Procedure for Facility Temporary Transfer / Deputation via Staff Scheduling System

  1. Supervisor will login with his/her login credentials in SAP.
  2. In DoP main screen, click on Staff Scheduling System under Human Resources.
  3. Go to Employee Scheduling Screen.
  4. Check the correctness of the top four header fields( Office type, Office ID, Set No., Date).
  5. Then Press Enter.
  6. A table containing the list of employees mapped under the scheduling office will appear.
  7. You need to change the Current facility ID field (this will be the new office ID to which the employee needs to be Deputed) , from date , end date, work group id fields for the employees to be Deputed
  8. After making the desired changes in the employee scheduling table, you need to click the ‘Confirm Schedule’ tab.
  9. Successful employee scheduling is done, once you get the message ‘Data Saved Successfully’.
Example: If an employee needs to be Deputed from XXXX SO/ HO to YYYY SO, then the PM/SPM of XXXX HO will perform the above steps 2-9 using their login credentials