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The Fundamental (Amendment) Rules, 2018 - Amendment in FR 22(I)(a)(1)

The Fundamental (Amendment) Rules, 2018 - Amendment in FR 22(I)(a)(1)-reg.

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Ministry of Communications will play a lead role in spreading the message of Swachhta to masses

Ministry of Communications

Ministry of Communications will play a lead role in spreading the message of Swachhta to masses.

Posted On: 05 DEC 2018 4:49PM by PIB Delhi

To realise Gandhiji’s dream of a Clean India, Hon’ble Prime Minister had launched the Swachh Bharat Mission on 2nd October, 2014 as a mass movement. Both the Departments under M/o Communications i.e., D/o Telecommunications and D/o Posts have been fully conscious in this regard by paying round the year attention to ensure swachhta. The fortnight provided an opportunity to review the ongoing efforts and undertake cleanliness activities in accordance with a pre-determined action plan in the Ministry of Communications. Due attention was paid to observe swachhta campaign in the Department, PSUs and other organisations, field offices and community areas including school, roads and other places. Sensitizing the school children has been a key initiative. The Ministries proposes to endeavour in the future also to expand the reach and depth of swachhta for ensuring cleaner offices, safe drinking water and cleaner and greener public areas. In this way the commitment of swachhta will not be restricted to pakhwada period only.
Department of Telecommunications through its Telecom Service providers like BSNL, MTNL, Vodafone Idea Ltd, and Reliance Jio sent out messages, to the citizens to promote the cause of swachhta. The Department is also implementing Swachhta Action Plan (SAP) in its PSUs. As part of SAP, key activities were identified in advance for focused action and attention. These include, to name a few, construction and renovation of toilets by BSNL; community mobilisation; installing dustbins for public and cleaning common parking areas by TCIL; renovation of labour canteen and driver rooms by C-DoT and other cleanliness activities at various locations. 
The Department of Posts, on this occasion, in addition to intensive cleaning of Post offices, postal colonies and Administrative Offices, also declared 318 post offices as plastic free. In addition to this, the census of trees has been completed in 847 post offices & postal colonies and the remaining is underway. During this fortnight, about 3 lakh postmen and GraminDakSevaks of the Department were declared as "Ambassadors of cleanliness". As “SwachhtaDoots” they have spread the message of cleanliness, zero tolerance to open defecation and use of plastic among the masses. It was only because of tireless efforts of these ‘Ambassadors of cleanliness' that this campaign could reach the far-flung areas of the country. A total of 355 workshops on “Swachhta se Swasthaya” was organized. A total of five thousand students participated in Essay writing competitions. Three top performing circles namely Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala were objectively quantified based on swachhta parameters and outreach activity & awarded Ist, IInd&IIIrd prizes for outstanding cleanliness efforts & spreading the message of swachhta to the masses in the spirit of ‘Swachhta is Everyone’s Business’.
Ministry of Communications will continue to work tirelessly even beyond Pakhwada to realize the dream of Swachh Bharat.

Transaction using CTM in IPPB [Finacle]

This post will explain how to deposit/withdraw/transfer transaction in IPPB and to familiarize screen for transaction 

Command used for the above mentioned transaction is same as in DOP Finacle but the interface is quite different. CTM

Following screen will appear

Select the Authentication Type (1). Any one of this (Aadhaar number/QR card No/Mobile number/Customer ID) can be selected to proceed. 

Enter the unique ID of the Authentication type selected and click on Fetch Customer Details (2)

Details of the customer will be fetched and following screen will appear

All information of the customer will get fetched and will be displayed.

For proceeding further OTP should be generated and validated.

Though Capture Finger Print option is available to validate, it is now disabled and is directing to proceed with OTP validation. 

For this click on Generate OTP (3)

Six digit OTP will be generated to the customer mobile number

This has to be validated through Validate OTP (4) button.

Identity of the customer should be verified by the customer

Following message should be confirmed by the Official before proceeding

Following screen will appear

This screen displays customer details (on the top) and account number linked with that customer (IPPB and POSB. If POSB ac is not linked, only IPPB account will be displayed)

Click on the IPPB account

Then click on Transaction Type Details (Cash Deposit/Cash Withdrawal/Fund transfer etc) 

Above screen is for Cash Deposit transaction.

Debit account number (Teller account of the official) and Credit account number (Customer Account number) will appear automatically (in case of Deposit transaction)

Enter the Transaction Amount 

For completing this transaction, again OTP validation is there. OTP has to be generated by clicking Generate OTP and should be Validated through Validate OTP.

On successful validation of OTP, Transaction will be completed with a successful message

Following is the screen for Cash Withdrawal

Here debit account will be customer account and credit account will be Teller account of the official

Following is the screen for Cash transfer

Here From A/c number will be customer account and To account number will be the account number give by the customer to which amount is to be transferred from his/her account.

Payroll Automation User Manual [CSI]

To process the CSI HRMS Master Data for payroll rollout, to ensure smooth transition. Please find the below steps furnished in detail."The payroll for the offices is executed once the Personal and other required data such as Office Name, Facility Id, DDO Code for employee is verified. Once these data is correct for the employees we are ready to go on with the payroll. 


1.Kindly update the DDO Code (Infotype - 0185, Subtype - 07) for the employee as all the report for Payroll is based on the Employee DDO Code maintained."
2. Multiple employees can execute multiple Tcodes like 0008, 0014 at same time. But multiple employees should not use same Tcode at same time.