Payslip Mailer v3.0 by PoTools

How to download Payslips from SAP HR Module?

Open SAP Module enter Tcode : ZHR_PAYSLIP

  • Enter Payroll area, period and click on Multiple Selection Button near Employee Number
  • Paste the GDS IDs  click ok then execute to download consolidated PDF file.
  • Paste GDS IDs in notepad in ascending order save as GDS ID for tool input.

How to use Payslip Mailer v3.0?

  • Select consolidated Payslip PDF file path.
  • Select GDS IDs file Path - should be .txt only contains GDS IDs.
Note: Ensure that the number of pages of payslip - pdf file and number GDS IDs are same.
Click Send Mail Button to send PDF file to the concern Offices.

How to configure Payslip Mailer v3.0?

  • Install PDF Splitter Pro and PDF Fill 
  • Open GDS Payslip Mailer v3.0 - Settings window
  • Enter eMail ID and Password of DDO.
  • Browse and selece exe file path of PDF Splitter Pro and PDF Fill
Employee and eMail Configuration:(One time configuration)
  • Prepare excel file for employee master using ZHR_ERDETAILS & ZFID Tcode
  • Sort out GDS employee with the following three column without header ID | COSTCENTER|NAME
eMail :
  • Prepare eMail master file contains costcenter and email address of all the officers under DDO
Select Path for both file then click on Upload to update the basic information for automation process.

  • Data can be cross checked using expand config window.
  • Incase of any discrepancies in the data please correct it in excel then upload once again.
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