7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Table for Central Government Employees w.e.f.01.01.2016

1) What are levels in pay matrix?

The pay matrix includes two dimensions. It has a "horizontal boundary", with each level matching the 'functional role in the hierarchy' and the numbers 1, 2 and 3 up to 18 are specified. The "vertical limit" for each level refers to the salary. Progress' within that level.

2) What is 7th pay matrix?

The 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix is a simple and attractive table representing all pay levels in a comprehensive chart. ... 7th Pay Matrix enables employees to see their salary level directly and also chart the possible path of salary progress.

3) How to calculate 7th CPC revised pay scale?

Step 1: Check your basic pay (including grade pay) as on 31.12.2015
Step 2: Multiplication by a Fitment factor of 2.57
Step 3: Rounded off to the nearest rupee
Step 4: Go to Matrix Pay Table and select the Level corresponding to Grade Pay
Step 5: Select equal or next higher Pay in the corresponding Matrix Level