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Central Headquarters.
2151/1 , New Patel Road , Dada Ghosh Bhavan, New Delhi – 110008

It is informed by our Advocate that the GDS court case filed by NFPE & AIPEU GDS has been dismissed as our Advocate was not present in the CAT Principal Bench when the case was called for argument by the Bench. Our Advocate was in the Delhi High Court, attending another case, when the case was taken up by CAT. Our Advocate has informed that he will take action to revive the case as early as possible. The relevant portion of the Email received from our Advocate is reproduced below for your information:

"For the past many dates, someone or other was present in the CAT, just in case the matter was called out, since it was on board everyday. On 31.07.2019 the matter was at item 19 and did not reach. On 08.08.2019 it was item 20. UNFORTUNATELY I WAS IN DELHI HIGH COURT and till lunch time item 11 was Bench. Post lunch my colleague at CAT whom I had engaged to keep a watch in the matter (as everyday it is impossible for me to be present in the CAT from 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM) informed me that a mentioned item 60 had been taken up. It appears that towards the end of the day this matter was taken up and has been dismissed. We have requested the Court Master to upload the matter so that we can immediately move an appropriate application for hearing of the matter on merits or approach the Hon'ble High Court, because in any case CAT Principal Bench is bound by its own order. I will revert with more information once the order is uploaded "

Dear Comrades,
We are in touch with our Advocate to revive the case at the earliest. Further details will be informed, as and when received from the Advocate. The matter will be discussed with Secretary General, NFPE, as NFPE is also a party in this case.

Fraternally yours, 

General Secretary

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