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  • BNPL booking shall be accounted as Revenue only after Billing process completion.
  • Accounting Document shall be posted as liability against Customer ID, which is Accounts Receivable. This is done through Billing Process.
  • Customer account ledger can be viewed through Tcode FBL5N

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Normal Items as Billing and Special G/L transactions are Advance recharges Open Item denotes unpaid Billing documents (RV), unadjusted advances (DZ with Special G/L items), Unpaid COD Articles (DR/BA).

Cleared Items denotes: Paid bills (RV), Funds received/paid (DZ), Cleared Advances (DZ with Special G/L items), Paid COD Articles (DR).
  • “All Items” includes Open & Cleared items.
  • Open at Key Date is status as on Selected Date.
  • Cleared Date is Payment Date(Irrespective of billing Date)
  • Red Items denotes Unpaid (RV, DR). Green denotes paid, settled (Cleared)
  • DZ is payment, RV is billing, AB is settlement in Document Type
  • Posting Date is Date of Billing which is for repviosu month booking.
Financial Document number.
  • S column with W denotes denotes Special G/L credit. DZ doc with W is recharge, RV doc with W is Discount credit. Note that actual credit to contract is Bill discount + Tax difference  Reference is Bill Invoice number. 095 denotes Bill issues, 090 denotes bill not issued.
  • Clearing Date is payment/settlement Date. For an RV document: Difference between
  • clearing Date and Posting Date denotes time taken for payment.
  • Clearing document is payment /settlement document number
  • Clearing Document will be null for unpaid bills and unadjusted advances.
  • Long Text with SL denotes random POS invoice number, always RV document posted through BNPL billing process shall have SL number is Text.
  • Special G/L entries as per FBL5N may be verified with Advance customer credit report
RV document should have entry with ZADVANCE_CREDIT
DZ document should have entry with zadvance_deposit
Any DZ reversals should have balance reduced with VA42
Opening Balance to be verified always with Contract.

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