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F. No. 63-01/2022-LI
Govt. of India 
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts 
Directorate of Postal Life Insurance

Chanakyapuri PO Complex, New Delhi - 110 021.
Dated 19.05.2022
Subject: Discontinuance of Book Adjustment for PLI Premium collection through Salary Deduction from other Departments / Ministries
PLI premium along with CGST and SGST which is being recovered through pay recovery in respect of your employees had been accounted by booking under the Head of Account 8014 through Book Adjustment

This direct booking of PLI premia along with GST amount in PFMS through Book transfer has led to many issues as follows:

1) Many Non Postal DDOs are booking PLI premia along with GST amount under MH-8014 (PLI). Due to this GST amount could not be remitted to the GST authorities which is attracting penalty from the GST authorities.

2)GST returns have also not been filed by the Non Postal DDOS.

3) Service Tax or GST authorities have withdrawn the facility of booking service tax or GST amount through book adjustment w.e.f. 01.08.2015. Since then, all Postal DDOs are remitting GST amount through cheque to the GST authorities.

4) PLI - CSI integration is going to be rolled out by Department of Posts and Book Adjustment could not be continued for various technological issues after this integration.

Hence, Book Adjustment for PLI Premium collection through Salary Deduction is going to be discontinued with effect from 15 July 2022 and it is requested to remit the PLI premia and GST amount recovered from July 2022 through Cash/Cheque/NEFT to the concerned Head Post Offices (CPCs) DDOs of DoP along with schedules.

For any kind of queries or assistance, the following support team of this Directorate may be communicated:

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

Chief General Manager (PLI)

The All Ministries / Departments of the employees from whom the PLI premium collected through Salary deduction

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