Monday, April 02, 2018

Leave Management in CSI environment

Latest Position on GDS Pay Committee

Latest position on GDS Committee: Finance ministry has approved the proposal and will reach MOC mostly tomorrow. Within 3-4 days it will go to Cabinet for approval and implementation.

-S S Mahadevaiah, GS, AIGDSU, New Delhi

SB Order 05/2018 : Mandatory use of Savings Account for credit of maturity/premature/interest value of various POSB schemes is withdrawn

SB Order No.05/2018 dated 02.04.2018
Mandatory use of Savings Account for Credit of Maturity/premature value of various POSB Schemes & monthly / Quarterly/yearly interest in case of MIS/SCSS/TD accounts and investments -regarding

Slipgen 1.0 for Sub Account Branch in CSI Migrated Office

Slipgen 1.0
A tool created by srfix for CSI environment.
  • In CSI environment there is no concept of SO Slips.
  • Still, there is a need for keeping a record as a proof for sending various documents from HO to SOs, even from SO to BOs.
  • Through Slipgen, Slips can be generated very easily. Slips are stored as a database in access mdb. Search can be made for previous slips sent to offices.
For installation , Download the Setup file. Run the Setup.exe
Application will be installed in C:\Program Files\Slipgen
On first run, it will ask for creation of Operator.
As administrator login to the tool using the password sa (This password cannot be changed)
Office Details - Update office details
Manage Users - Create only one user
  • Add POs - Add all SOs under your HO. While adding any wrong entry made, pl edit it in the Slip mdb.
  • Content - some are already configured. Add more as desired by you. Delete those which are not required.
  • exit and login as Operator
  • Click on Data entry or Press F4
  • Since this is the first time opening today, it will ask for Daybegin. Click on Day Begin button.
  • Then, Blank slips with NIL document status will be generated for all the offices configured. To get the data updated perfectly, Software will exit asking you to restart the application.
Restart the application. Login as operator.
Now, Click on Data Entry or Press F4
Select the office to where documents are to be sent, if it is any item already listed in the content, select it and click on add content button. It will appear in Details box. You can add required details to the content header in Detail box. Or you can type in the Details box as desired for you. Max 250 characters allowed.
Once this process is completed, click on Print Slips. Two slips per page will be printed. For this, ensure that the paper size selected in your Printer preferences is LETTER

Take a Consolidated Print for office copy, if desired.
Tool is designed in VB data environment. So Office copy can be exported and soft copy also preserved, if you wish print is not required.
If any correction is required for the entry made, it can be made thorough data entry window itself.
However, In the data entry window, View option is given where you can view the slip entries in Datagrid. If you click on the required row, that can be viewed in a separate window. There, clicking on Edit button, you can edit the entries made. However, past date entry correction is not allowed.

At the bottom of data View window, Search provision is made where you need to type a few letters of Office name. Then the entries related to that office will appear.

Administrator is provided a provision to delete the data which will empty the Data entry only. Configurations are not removed. Before deletion, tool will create auto backup. Care is to be taken here.
Complete Setup:

Exe and MDB only :

Pl send your feedback, report on bugs to :
Shivaram EV

Online Tracking System for Pension

DoPPW has implemented an online system called ‘BHAVISHYA’ for retiring central government civil employees to Provide on-line tracking of pension sanction and payment process

ANSWERED ON: 28.03.2018

Online Tracking System for Pension

Will the Minister of PERSONNEL, PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS be pleased to state:-
(a) whether the Government is having any proposal for online Pension Sanction and Payment Tracking System;
(b) if so, the details thereof and the departments covered under the scheme;
(c) whether payment of pension through Public Sector Banks will be revamped and their data bases are updated for the existing pensioners;
(d) if so, the details thereof;
(e) whether the Government has received any report of payment of pension even after the death of pensioner in all categories; and
(f) if so, the details of amount paid and the steps taken for recovery of the excess pension paid?
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(a) & (b): Yes Madam. Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare has implemented an online system called ‘BHAVISHYA’ for retiring central government civil employees. The system provides for on-line tracking of pension sanction and payment process. Tracking can be done by the individual as well as the administrative authorities for all actions preparatory to grant of pension and other retirement benefits. This is in line with the priorities of Government to ensure transparency and accountability in systems and processes.

At present, Bhavishya is implemented in main secretariat of 89 Ministries/ Departments except Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Defence, Department of Post, Department of Atomic Energy, Department of Tele communication and some security related sensitive organizations.

(c)& (d): There is no such proposal to revamp the payment of pension through Public Sector Banks. However, the data base for the existing pensioners is being updated by the Authorized Banks for pensions’ payment once in a year through master data reconciliation with Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) and from time to time based on the Special Seal Authority (SSA) issued by CPAO to Central Pension Processing Centers (CPPCs) of Banks.

