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Upgrade and use latest Aadhar Software v3.3.4.2/126-1 

Latest Aadhaar Version v3.3.4.2/126-1 upgraded in all aadhaar enrolment center automatically over OTA Client Update Service.

In many offices reporting that the Aadhaar enrolment client application is older version which is below v3.3.4.2/101-1. Priority may be given to these offices to upgrade the version to the latest one.

Incase the Auto updation failed, 

  • Check the OUC version is same as the current version.
  • Stop Aadhaar OTA client update service at once.
  • Start OTA Client service with better network connectivity or use mobile network till updation completed. 

If still the latest version of v126-1 or above not upgraded, the Aadhaar Enrolment Client version may install and register 1 step freshly after getting approval from concern Authority. 

To Download Stable Version of Aadhar Software v3.3.4.2/120-1 Click Here 

v120-1 used to install fresh configuration or non updation or de-register offices. Once the registration completed the version gets updated to the latest one automatically through OTA CLient Serivce.

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