Tuesday, December 10, 2019

POS & Back Office version 4.1 > Update Version 4.2 Going To Roll-out Soon


Check Out “What’s New” & “Known Issues” For This Version of POS and Back Office Below.
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What’s New 

  • Recipient Zip could be changed while performing Portal Induction.
  • Release Notes could be accessed from version details window.
  • Speed Post Parcel has been introduced. When the weight exceeds 500 gms or dimensions exceeds 38cm*27cm*2cm or the article is selected as Merchandise the speed post document will be booked as speed post parcel.
Changed 🔀
  • On opening e-Payment service
  • An option for searching the biller is based on biller name and biller id is made available.
  • Local pincode segregation for Express Parcel & Business Parcel from other mail services.
  • Booking of Parcels is allowed where volumetric weight exceed the maximum permissible weight limit.
  • Franking services button text changed to “Refund and Rebate”
  • Changes in discount slabs for stamp sales

Bug Fixed 🛠️

  • VPP limit increased to 1500 for mandatory insurance in bulk booking.
  • Dimension and Weight limits rectified for Express Parcel Business Parcel

Back Office & IPVS

What’s New 💡
  • Release notes access from Back Office from version windows.
  • Addition of Daily Synchronisation Time and Date.
Changed 🔀
  • User can enter the weight and article count while doing Ordinary bag
  • Bag creation will occur by checking the bag destination facility id.
  • User can enter the initials of bag destination and the filtered names will appear in the dropdown corresponding to the search criteria after clickingthe search button.
Bug Fixed 🛠️
  • Recipient Name and Customer Id aligned Correctly in View Article/ Bag Details

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