BO Interest Entry Tool

The purpose of this tool is to simplify the work of POSB CBS Manual Volume Rules No.49 & 50 and the main aim of this tool is used to generate the report of non receipt of Passbook on 21st July & maintaining the Special Error Book Entries in the Database. This can be referred at any time.

Requirement :
  • MicroSoft Office - Word and Excel.
  • SB Counter Software - PoTools
  • Last Balance Report of SBGEN and SSA in CSV Format
  1. Download and Install the SB Counter Software in Desktop PCs.
  2. Create ShortCut and Make this application rights as run as Administrator
  3. Last Balance Report can be generated in the MIS Server of Supervisor / Auditor / Inspecting Authority Login. Page No.4 and Report No.50
  4. Configuration - Upload Last Balance in this tool, Mapping BO as you want (In Last Balance Report - BO Name combined with SO Name. Hence this mapping.). Account Office Configuration with self explanatory.
  5. Now, the Tool is ready get the Input. Account Number and Receive data is only the Input.
Report Embedded :
  1. Common Letter
  2. Non Receipt of PBs
  3. Interest Entry Register
Main Screen:
Configuration Window
Click below link to download the Interest Entry Tool for Branch Post Office in CBS Environment.