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Dear Sir
I am a Postal Assistant and work on Counter, though I may be new to post office but it is very disheartening to see BSNL to be closed due to losses I don’t want same to happen to My postal Department and I don’t want to feel the same way BSNL employees are feeling . Our department is in loss and have lot of potential to be in Profit due to vast reach and range of products. Request you to Consider following Suggestions , removing hurdles.

1. Customer Service: In this age of cut throat competition, Corporate offer exciting offers to customers, customers are also ready extra for services. However, we all know in post offices, many staff shout at customers, deny for services ignoring we get salary from servicing customers only. Due to poor service, customers are moving to other banks for small savings. And Such staff have no fear of complaints and action they say go and complaint wherever you want to. 

There should be escalation matrix and Toll free no in all offices, so that customer knows where to make complaint. 

Complaint should not be just resolved, but if complaint is genuine action should be taken on main cause or erring staff so that same is not repeated. Complaints data should be in employee performance judgement. 

Offices should be given score based on Feedback taken from Customers on SMS, many organisation use it, whenever customer visit post office for transaction in his account, mail booking, SMS can be sent to his Mobile to take feedback based on few parameters.

Each Circle, division should be ranked based on these parameters. Office timings should be cleared written along with complaint contact no. Many Offices are opened late, there is no biometric attendance, in many BO gds doesn’t even go.

What we have a shop and customer comes to buy in bulk we will be happy, but instead if a customer comes to book speed post more than 2-3 articles we shout at them and treat as enemy. Why? there should be strict guidelines for such cases also.

Ordinary postcards and postal covers are just burned by postman and not delivered and they just want to complete beat and go home. There is no rule followed about working hours.

2. Expenditure: Lot of wastage on unnecessary activities
Philately: So many senior staff is posted in this department, Philately camps , My Stamp etc , however truth is all Postal staff know that no customer is interested in my stamp , Targets are completed by staff by self purchase , philately should not be closed but staff should be reduced , there should be no wastage on Philately mela etc .

Budget allocation: Recently I overheard, this head has so much funds, utilise it for tiles in bathroom, then somebody it was replaced last year only again it was decided to do it again to utilise budgets . Budget should not be allocated in such way, first requirement should be there, then as per guidelines amount can be used . Budget system is wastage. And persons using don’t know how to use it properly, nearly all So have poor network and It infrastructure and budget is used for bag printing, Melas etc . In Melas etc Bussiness generated should be focussed and expenditure should be minimised. Sports Functions: why do our department need to spend lakhs of Tax payers money on organizing Volleyball, basketball competition etc . This is wastageof money .

3. Profitability Office wise and Office Infrastructure: 
Circle level , division  level and post office level Profitability report should be released and all staff
should know where there office stand . Lots of SO are located nearby say 1-1.5 km , and there are many single handed So , where customers are refused for aadhar services ,mail booking and ippb services , due to staff shortage . And there are many So where there is no business and customer footfall is very low staff is sitting idle. Such So should be merged, distance norms between be strictly followed. SO should be idle where staff make aadhar , do IPPB transactions ,have good Connectivity and Computers , Infrastructure such as AC etc based on Profitability . Presently there are many So where literally there is No work. So should be consolidated and 30-40 % So those who are very nearby to each other should be Merged .

4. Staff policies
Administrative staff : Staff should be optimal and many administrative office staff is excess , such staff should be there for more productive use in Post offices . 

Biometric attendance: In many So and BO staff comes very late , sometimes even doesn’t come , now all offices have biometric devices for aadhar and ippb , same can be used for biometric attendance at computer and GDS attendance can be captured by Mobile devices .Similarly Postman attendance can be captured on Mobile devices and delivery of articles too customer can be recorded by GPS activity. Delivery should be online and customer sign should be taken on Smartphone itself. This will improve customer experience , reduce complaints.

Staff Action and Rewards : There is perception , even if you do fraud one can easily get away , action should be more strict but transparent . and System are not improved after occurrence of such frauds , there cause should be identified and should be worked upon .Similarly staff who has generated good business in terms of Bulk business , or who is good in Retail business and Customer service should be awarded .

Password sharing is very common inspite of frauds , finacle login should be biometric based to reduce frauds , many banks are using this . 

Transfer: Many staff are sitting idle at same locations for years irrespective of rule of transfer, such exception should not be there . This lead not only to poor performance, frauds but also demotivation of other staff.

