Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Cyber Crime portal was launched by Ministry of Home Affairs. Portal is accessible through

This portal is an initiative of Government of India to facilitate victims/ complainants to report cyber crime complaints online. At present this portal caters to complaints pertaining to online Child Pornography (CP)-Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) or sexually explicit content such as Rape/Gang Rape (CP/RGR) content. The portal also provides an option of reporting an anonymous complaint, where complainants are not required to disclose their identity.

Recruitment of Volley Ball players for Utharakhand Circle

Applications are invited for recruitment of volley ball players in the cadre of Postal Assistant in following Divisions of Utharakhand Circle. 
Sl No Division Cadre No of Vacancy Sport to which vacancies earmarked
1 Almora Postal Assistant 1 Volley Ball
2 Pithoragarh Postal Assistant 1 Volley Ball

Tamilnadu Circle Level Seniority List of PAs appointed from 04.11.1992 to 31.12.2009

Tamilnadu Circle Level Seniority List of PAs appointed from 04.11.1992 to 31.12.2009

RTP PRINCIPAL CAT CASE - Next Hearing on 02.05.2019

Next date of hearing is 02.05.2019

Role of Postal Assistant and Postmen/Gramin Dak Sevaks(GDS) in IPPB

  • Postal Assistant along with Postmen and Grameen Dak Sevaks are going to play pivotal role in the journey of IPPB.
  • IPPB aim to empower the lives of milions of customers by helping them to be financially included, helping them to be aware and achieve of short term and long term financial goals. You are a part of this noble journey by leading it from the front,You are the most important people as you will engage with the customer and be the brand ambassadors of IPPB.
  • You will take charge of situations on the ground and tell the customers about Banking and our offerings to them.
  • IPPB is going to facilitate the payments services for last mile customers through Postal Assistant at the counters of HO/SO and Doorstep Banking extended by Postmen and Grameen Dak Sevaks. Payments Services includes Remittances, gas and electricity bill payments, mobile recharge. DTH recharge school fees payments, buying of bus and unreserved train tickets, payments of direct benefit schemes of Government of India, small payments to local fruit and vegetable sellers etc.
  • In a village, the nearest bank branch may be 10-25 kms away and the India Post, with its huge network of post offices and army of Postal Assistant and postmen/Grameen Dak Sevaks, will be able to effectively deliver the services of IPPB and Dop
  • Even if a customer is not familiar with operating a mobile app on their own then they can approach the postmen and Gramin Dak Sevaks armed with micro-ATMs or transactions at their doorstep.
  • postal assistants at counters to help them make payments and complete the various They will also onboard the different merchants to so that the customers will not face any challenges to use QR card for making various payments digitally 
  • All these will be going to help the country to achieve the dream of digital India and developing an eco-system for the cashless economy.

How to Postal Branch office SB withdrawal above 5000/- (Higher value withdrawal)

1. The request for a withdrawal of amount more than Rs.5000 can be initiated through device by BPM using High value withdrawal option but till the stabilization of new process, he will collect the Withdrawal form (SB-7)too, take customer’s signature and send the verified voucher along with Passbook to AO for approval.

2. Even though the high value withdrawal request will be visible to the SPM of AO on Finacle on the same day itself, the request would be approved by the AO only when the physical vouchers with verified signature would be received from the BO along with Passbook.

3. BPM can execute the transaction and disburse the amount (subject to availability of cash) after receipt of voucher & passbook and from AO duly approved. BPM should follow the remaining procedure as mentioned for normal withdrawal.

4. On receipt of withdrawal Form and Passbook from BO for sanction of high value withdrawal, PA and Supervisor will go to HACLI menu and see balance in the account before approving the request. Signature of depositor should also be compared with the available signatures in Finacle and PA as well as Supervisor will follow the same procedure as being followed now and sanction will be sent to BO. SB-45 register will continue to be maintained.

5. When withdrawal form is received from BO after the payment, date of payment should be entered
in SB-45 as done presently.

Nationwide Two days Strike [RED SALUTE TO ALL]


Nationwide Two days Strike (8th & 9th Januay 2019) Photos - All India

Second Day General Strike (9.1.2019) by Postal JCA (FNPO & NFPE)

New procedure for Opening IPPB account (Without eKYC)

New procedure for opening IPPB account without eKYC is available in following link.

New Features

  • Account can be opened with documents other than Aadhaar
  • Proof of Identity and Proof of address should be submitted by the customer
  • Account opening form is available (Click here to download forms)
  • CIF should be created first and verified before creating account.
  • Mobile number is compulsory and only one account can be opened with one mobile number.
Download Forms(mirror) - Check List     Account Opening Form

Postal Manuals / Rulings / Govt Orders - PDF Download