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In Aadhaar Enrolment Centre, the Application Flash screen displaying and the visual screen immediately closed without displaying login screen.

Client Login problem with Visual issue


  • Seed file not extracted properly
  • Extract and placed the rar file available in the below path
C:\UID Authority of India\Aadhaar Enrolment client\Seed\126-1

Note: if the rar file available in the seed may corrupted sometimes due to bad internet connectivity. In this case, delete the rar file available in the SEED folder and restart the Aadhaar OTA update client to download the file freshly from server. 

Instructions:(Try at your own risk)

Follow the below steps to update the Aadhaar Enrolment Client from SEED Folder.

  • Ensure all the pending packets transmitted before doing the below steps.
  • Stop all services related to Aadhaar
  • Take aadhaar enrolment client folder
  • Extract the Update file available in the SEED Folder
  • Replace all the files Aadhaar Enrolment client

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