(e) & (f): Yes Madam. The Authorized Banks submit the report of payment of pension through e-scrolls to CPAO after making the payment of pension. Life Certificate is submitted by the Central Civil Pensioners/ Family Pensioners in the month of November every year and excess payment of pension may happen if the pensioner dies before the coming November, i.e., the next due date of submission of Life Certificate. If excess/ wrong payment of pension is paid to the pensioner by Public Sector Banks then entire amount is recovered by the Banks from the pensioners/ family pensioners as per the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in this regard. During the financial year 2016-17, an amount of about Rs. 73 crore was received/ recovered from the Authorized Banks by the Central Pension Accounting Office in respect of central civil pensioners/family pensioners.


Please generate BNPL bill for previous month within 4th of current Month
Before generating BNPL bill, please check any pending unpaid bills in SAP.
Tcode : FBL5N
Customer Account : 
Company Code :

  • Select Open items
  • Execute

CSI Balance Became Zero

Due to updation of opening balance for the Financial Year 2018-2019, the Office balance showing as Zero. This will be updated soon & please be wait until balance updation
  • Please note Today Onwards the Fiscal year in SAP will be 2018 & while doing voucher posting the period starts from 1 & goes on till next March
  • After financial year close .. the dop carried forward balance will have to  be done.. This is being done by DAP bengaluru.. This will reflect in another 20 to 30 minutes.. post offices can begin the operations normally.. This balance will get auto adjusted shortly

No Business day for POSB i.e Finacle and RICT

As per CEPT reports, all menus in Finacle are already disabled and link for RICT is also down till 23:59 tonight (02.04.2018) in connection with year end closing.

Customize Report as user requirement in FAGLL03 - CSI

By this video you can learn about customization of FAGLL03 reports as user defined manner for further comparison. 

India Post Offers doorstep banking - Postmen, GDS to get complete makeover

Banking with convenience : IPPB
  • India Post Payments Bank Offers Savings and Current Account 
  • IPPB Facilitates internet and mobile banking 
  • Biomatric Cash Deposit / withdrawals 
  • Electricity bill payments, mobile recharge, DTH, Insurance premium 
  • Doorstep banking through postmen and Branch Post Master in rural Areas

West Bengal declares additional holiday for "May Day"


31st March, 2018

In order to celebrate May Day, which falls on 1st May, 2018 (Tuesday), in a befitting manner, the Governor is pleased to declare State Government holiday on 2nd May, 2018 (Wednesday), in addition to 1st May, 2018 which has already been notified as a public holiday vide Notification No.6005-E(P2)/FA/O/lH-04/2012 dated 22.9.2017.

All State Government offices including educational institutions, Rural and Urban Local Bodies, Authorities, Boards, Corporations, State Government Undertakings and other parastatals under the State Government, shall remain closed on 2nd May, 2018 (Wednesday) in addition to 1st May, 2018.
By order of the Governor,
Sd/-Rajsekhar Bandyopadhyay
Additional Secretary
Government of West Bengal

दुनिया, हाकिम (पिन 172144) में उच्चतम डाकघर के बारे में खबर

शेयर करें
भारत के पास दुनिआ का सबसे बड़ा डाक नेटवर्क है जिसमे लगभग 155000 डाकघर हैं और लगभग 566000 कर्मचारी हैं। इन्ही में से आज आपको बतातें हैं दुनिआ के सबसे ऊंचे डाकघर हिक्किम (पिन 172144 )के बारे में जोकि समुन्दर तल से 15500 फ़ीट की ऊंचाई पर है और लाहुल और स्पीति जिले का एक भाग है और काज़ा से 23 किलोमीटर दूर है।

यह डाकघर 5 नवंबर 1983 में बना था और तभी से इसके पोस्टमॉस्टर का कार्यभार रिंचेन छिरेंग ने संभाला हुआ है। रिंचेन जब 22 साल के थे जब वो इस ऑफिस में आये थे।
इस डाकघर में दो रनर हैं जो जो बारी बारी से हिक्किम से काज़ा डाक देने पैदल जातें हैं। फिर काज़ा से यह डाक बस से रेकोंग पेओ और शिमला तक आती है फिर उससे आगे ट्रैन से कालका तक जाती है उसके बाद दिल्ली आती है।

हिक्किम डाकघर जाने के लिए आपको काज़ा से कैब लेनी होगी ,बस से जाना चाहे तो बस से भी जा सकते हैं परन्तु बस यहाँ दिन में केवल एक ही चलती है।

यहाँ का तापमान भी माइनस में रहता है तो सोचिये किस तरह कर्मचारी काम करते होंगे। यह कहना बिलकुल सही है की भारतीय डाक विभाग विविधताओं से भरा हुआ है।