Aug 6, 2018

Revised ebiller payments process in CSI Environment

Dear CIT teams,
The following instructions may please be circulated to all concerned immediately:

The amount due to be paid to a biller in e-Payment may please be generated using zfi_ereport_ebl_all

The select criteria, presently available has from………….to……. date range. It is instructed to restrict to a single date range till such time further instructions are issued. (The report should be generated for a selected date)

This out put summary for the selected date may please be matched in F-58 code

If both are matching – Please process the payment further and proceed and complete the procedures

If both are not matching – Please raise a ticket and share the ticket ID and details through email to DMCC for further action

This exercise will have to be communicated to all concerned immediately

Further communication will be issued in this regard, until such time, the nodal offices of e-payments may kindly be instructed to follow these instructions.

Yours Sincerely,
(V M Sakthivelu)
Deputy Director CEPT

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