Thursday, April 18, 2019

How to restore the corrupted CSI POS Server without registration?

Restore & UP the corrupted CSI POS Server without Registration

Is it possible to up the formatted POS CSI Server due to OS corruption without registering the machine or without waiting for some one's response from TCS?
Yes. We can restore the POS Server by following the below steps
  1. Please ensure that the MAC Address and IP addresses are not changed.
  2. The corrupted machine should be registered at least once by the TCS before corruption.
  3. POS Database Backup is must for this process.
  4. POS software Dump is needed for fresh installation.
  5. Further, the performance of machine is up to the level after installation of OS & pre-requisites for avoiding further corruption.

Process to be followed is as below:

  • Install Windows OS genuine version provided by the supplier firm at the time of purchase.
  • Install all the POS Software as per instructions available in the PoTools blog or to know the process by clicking the below link
  • Once installation of POS Software is completed and update the same to the latest version which was released by the TCS
Incase of any doubts about latest version, please be visited @

If the above installation is not possible, please follow the procedure for manual installation with your own risk.
  • Once the above installation and updation of POS Software is completed, Just restore the POS databases as it is available in the POS Server when it was on live.
  • Finally, Just download the ODBC registry file and double click the same to establish the connection between POS local server to Central Server. 
  • Now execute Daily Sync and High Sync.
Note: The information on registration is available in the POS local database so that we need not  to register the POS server once again provided backup is available.

Click below link to download the ODBC registry

The above file is the solution for fixing the following issues:
1. High Sync/ Daily Sync error - connection failed or non syncing of data files for long period
2. POS software is always offline for long period due to sync issues.

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  1. Sir ,
    Unable to download " ODBC registry file " . If possible kindly send it to this email id -

    1. Please join Telegram group by clikcing the below link, you can download ODBC Registry file at any time

  2. Sir ,
    What is the process to restore the POS databases ?

    1. Sir, Good morning
      Take back up of 3 folders
      Then take backup of po_connection file

      These files should be restored as available in the Server PC when it was online

      Thank you sir