/-
Total amount for books Rs.4,150/-
Postage Rs.100/-
Total amount for which M.O is to be remitted  Rs.4,250/-
All books are in English version only

Money order is to be remitted to the following address:

Madurai 625014  (Tamilnadu State)

The amount should be remitted by eMO only and not by any other modes.

There is no VPP or COD services.

It is requested not to credit the amount in any of the SB accounts mentioned previously in the website

  1. Please contact over phone Cell 094433 29681 before placing indent for my books. 
  1. If you want some selected books from the above list, you can contact in cell No: 94433 29681 and intimate the serial numbers of the list. 
  1. Books will be dispatched by Registered Book Packets containing printed books. If your mobile number is furnished, the despatch particulars will be intimated by SMS in your mobile by us.

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