Friday, November 16, 2018

Debtor Bill Software for Post Office

  1. SQL

Procedure for installation:

  • Download the attachment.
  • Extract the same and the exe should place where the proforma folder is available.
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PPF Yearly Lumpsum Investment - Model Calculation

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PPF monthly Rs.1000/- investment [Model Calculation chart]

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SSA Yearly lumpsum investment [Model Chart]

Click below link to download SSA Model chart for lumpsum investment of 12000/- at beginning of each financial year

How to earn more interest in PPF and SSA Account through IBB

Make the Programme on Pensioners 10 Point Charter a Grand Success

As finalized at the Chennai NE meeting
On 05.08.2018

1. Implement Option No. 1 as a pension fitment formula as recommended by the 7th CPC and Grant MACP benefit w.e.f 1.01.206 as per the Supreme Court judgment.

2. Revise the Pension of BSNL absorbed retirees immediately with 15% fitment, recommended by the 3rd PRC and approved by the government from 01-01-2017, delinking the wage revision in BSNL.

3. Revise pension of Central Autonomous Body pensioners.

4. (a) Provide notional fixation of pension under Option No. 3 on the basis of the pay scale/pay level of the cadre or grade from which the pensioner retired. (b) Provide fixation of pension in the case of all pre 2006 pensioners on the basis of the grade pay/pay level or pay scale of the post or cadre from which one has retired as per the judgments of Courts.

5. Extend the benefit of CS(MA) Rules to all pensioners who are not covered by CGHS.

6. Increase the FMA to Rs. 2000 as has been granted to PF Pensioners and introduce the health insurance scheme as suggested by the 7thCPC.

7. Raise the minimum pension to 60% of the Minimum wage. i.e. Rs. 10,800 p.m.

8. Restore the commutation portion of pension after 10 years.

9. Provide increased rates of pension on attainment of 70 years onwards.

10. Scrap the New Contributory pension scheme and restore the defined benefit pension to all CGEs irrespective of their date of entry into the Government service.

Government to refund employers for seven weeks of maternity leave given to employees: WCD

National Minimum Guidelines for setting up and running creches under Maternity Benefit Act, 2017
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Government to refund employers for seven weeks of maternity leave given to employees: WCD

The government will give employers the salaries for seven of the 26 weeks of maternity leave for women earning more than Rs 15,000 a month, the Women and Child Development ministry announced on Thursday.

The announcement, which covers the government as well as the private sector, comes in the wake of complaints that many companies were reluctant hire pregnant women after maternity leave was extended from 12 to 26 weeks and some were even firing women employees.

WCD Secretary Rakesh Srivastava said it has been decided to utilise the funds lying in the labour welfare cess to pay the employers.

"The utilisation of the labour welfare cess lying with the state governments has been very less. After talks with the Labour Ministry it has been decided that the seven of the 26 weeks of maternity leave for all women employees in the private and government sector getting more than Rs 15,000 a month would be paid from that fund," Srivastava told reporters here.

The labour welfare cess has been given to state governments to ensure the welfare of workers.

Maternity leave was extended from 12 weeks to 26 weeks last year.

According to Srivastava, there were complaints from women that they were getting fired from their jobs due to the increased duration of maternity leave.

“The government has now decided that out of the 14 extra weeks, half of the amount of salary paid to the pregnant woman would be refunded to the employer from the funds of the labour welfare cess,” he said.

Till March 2017, there was Rs 32,632 crore in the fund. Of this, just Rs 7,500 crore has been utilised, he said.

"We would be refunding the salary of seven weeks to the employer so women do not face problems upon returning to work," he said.

"The labour minister has agreed to the proposal and we are now carrying it forward. There will soon be a notification from the Labour Ministry with further details," he added.