GDS Pay Slip Mailer || Fully Automated Tool

An aim of this tool is convert your hard work to smart work. Yes. I am sure that your time will minimise by this tool as it is automated.

Consider 1000 GDS Employees are working under a DDO and the PaySlip of the GDS Employee have to sent to the concern HO/SO. The separate pay slip of those employees sent to concern HO/SO may tedious job and it would take more than 6-7 hours if the work is allotted to an employee.

This Tool takes maximum 10 minutes for 1000 employees. Actually, 3 Minutes is more than enough.

How this tool is working?

  • This Tool is used to rename the splitted file based on text input - Fully Automated. (5Seconds for 1000 employees)
  • This tool can send pay slip of the employees to the concern AO automatically.(1Minute for 1000 employees)
Click below link to download