Tuesday, February 11, 2020

FinCoreRepo Tool : Generate / Sort out SB Account Open/Close Reports in 5 Seconds || Download Link

FinCoreRepo Tool v1.0

This is a tool used to sortout the SB Finacle Reports  Account Opened/Closed Reports in HO/SO/BO/SubDivision wise in 5seconds.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the attached Tools and Install in your PC.
  • Go to Installation Path > Properties >Compatability > Check Run as Administrator.
  • Enter India Post email and password in Config window.
  • Activate Software by filling the form and Subscribe PoTools Telegram Channel link available below.
  • Import master data.

Procedure to import data file:

In Finacle,
  • Generate report HACSP Menu using SET ID for all GL separately 30001,30010,30011,30012,30013,30014 etc.,  and pasted into one text file as it is and save anywhere in the Desktop PC. (This Report contains HO/SO including BO Account Opening ).
  •  Separate Text file should be created for Accounts opened and Accounts closed.
  • Generate report in HFINRPT > RICT Report > copy the content in HPR > Paste into Text File save the file.
  • HACSP Report - Text file can import using HACSP Upload. In this menu, Accounts opened and closed file uploaded separately.
  • BO RICT upload - here BO RICT Report can upload in Database.
Thats all.

Click Report Generate Button to generate and segregate the SB Finacle Account opening and closing report with in 5 seconds.

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