5. Projects like Aadhar , Passport and IPPB : Nearly 95% customers are refused for making aadhar card or Opening IPPB Accounts by Counters .Many senior staff including CPMG/DPS feel this is extra burden and now our main work , however it is good for us to justify our role , how we are serving customers . 90 % staff think aadhar is burden , 90 % staff think ippb is threat to them and excess burden from directorate to a BO . Issue is Insufficient staff to serve customers. As suggested earlier, Non-working So should be winded up and Complete staff should be there at good SO , where Aadher work is done full day . Same goes for IPPB , nearly all new generation customers are moving away from post office as nobody wants to stand in line , just imagine even post office staff don’t want to stand in line to book movie tickets or railway tickets , why will on like to stand in queue for depositing into savings account , sukanya or PPF . don’t know why Many staff consider IPPB as burden , it is future , digital transactions are customer demand , why auto taxi wala are suffering and OLA uber is working , why Zomato is so popular , we have to go according to customer demands or we will be forced to close . IPPB should be used to link all existing savings account, make customer
aware about mobile app , so that load at counter for deposit decrease and same time is utilised to generate new business . IPPB accounts will help in getting new PPF SSA and savings account also .

6 Agent System : Agent system is good but has many flaws , nearly all staff earn commission from agents . Which leads to staff preferring only commission based business and avoiding other work , retail customers are not attended properly .at few post offices agents distrust normal services and even don’t allow customers to directly interact with Customers. This issue should be addressed and NO Agents should be allowed to sit in Post office premises. Maximum Customers feel our department promotes Agent system like in driving license making etc as we earn bribe.

This also needs attention. 7 Marketing : These days people buy online , nearly all advertise online on Facebook , Instagram , twitter , why cant over department advertise online .Maximum common people think post office is just for sending speed post , esp new generation people . They think post office is just about long queues and shouting staff. We spend money on printing diaries , bags etc but no fruitful activity .Even a boutique store these days give facebook ads and here just doing expenditure where there is commission . Yes we all know there are fixed vendors to print vouchers, diaries , organize tent in each circle , divison and post office , all earn commission . why cant this procurement be fair .

8 Technology : When world is using high tech technology , artificial intelligence , even smartphones are foldable , railways has modernised itself , we are proud to say Darpan darpan , reality is we lost so many customers because these machines are usually down , don’t know the logic behind so costly
machines when a Samsung tab having 1/10 price have more features ,, idfc bank uses such tab with printer , iris and finger scanner , any app can be  installed on android . Our Ecommerce portal is so outdated , looks like computer project of 10 th class student . Technology divison , Cpet should be answerable and improve a lot , All software’s are down , we all know status of SAP , private courier take acknowledgement of delivery on smartphone and we are hearing about postman App from years .World is moving to cashless , here all POS machines at HO are enjoying dust , who is paying rent for them . Why BSNL failed , all moved to 4G , bsnl kept saying rural reach rural reach , same thing we say , we are not moving to new technology. I heard my cpmg saying we are there to serve not earn profit , this attitude of seniors will surely close our department one day . 

Railways is improving itself but Post office is not , we are happy to say this and that but truth is we are no where , what dowws a common man think about post office

1. What does they do , there is no letter these days
2. And Sb counter is so arrogant shouts and have long queues and no network .

Respected Sir , I am hopeful my suggestions will be taken in constructive way , these days there is trend in all fresher PA to look for better department by again giving SSC , all think post office will fail , but as a team we can change that 



Sir Higher officers in Department enjoying All burden is over class 3


Do you have any evidence that IP/ASPs are getting bribe? Don't through garbage as per your whim and fancy and don't misuse this forum. I strongly object this version.


Please remove what you mentioned about the IP/ASPs


In point no 6,he criticized about IP ASPs that most of them are getting bribe, which is not at all tolerable.


Good article but IP/ASP taking bribes should be reconsidered


I request to kindly tell whether our department is service or profit oriented or semi service& Semi profit.


Close unprofitable offices and fire the staff or merge them. Stop paying salaries to GDS rather pay them commissions on their performance. Close Single handed SOs and merge them. Make IPO/ASP rank officers Postmaster for LSG/MDG . Introduce accountability for all. Implement policies after having open debate with staff at operative level rather I.e take a bottom up approach rather a top down.


Dear PA,Don't show too much love towards IPPB.We also know how IPPB officers work with sincerity and devotion to duty!


You show the mirror to the postal authorities & our colleagues.Good article.

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